The silly commentators
Any player can win or lose . But when sully is playing - certain commentators seem to think that if sully wins or loses that its going to make some sort of significant differenc...

This afternoons coverage .....
..... is going to be short and sweet . Beware the dave harold wedding video as they always seem to wheel it out in this sort of situation :-)

Hendry is getting gubbed
Carter is practically wiping the floor with him . Wonder how long its going to be before hendry starts to become a jimmy white and fail to even qualify for a tournament .

snooker - ronnie is on 2 channels
Ronnie is on bbc2 and 301 - even though theres another match being played on the other table . What happened to viewer choice ? .

Its rare a higgins match drags like this
As higgins isnt known as being a draggy player - then it can only his opponent thats reduced the play to a snails pace . IMHO there needs to be something done about it in terms of som...

Weirdos in the arena audience
If you can take your eyes off the snooker for a few moments - have you noticed the sheer amount of weirdos and strange looking people who sit in the front rows or next to player seats .

Commentator zombie drones
Have you noticed when the text popup box appears - the commentators read aloud what it says in a zombie brain dead drone like fashion . 'the moon is made of cheese' Cant he...

The other female refs
At the risk of incurring the wrath of sandy - i can take or leave the one and only female ref on the snooker circuit so far . Its nothing personal - its just that i think if she was c...

BBC interactive commentary?
When watching interactive via the red button, at the end of the frame whenever one or both players leave the arena why do the commentators announce that as a player has left we will contin...

EXCLUSIVE Competitions 1. A Pair of Tickets for the Quarter finals 2. A Pair of Tickets for the Semi-finals 3. A Pair of Tickets for the FINAL ...

Steve Davis and the Top 16
As we all know, legendary Steve Davis' dream is to be in the Top 16 on his 50th anniversary in August, which has sort of been jeopardized by his 1st round defeat against John Parrott. Howeve...

Virgo - on form
With regard to the 2 plonkers currently (trying) to play snooker . V: i see a few of the audience are leaving the arena probably to get a cup of tea and a sandwich before tonights ses...

John Parrott Cue Competition
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Snooker coverage is getting even worse It seems clear the pattern is set as this type of (text popup) is going to be used more and more . Just allowing the viewer to watch the sno...

Even the snooker is being dumbed down
In the hendry v gilbert match with the score at 9 (19) 7 a popup text display just appeared above the score bar that said ..... 'Gilbert must win this frame to stay in the match' .

Graeme Dott - Miserable Twat
Is there anyone outside of Scotland that actually likes Dott? I think he's the most annoying person not only in snooker but in any sport. First he used to say in every interview that ...

What match thats been shown on tv has the most ever flukes in a single frame ? . While i'm tempted to say even phil yates couldnt asnswer that one - its not something i would li...

Rename this group please..... alt.krustov.snooker. Kev

tournament - damp squib so far
Sure theres been a couple of moments - but so far the vast majority of matches have been sleep inducing . 'no ignition' Part of that is probably the fact they all want to w...

Flash in the pan players
All of them can knock in the balls on a good day - but its the being consistant thats the hard part . IMHO there isnt a young player on the circuit that looks like taking over a...

Global Cue Sports - Competitions.
There are two competitions on Global Cue Sports Centre ( to win a signed cue a case and a year's magazine subscription... <...

Parrotts website
Warning: implode(): Bad arguments. in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/ on line 263 Heres hoping he doesnt rely on his website for income eh! :-)

hamilton v fu
Bloody hard going isnt it . But with any luck the match will be finished in time for your summer holidays :-)

A screenshot for oz martin And yes - obviously i could have it on 'full screen' display if i wanted instead of having it in a window . heh heh heh :-))

hey - oz martin
Just thought i would be a right bastard and provide you a updated list of snooker on tv that you cant watch because you live in oz . :-) SATUR...

World Championship coverage on the net ?
Well, I cannot wait for the WC to begin this weekend ! Sadly ofcourse one has to work to get some bread on the table, and therefore I'll miss the afternoon's sessions :( . Anyone know if t...

The world championship
Hey! Soon the snooker world championship will start! What do you think, who is gonna take that title? I hope it will go to Ronnie, but i have a bad feeling about that....

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