Permit Me--article on contests on the North Shore
If you don't care about contests, read no further. Wrote an article for Hawaii's Board Stories mag about North Shore surf events. It just went to press so here it is for the rest of t...

N8 pics
Everytime I turn my back N8 is running down the beach with his board to grab a few. -- OBsurfr

One of those strange days (10.30.03 Surf Report)
Drove down the coast as far as Jenner. Winds were howling in Sonoma and the ocean surface was textured and bumpy. The rivermouth had lefts breaking into the breach. Nothing worth stopping fo...

Smoke on the water, a few pics
I added a few pics of surfing while San Diego burns. The first shot gives a good visual of how bad the air was that day. The rest of the shots I fi...

Motorized Skateboard rides like surfboard Wheelman
I saw this awesome motorized skateboard that has 2 hubless wheels and rides on like a surfboard on a rail a cool video and pics check it out at

Just a question
I know the fires in SoCal are pretty bad. Does anyone know how things are in Claremont? I have a friend out there that I can't get hold of. Just wondering if Claremont is badly effected? Tha...

In case you forgot - HUB "The revoultion is in the method, not the result." Wired, November 2003, pg. 164 Go ahead throw a tizzy....but the Hub was right on target. ...

one wave day
not to put my own misfortunes in the same league as those dealing with wildfire battles or battles of any other kind, but today kinda sucked. i drove all the way to the cliff house in ...

At the entrance to Bolsa Chica today 11 am Oily glass 3'-5' w some OH Extremely consistent Nothing but A Frames And no people

epoxy board:final repair report
Hell! at last i've finished it! Continuing from the last post, i've done the "rail patch", as to repair the damage done in repairing the previous damage [he!]. This time, the lamination...

SoCal Fires and Surfboards
Condolences to those with losses in these massive fires. I recently learned that at least some, if not all towns?, require that new homes have terra cotta roofs. However, on tv they s...

NewZeland Surf
A friend of mine is going to NewZeland for a year and asked me to ask this group (he has no PC) if anyone could advise on conditions and locations. can anyone help please ? ...

O.T. Sport Psychology
Hi, I am Marina Gerin Birsa, an Italian sport psychologist: visit my site . If you know Italian language visit the site , there are...

New Hawaiian Surf Forum
Aloha I just wanted to introduce the surfing forum. If you currently live, have been, or want to come to Hawaii then you sh...

panama surfing
Hi - I'm heading to Panama in December. Anyone know if or where to rent surfboards? Anything near Panama City? We're flying to Bocas for a few days, then renting a veh...

San Diego County mid-day wind
Now after a few decades of wx nerdom at the Lake, earlier this fall I took my new knowledge back to the south end of the golden State albeit now a toasted golden brown or darker. However, m...

Good Pipe and RP with Alex and Bud
We scored some really good stuff today. Alex and I went out at dawn to Pipe and snagged some fun ones before the crowd. Then Buddy came and we went to semi-closing out Rocky Point. Had fu...

Video: Surfing as the World Burns
Video shot tonight and hastily edited. I was hoping for a more spectacular sunset and water colors considering I'm surrounded by fire on the north, south and east. Fire always seems to mak...

As the World Burns
...or socal at least. Another weird looking day, Huntington is getting covered with smoke and ash from peoples houses burning up 80 miles inland. Smells like state park on a weeke...

a new wetsuit...oh, joy!
Although the water temps have dropped a bit here in northern California, I have been pretty cold after 30 minutes in the water. It reminded me of the pre-iceberg state I get in, in February...

Longboard pics and Morocco
I'm looking for some longboarding pics with lots of "wow" factor.. .... do you know of any websites I could visit.. (preferably without having to pay!!!) ...or if you have any yours...

SD AS points 10/25/03
Surfed with BA at unnamed LJ reef break - no points. Bodysurfed break that Mr. Barnes made exposed with Mr. Keener. - 2 points. That is all for now - pics to come when surf is wo...

Fall Forward, Spring Back
WHOH DUDES!!! Like, in order to prevent being trapped in a wild cylical vortex of uncontrollable time asynchronousness, do not forget on Saturday at midnight to adjust all your ma...

A Day of Long Rides - 10-18-03
WHOH DUDES!!! Like, the winter swells started up early this year, in the first week of October and have continued apace. I decided to ride the solar spear this winter, a ful...

dropin video
10/22/03 a dropin video from earlier in the week. place: pacifica (not to be confused with pacifists). action: guy with right of way gets taken out by a glove-wearing goon. g...

video from a couple weeks ago
Shot October 8, '03. Santa Cruz. OH swell - clean, fun surf. Notes: Conditions didn't get good until afternoon. lots of backlighting, which is a challenge shooting vid...

Step into Liquid
I just saw it here in Cary, NC. I enjoyed it. I wish there were some waves here. a.

Viva Valllarta Resort - Puerto Vallarta
Hey, my family is going to the Viva Vallarta Resort near Punta de Mita in January. We are taking shortboards , but I was wondering if anyone knows if there would be a surf shop nearby that m...

talking surf with chatterbots, part 3
Today I had lunch with P.A.U.L.A , Second Generation 1.1 (build She's definitely cuter than ALICE, way more on the ball than NI...

Billabong Pro - Mundaka, Euskadi
For you who want the latest in the world pro surfing - the results and new ratings since Billabong Pro - Mundaka, Euskadi go to: Erik

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