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Kelly Cove Local
Pitas Point


Locals only, pleeezzz.

Kelly Cove Local

28 Jan 2005 17:01:34
Re: Pitas Point

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> Locals only, pleeezzz.
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"It was just like Kirra, dude." We've heard this line all too many times at
spots that are more like T Street than the famed Gold Coast pointbreak, but
when someone tags this tired comparison to Pitas Point, believe it. On minus
low tides and solid winter swells, the inside section at Pitas (line up in
front of the spiral staircase) becomes the Santa Anita Raceway, with ledgy
right walls galloping into sand-sucking caverns. There's probably only a 50
percent makability rate on the good days, but five- and six-second tubes are
not uncommon -- the true Rincon alternative. Access is a pain -- either hike
in from the public access at the bottom of the point or from Faria Park
Campground at the top -- but the awkward dance along the barnacle-encrusted
cobblestones is worth the hassle when the Aleutian juice is on tap.

- Surf Line Descrption

Looks interesting. You can find several set ups like this in Baja. It's
about time to make another Baja run pretty soon here.

28 Jan 2005 17:36:19
Timothy B. Maddux
Re: Pitas Point

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>"It was just like Kirra, dude." ...

Didn't see it that day (Friday, January 30, 1998), but Rincon was
consistently 15'-18' and difficult to make outside. I rode 12' Hammonds,
was totally out of my league. Campus Point was overhead and Devereux
was washing people all the way through Isla Vista.

Just to the south of Pitas waves were washing into homes and rocks
were being thrown up onto Highway 1, and farther to the south it
was breaking around the front end of the poor old Ventura Pier.

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28 Jan 2005 11:08:22
Surfer Bob
Re: Pitas Point

> Tim Maddux wrote:
> Didn't see it that day (Friday, January 30, 1998), but...

I remember that day. I surfed 2XO Loon Point with Rob Machado and
others. Got barrelled off my ass and had the snot drubbed out of me and
replaced with sand. Some chick put a big ding in my semi-gun. The
beachbreak at Sandyland was a scary kill zone. Later I took it easy at
overhead Poles. We heard that Kelly was at Sandspit.

Aye, that was a good one.

That description of 6-sec dredging tubes at inside Mondo's is hard to
believe, but on the right day almost anything is possible. That photo
shows what looks like a huge unmakeable section between the top of the
point (which I normally think of as the home of the tubes out there)
and the inside. Even at that size the inside lines look mushy. But that
photo doesn't look far enough down the point to see the "Kirra" section
described in the text.

That was a really big day.

Surfer Bob