worst final ever
highest break 89 !!! shite, club snooker standard

It's gonna be a long one !
22:30 and another 7 more long frames to go ! You people over in the UK have it easy though, I'm in Holland and it's already an hour later overhere :) Coffee please....

Titter ye not
30 minutes into the 4th frame and the sink full of dirty dishes i have is starting to become quite appealing .

More spoilt tv coverage
One man constantly spoils the tv coverage on a daily basis . All the hard work and all the effort put in by everybody else who works at the tournament is spoilt by the one man . ...

Most remarkable session of snooker ever !
Really something else. Ronnie not being able to pot a ball, let alone make a break over 40 ! Takes off his q-tip, gets a new one, his 23rd ! Produces a 124 clearance and looks full of conf...

23 Tips! Ronnie is to snooker as Spike Milligan was to comedy: genius; manic-depressive; awesome when he has his right head on; awful when he loses it but never boring. -- Spen...

A certain poster
A question for you. When he does all this messages - do you get the impression he doesnt give a fuck if the reader wants them or not . [no answers please ;o)]

A certain commentator
A question for you . When he does all those white lines and circles - do you get the impression he doesnt give a fuck if the viewer wants them or not .

Dullest session of snooker ever !
Ebdon and Fu might possibly be the two dullest players around the snooker-circuit today. Normally I like tactical play much better than breakbuilding. This though is just painfull to watch...

All the 888 highlights
http://www.uknova.com/ You need to register and use a bittorrent clien t

hello everybody! I hope you are enjoying the championship on tv like i do! for my personal collection i have recorded ALL 888 world championship matches from satellite on dvds (bo...

The final
Dotts last match against ronnie was a bit of damp squib and unless dott approaches the semi final with a 'hes my mortal enemy and i must destroy' attitude then it can only be a rerun .

Drug Tests?
I wonder if players are ever drug tested? Why was Quintin Hann banned? I often wonder if some of them snort a line of coke in the loo! Ronnie O won the world champion...

FU cheaqts again!
Another foul he fails to declare. The first one was blatant, this not as easy to spot. The first cheat I've ever seen in snooler. Disgracce and 40 minutes later had no...

Isn't it kinda hypocritical, after the banning of tobbaco advertising/sponsoring, that snooker now is largely sponsored by betting/gambling sites? Gambling is ok, smoking not: is that the me...

Neil Robertson
Bloody good effort, Neil! What a comeback. That'd be the farthest an Aussie player got since.... when?

A breath of fresh air
I think many of Hairy Armpit inspectors views are quite funny he has my vote to become a commentator -- -------------------------------------------------- TOP TEN SNOOKER <...

Worst Commentator Poll
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_00A7_01C668BE.8DB2FB70 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Silver table legs
In the evening coverage tonight one of the commentators said they had talked about and discussed silver table legs earlier in the day and the word used to describe them was 'lovely' . ...

New Cue Tip
Hey, Bought a semi-decent riley maple-shaft cue, came with a hard-case. It's like a birthday all-over again. But my query is this: what the hell are the tips that are suppl...

The warm up guy
He sure does talk some amount of drivel . Would it be a good idea for somebody to actually observe the people in the arena while he is doing this - for from what i can see most of the...

1985 'Embassy Snooker Celebrities' complete set, original prints by Trist
Hi, I have on ebay at the moment a complete set (21 prints) of original 'Embassy Snooker Celebrities' by the artist Trist from 1985. If you have been watching the snooker then yo...

On which table...
...will be played match O'Sullivan-Day on Sunday? Where could I find that information, and for other matches too?

Those lovely commentators at the BBC always say "Snooker players are the most honest sportsmen in the world, they always own up to foul shots!" Then along comes Marco Fu, frame 16 aga...

When the interactive coverage finishes willie thorn usually says something like 'that concludes our interactive coverage for tonight and we will be back at 10:00am tomorrow' . A...

From player to ref
Any reason why none of the snooker players become a ref when it comes time to snap their cue in half ? . Shit ..... i've actually asked a question that hazel could ask in the st...

From player to commentator
A mix of good and bad . Willie Thorn learnt his new trade over the past couple of years and most of the time he does a excelent job . Some of the others though - total nump...

Free ball - 2 questions
Q1: Where can the next player position the ball? Is it on the half-circle? Can it be inside it? Q2: Can the next player hit any color? TIA

Stupid question.. doesn't Paul Hunter look like Jude Law?
I promise I'll ask real questions as well.

Match fixing in snooker
If x amount are found out about and discovered . Doesnt that in turn mean there must be x amount of match fixing that goes on that remains unknown and undiscovered . Unles...

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