30 Oct 2004 22:04:26
george of the jungle
Kauai surf report 10-30-04 - Shark Tales

Seven years ago this November a bodyboarder had his lower leg bitten
off by a shark.

When I got in the water today I noticed a tall guy with a very fancy
water camera grabbing some surf shots. He looked familiar but I hadn't
seen him lately. It was only after he got out of the water that it was
obvious that he had a fin attached to a prothesis where his foot used
to be. I gather he has been out in the Santa Barbara area studying
photography and catching some waves there.


I was kind of hoping he would get a shot of me and post it but no
luck. I still have no pictures to post of me in the water. It was
rainy and dark but he had a flash attachment - something I have never
seen before on a water camera.

Conditions today were a little glassier than thurs and fri and the
crowd was less probably because of the rain. It was about 3 ft Hwn -
about 5-7 ft faces. Rides were short and hard - drop and slash right.
It was bigger yesterday when the wavelength was a bit longer. This was
a surprising S swell for the end of October. Too bad it didn't peak
up a little better and make for more long rides. Still, an excellent 3
days of S swell action for October!

Overall, very freaky seeing a young woman on Thurs with one leg and a
young guy with one leg there on Sat. Both charging. Fuck the sharks!