The Vendeé county in France?
Hey - I´m heading to The Vendeé just south of Brittany for 3 weeks in september, does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this place surfwise. I´ve already read the stuff on w...

She is not photogenic, but I guarantee she will win your heart when she arrives. She has the prettiest face and fullest soft hair. She is stunning in person and I wish I could capture that i...

It's alive! ALIVE!! (The Blob revisited, and other matters surf-related)--(LONG)
OK, here's the background: Awhile back, someone started a thread about a mysterious goo washing up on the beaches, and The Supreme Court replied: >>It's blob-li...

Paddling Gloves Trivia Time
Who is credited with inventing paddling gloves? The answer in three days or so. Prize: A free beer at GP (or via FedEx)! -------------------------------------- Rod Rodgers ...

The War on Sharks - Sharks Flank other Marine mammals! Shark bitten, dead sea lion washed up at Ocean Beach Wednesday morning just south of Noriega. The carcass, which is approximately 8 feet l...

The Rip Curl alt.surfing challenge
The INFO: I sent my 4x3 off to Rip Curl in Calsbad this morning via U.S. Post Office Priority mail. That's all the info you get. The CHALLENGE: What DATE will I get that we...

new stick
8'10" 19.75" 2.75" Test drive when the wind drops: Send digital camera to Attn: Yours t...

Thursday is the day ...
Cabrones, i am getting stitches out of my left ear on Thursday and very timely a new swell is due to arrive in SoCal ... i'm trading in my regular Al Mareek_on skaggs for the "no-cut" ones a...

Any of you ever see this photo?: Now that's effin' scarey. Sorry Santa, I know how you like to keep your spot secret. ...

short video
last monday. small day. funky waves. the video is aprox 45 secs or 1.2mb goto => select => "fresh footage" from the menu or w/o interfa...

asbd... GL Surfer dude
Happy Birthday, Craig. Hope you score some o/h (3.2'+) on Friday! -------------------------------------- Rod Rodgers Bring on the SPF!

Italy spots+rentals?
I'll be travelling to (west-coast mainland) Italy at the end of August for a couple weeks - the primary reason isn't a surf-trip, but with some luck I'm hoping to catch some waves, too.

Do you know Moronica?
Hilarious: @lex

Vintage 70's - Sunset Beach Hawaii Surfboard - Ebay Starting Bid $1
Classic 1978, North Shore Hawaii 6'9"Single Fin Surfboard. See photos on Ebay ad : Starting Ebay Bid of $1 on T...

A Toast: To the two suit rotation!
Ripped the neck on the new Elasto. &%4#5&. Right on the neck seam - no zip. Been doing the two suit rotation and it has suited me fine. One is usually wet when the other is getting dr...

Hussein boys possessions ...
hey i already claimed the bags of weed, any1 wanna split the $100M and one condom (a.k.a. Surfing Cap)?

Barbara Bush gets the Shaft on her visit to the OlyPen? _webfirstlady28.html My sources tell me that one of the 'friends' she was spotted with was a younger male with longish ...

used surfboard
does anyone know where i can buy used surfboards in france. maybe somewhere near montalivet? thx ... jochen

Step Into Liquid (or shite?)
Show times are finally up on For all you New Englanders, there'll be a sneak preview at the Kendall in Central Sq. on Wed., July 30th. According to Noreastersurs...

Nards getting squished
Hey all, Seriously, this is not a troll. I know it's hard to believe, but really. I never had trouble squishing my nards before on the board while in a wetsuit. But t...

Off Topic- A.S and sleasy TV
I don't know why this made me think of A.S, but it did. Maybe you can tell me why... Late last night I was channel flipping and came across the show "Cheaters". This is a "reality...

Blue Crush - confused
Okay as a midwestern surfer there are at least two parts of the movie Blue Crush that I don't understand: 1. After making a big deal about the Pipeline waves breaking in two feet of

Perfect Timing
It looks like I will score again. Once again I am bring good surf and aloha with me. I am batting about 800 right now. Just the opposite of Keener. It looks like a decent Southern Hemi...

Anyone for a Caption?
"My Wave"

OB Shark Warning
Taken in part from Surfline: Shark Research Committtee's Ralph Collier answers: "If ... you suddenly feel uncomfortable, exit the water immediately. As I note in my book, this 'funny f...

waves along great lakes?
I'm in Toronto and want to find the closest place (preferably within Canada) within a 6 hour drive to surf. Seen people at Far Rockaway New York surfing in the past and figure Long Island an...

thumbs up, thumbs down -- who does this?
When you're driving away from a spot after a session, do you give approaching cars the thumbs up or thumbs down to let them know how the waves are? I do not like to see this when I'm on my w...

Post Partum Surf
Finally got in today! Rockaway rocks. Missed it last summer as was busy and there was all that fuss with the police and tickets. Decided I had to go out today. Packed up myself an...

swimming caps
ok here goes... i don't like to get my hair wet cos i'm a pansy. i want to buy a swimming cap that i can fit my dreads into, kinda like a rasta style hat. anyone know if such a th...

Hiring boards in New Jersey?
Hi My step daughter is over on your side of the pond visiting her grandad in Toms River, New Jersey. She couldn't get her board over so they're hoping to hire a couple over ...

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