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Proxy shithousen report...
Report received today from my bud Brian who lives in Long Beach, Strong Island: ------ Forwarded Message From: Brian C***** Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 18:23:33 -0400 Subject...

Eye Protection and UV rays
My son just started surfing. What's the general concensus on the need for eye protection? All day out there... plenty of UV light. Reflected UV from the water... I don't recall...

On Line Classifieds for NE Florida?
Hey anyone know a good web site for classifieds for NE Florida? A good surf site with forums would work as well. I found which looks pretty good... anything else? ...

_Flek: are there barrels at SH?
MIA? Flek, drop me a line... your old email addy is bouncing. -------------------------------------- Rod Rodgers Bring on the SPF!

I bet I'm a man and so is............
<img src= 468.jpg>

Freak Street Saturday morning?
surf report Where: southern CA secret spot (Shhh... Don't tell anyone! It might get CROWDED) When: Sat 8/2/2003 Why: Because it's there. And no way was I going to LA County o...

Bisect Hollow Carbon Stealth
Any1 knows if it's released on the market yet? Thanks

Why the attitude?
I just want to address the attitude that many people carry that post to this forum. When someone who is new to surfing posts a question looking for advice, they are looking for ADVICE not s...

Limited PWC Mavs Tow-Ins Allowed
articles: "The [Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Advisory] council rec...

There is no one quite so uniquely elegant in the written word than our friend XPEH. He has thoughts and comments for all to learn by and enjoy. My only problem is, most of the tim...

Shaping system on line
I remember viewing a site where you could design your own board via a CAD-like system, on line. And then keep your measurements or print them out. Thought I had bookmarked the site. Nah! Any...

Video of Baja This Weekend
Hi everyone, I've been busy going to Baja a lot this year. Here's some footage from my trip there last weekend. Kinda windy by the time I finally started video taping.

Tendonitis anyone?
My first day of physical therapy for shoulder tendonitis. I've been stressed waiting to hear bad news like - you'll be back in the water by Christmas if you don't exercise. No way. I should ...

"Step Into Liquid" trailer music....Aarggh!!
Does anybody out there know what song that's playing in the Step into Liquid trailer?!? I can't find it anywhere! Thanks!

Surf Report NZed
local conditions Sunday morning time : 7.30am Swell direction : SE / Southerly size : 3 ft with occasional 4ft...dropped as the tide went out. tide : high tide going out. ...

chronic rib bruising and swelling
I've been bruising the lower edge of my rib cage forever when surfing. I'd never see any bruising on my skin, but I can always feel the bruising if I push on my bottom lower ribs. That's l...

Ocean Beach S.D. History ntial&flags=0 This is where I rode my first wave and eventually learned to surf. I recall my exact thou...

the good news ckeeps on coming cabrones!
SW swell stayed strong on Sunday and started to turn more southerly. Many exposed breaks were in the waist-head high range, while standout spots were overhead. The current SW swell will turn...

Playalinda Beach, Florida
Traveller: Did I take your photograph last Thrursday (31st July) on Playalinda Beach, FL? - you know who you are. If you'd like me to send you an image, e-mail me ( [email protected] ) - ...

just wondering if anyone has any good surfing pictures, if you do then could you posssibly post them?

Tamarack History
I have been playing around with the Calfornia Costal Records Project pictures on the web and ran across the following: Tamarack:

Like Surf/Rockabilly? Shameless plug...
Buy my bands CD here -- Mark Watts

OT:Farm Raised Slalmon has lots of PCBs
Just a note for the health conscious. Latest research. I'm selling all my Slalmon Farm stock on Monday. Gleshna It's about foam near foam.

GP 2003...Time Travel?
"The 5th Annual GuidoPalooza 2003 (GP2K3) was September 13 - 18, 2003" "was"? It's August 1st on my watch. a.

Cabo Challenge (Long and Short)
Well it ain't Portugal, but it is a chance to take my beautiful wife and fearless young son to Cabo (not to mention, a chance for me to get some warm water waves)... I was suppose...

how do I swim long distance on the board
how do I swim long distance on the board? like parallel to the shore like across two life guard towers i saw one guy sit on his board on his knees, he must be able to do th...

hi, how do i sit on the board?
hi, how do i sit on the board? seems like i try and the board flips and i fall off it

come in Agent Utah...
Anybody know the wheraabouts of Agent Utah. I need to send him something. Please send him my way. Thanks! sponge [email protected]

Hi group! I wanna start surfing, but dont have a clue about the sport. I have slkateboarded for 15 years though. What kinda board should i get first, obviously a long one, b...

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