The Day After World Surf Day, November 30, 2003
WHOH DUDES!!! Like, check it: The Day After World Surf Day, November 30, 2003 The long flat spell finally was broken by a clean swell from the Northwest. Before h...

tribal surf shirt

The swells keep in Middle Earth and the grand opening of Lord of the Rings
Well Id mentioned ...the best time of the year and its all good. Clear blue skys and hardly any wind. Had another session ...this time being sunday morning ...had a lay in with <...

New surf girls
Hey there anybody, I got a group of new surf girls together that have boogie boarded; snowboarded ect in the past that want to give surfing a try in Santa Monica area. I myself tried to le...

Hey Turby!
Let's get turbo'd, tubed, tunneled! eMail me... I need to pass along your addy to a mutual friend. -------------------------------------- Rod Rodgers Bring on the SPF! ...

new video - turkeyday
fyi - Thanksgiving @ ocean beach time: 10-11am conditions: crappy 1-3" wind chop. total junk. surf: not worth it. clipped my toenails instead. if you want to see my tre...

Surf off the coast of Nigeria?
This is another one of those, "it's not exactly clear why I need to know this," but, I have discovered an old friend who commutes from Kabul, Afgahnistan to Nigeria. Why you ask? He is hel...

Wots your email address Alex? -Tom

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Just another tricky day. see if you can spot kdalle. 7 MBytes. -PA

Grom pic
When the waves are small and you want to make them look big, shoot pictures of groms! How big is this wave? Surfer: Conrad the Grom -- ...

another AS poll ...
all of you may find it hard to believe BUT in recent conversations with my wife she suggested that yours truly may need some mental health treatment ... so here it is ... in your ...

duck diving a funboard
hello, im about to get a funboard...a 7'10 i was wondering, how do you think duck diving will be with this type/ siz of board. I weigh 145 pounds. Thanks!

Born on a mountain, Raised in a cave, I hacked this poem from BURMA SHAVE!!!
WHOH DUDES! Like, check it: ALL I WANT Born on a mountain Raised in a cave All I want Is to ride on a wave! you know, okay? l8tr <...

One hawaiian experience (longish)
The first impression I got when entering the water at Keiki on that small October day was how friendly the locals were (well maybe the really first impression was the warm water temp)....

uncle dicks kids heats
fyi - I put up some shots from the junior and boys heats from Uncle Dicks Surf Fest in pacifica which was held a few weeks ago in pacifica. its about 1.5mb: http://www...

Thanksgiving swell never disappoints ...
Forecast for SoCal: Friday 3-5 @ 11 sec WNW Saturday 4-7 @ 14 sec WNW can't wait!

watch out Ferg that wave is about to close out and kill you!

Surf report NZed!
Well...this time of the year can bring some of the best conditions for surfing. Spring.... I love it ....those beautiful calm mornings ...hardly a breath of air...and lots of...

[Fwd: Invitation! Giant Swell]
-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Invitation! Giant Swell Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 19:14:49 -0500 From: Al Balderama <[email protected]> <...

US Virgin Islands?
Hello Ive been searching the net for some info on surfing in the us virgin islands, but cannot seem to get any good results. Does any of you oracles know where i can find some extensiv...

Surgeon butchered Surfer Bethany Hamilton's limb for life!! (many DETAILS)!
Surgeon butchered Surfer Bethany Hamilton's limb for life!! (many DETAILS) This may be a bit of topic but the "surfing surgeon" rounded up to survey the trauma to the girl surfer ...

Photo: "sometimes the hawaiin flyaway can be taken to extremes" lp

Newport Closed
Newport was closed to water entry this morning due to high bacteria counts. I think I spotted the source of the problem: <...

Hot guys in wetsuit
If you like hot guys in wetsuit, then visit

water temps in AUS?
have the water temps been running a bit low for this time of the year down under? i've noticed that around the Sunshine Coast of QLD its 21C/70F ... i mean its almost summer down there ... w...

Sharks as a career move
Cutie one arm surfer chick's manager: " He said he’s also in talks for movies, books, a reality show, a clothing line and a speaking tour." My money says this girl will make mil...

Fanging in Yallingup
The nice thing about the Southern Hemi is LONG DAYS! Today there was absolutely zilch for waves so I headed up to Yallingup for a paddle. The Yallingup Malibu comp is slated in two week...

1 more newbie surf question on surfboards
thanks everyone for your replies...but... last newbie question, i promise! wll ive been shopping for boards and i found: a "sol life" 7'8 funboard for $300 and a "...

'round san luis obispo
hi, im lookin for good spots in the san luis obispo area, especially for beginners, i dont wanna get beaten up by locals :-) jochen

It's good to be home
This morning: 1,5xOH 13C sea temp 10C air temp, rain On shore wind, moderate (very) Powerful sandy beach break with lots of close outs Crowd: null Bodyboarding, gr...

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