26 Oct 2003 17:40:13
Awe F'shore
As the World Burns

...or socal at least.

Another weird looking day, Huntington is getting covered with smoke and ash
from peoples houses burning up 80 miles inland. Smells like state park on a
weekend. The ocean surface is covered with floating ash, making for some
strange looking waves. Surreal looking.

Check this animated satellite image:

And a thread with a few pics from over there:


26 Oct 2003 20:59:16
Re: As the World Burns

On Sun, 26 Oct 2003 17:40:13 GMT, "Awe F'shore"
<[email protected] > wrote:

>...or socal at least.

I'm in the path. It's about 5-6 miles due east of me now, and moving
fast. If it gets me, though, it will alrerady have moved through
hundreds of houses. The sky is dark even though it's high noon, the
ground is covered with ashes, the air outside is unbreatheable, and
there's no help in sight. It started last night around 50 miles away
and has already burned more than 80,000 acres. I hope this post gets
through. The San Diego offices of Roadrunner are pretty close to the
fireline, too.

If I have to evacuate, the ocean might be the best place for me. I'm
in the lee (east) of La Jolla and the authorities wouldn't let those
houses burn, would they?