Happy New Years
I would like to wish the entire Group a happy and prosperous new year. May y'all catch a lot of waves. Cheers, Jeff

End of Year Evaluation and Suggestion for 2004
Upon review of the last year of 2004 at alt.surfing, I would like to suggest: 1. Uniforms for netcops. 2. The additon of sound tracks for posts. Gleshna

Not a Lake
Suck Outs, Low Tide, son when he was about 8-9 years old. On my way to the Reef soon as I log off for a final 2003 session with my son. Life doesn't get much better. http://www....

Shaun Tomson ; searching for.....
Hi all Guys & Girls. On searching through some old family papers I came to realize that I am Shaun Tomson's cousin. Shaun's mother, Cicissie Irons, is my father, W.T.Irons', siste...

Board Selection
Hi gang: I'm thinking about getting a new surfboard next year. I currently ride a 10'6 Mickey Munoz and a 10' Infinity Rad Noserider. The two boards that I'm considering are the 9...

Surfing mag covers
Since my BodyBoarding mag subscription expired, I've been getting Surfing mags in its stead. The latest issue (Jan 04) has a pullout that shows all the Surfing mag covers for 40 years. ...

Best of AS for 2003
So much negativity on the ASKOTY 03 awards. As NZed suggests, we should look at the positive side. Besides the best post of the year, suggest a few other categories for alt.surfing 2003: <...

Another question from the CO guy (board selection)!
Hey guys, thanks for all your advice so far. I've got another question... I've located a 9' Ron Jon for just over $200. Apparently it's in very good condition. I'm about 6'1", ...

Maui Questions
We're planning a trip to Maui in Feb/Mar. Can any one suggest a good beach for longboarding with hotel or condos close by for that time of the year? Thanks in advance for any response...

Dear voting colleagues, Here summarized for your convenient review is why I think Shaft®/Superfly® deserves your vote as ASKOTY 2003. It's not world class net-kookery to be sure, ...

Cardiff versus Sheyboygan
Here we have the apparently respected Cardiff Reef ( http://www.wavecam.com/cardiff/005.htm ) and the biggest Sheybogan wave photo available (http://www.lakesurf.com/CharlesIma...

Who will be the first ASer to surf in 2004 ?
Well I will be trying hard ...if conditions prevail to have a session on New Years Day. Anyone else....? Thats if you dont have a hangover.....or "Hangup"... ..XPEH ? NZed NZ...

ASers Best quote for 2003....nominations
While we have the ASKOTY nominations....can I make a suggestion that we have a best quote for 2003 award. !3 Dec ...."Gay Dolphins raped me" - Adam Ben Nalois >I was surf...

RipCurl no longer making coldwater suits?
I holed the thigh on one of my Ultimate-Elastos recently and need to send it back to RC for repair. When I was getting the RMA form from their website, I noticed that the current product ...

The Return of the King (Semi-OT)
Surprised that no one opened a thread on this (except for the "Right Wing" by NZed). My family saw it... twice. Loved it! Absolute epic. Incredible battle scenes. Touching sto...

Showdown and a Date in Court -- 12/13/03
Date: December 13, 2003 Time: 0615 -- 0815; 1230-1400 Spot(s): Pipeline; DHLH Conditions: Offshore and pre-contest lineup madness; onshore and only one other guy Swell: Eve...

Earn money by completing serveys, not points!!!
Dear Everyone For those people who are signed up with servey sites that give you points for completing serveys and you redeam them for cash, LEAVE THEM! I recently regist...

Chimp on a dolphin
Maybe a chimp on a board. This guy is super nice but I always thought he looked like one of the little 'barrel o monkeys' toys from when I was a kid: http://www.crowmountain.ne...

Shaft at the plate. Count is 0-2, bottom of the 9th...
...and here comes the pitch! Nice and slow and riiiight over the plate. So Dick, we understand that it takes about 4 years to develop Mad Cow disease. Your last bite of beef was s...

!IMPORTANT - ASKOTY Newsflash - Before you vote - READ THIS!
!IMPORTANT - ASKOTY Newsflash - Before you vote - READ THIS! http://www.crowmountain.net/Temp/ASKOTY.html

Dressed to Kill.....
I had seen one of these images before but found the collection.....provocative. Anyone had any similar life exteriences....? for myself...snowskiing and ...managed to go over a 40 to 50...

Coming Soon - Awards
Watch this space for awards to alt.surfing posters. Gleshna "It ( Lake Michigan ) is an ocean unto itself." - D.P. 2003

ASKOTY 2003 - Vote Now!
The nominees for alt.surfing's Kook of the Year for 2003 (ASKOTY 2003) are: __ Alvin Donovan __ Gleshna __ Rick ("#9") Ciaccio __ shaft __ Tubesteak / oscarfogg / k...

Dirty Water
The water really got nasty after the Xmas rain - the first REAL rain to hammer this part of the coast this season. The next rain due around New Year's won't screw the water quite as bad, it'...

A few new B&W photos
Well, not really new. They were shot in the Fall but I finally got off my ass to scan them. I like the first one but am pretty ambivalent about the others. Learned a lot though and plan...

shark vibe
So, I spent the day at a friends beach house. Waves there were smallish ending in shore pound, so I elected to bodysurf instead. I was out alone for about 45 minutes, getting the really ba...

Questions from a snowboarder...
I just moved from the mountains of Colorado to the beaches of south FL, so I'm hoping to maintain/supplement my board skills by doing some surfing. I've been riding snow extensively since '...

Cardiff Reef
Whew! The water was pretty rotten in the lagoon and near the mouth but since it was high tide, I figured what the heck. Clear day but too much wind chop. Occasional waist/shoulder high, w...

The wind is playing games
Its been almost a week of Gale force winds with forcasters predicting no let up. The North West swell is still coming...but the conditions are blown out. I keep a daily watch on my weat...

Step into the liquid ...now showing in NZ
By coincidence I saw Step into the liquid advertised for show at one of the city cinemas while I was with the family out for a meal. Mrs NZed suggested we take the kids.... 5 and 3.

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