Higgins returns (sort of)
http://www.unison.ie/irish_independent/stories.php3?ca=37&si=1493803&issue_id=13182 Eye of the Hurricane HE IS hardly tee-total these days but, by his famously intemperate ...

Website for a fan of female referee Michaela Tabb (UK)
25.10.2005 Dear users on newsgroup "alt.sport.snooker" ! The website , MichaelaTabb.com, is not available. Do you know any other website I can visit to rea...

Foul & Miss
What happened to the 3x Foul&Miss ... Ball in hand rule ?? I also think that the rules should be applied according to the rulebook. I.e. If the rule states that you should make an val...

John Spencer's autobiography now out.
It called: Out of the Blue Into the Black. Published in the UK by The Parrs Wood Press. ISBN: 1 903158 63 X A good read with lots of anecdotes.

Some questions of a rookie
Today i tried to play snooker for the first time. Only one word to describe this. UNBELIEVABLE! Now i have some questions: 1) What kind of cue is good for the greatest billiard game? <...

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JH wins the final in superb form
I've never lost faith in the wee man and that faith was rewarded tonight when higgins whacked in 3 centurys in the first 3 frames tonight . And if that wasnt enough he even set some n...

Some snooker terms
Well, a great performance by Higgins.. 1. What is a "shot for nothing"? 2. How do you call a 2-ball sequence, where the white hits a red which hits and pots another red? Hendry did it n...

carrying case for cue and extension
I live in Kent, UK. Does anyone know where i can get a case in which i can put both my 2 piece cue and telescopic cue extension ? i am fed up with having to carry both. thanks in advance.

snooker glasses
has anyone heard about the new glasses with swivle arms ? i hear they are better than the old dennis taylor type....thanks

A bit tame to start but once it got to 3-3 it was clear there was a match on - both players did good though . SH done some shots that took real balls . JH kept his head and...

White lines and circles
The white lines can sometimes be useful when pointing out a path between some reds that are scattered all over the place . The circle can sometimes be useful in pointing out where the...

home snooker table
hi group, is anyone experienced in ordering a 5' snooker table from Intensegames.co.uk ? sincerely wolfgang

ros v bh
Without doubt the best match of the tournament so far . LOL at the people who dont have freeview or sky digital as they wont be able to see the final frame until later . ha...

Silver table legs
They have been tried - they have failed . Does some brain dead lobotomized idiot in snooker land have something against a snooker table actually looking like a snooker table ? .

live video
Is there any site where you can watch live video (outside the UK) ? There used to be live snooker on Eurosport, but not anymore it seems. thanks, Martijn.

Once again - no interactive choice
Excuse the silly question - but are those cunts taking the piss . Sometimes the choice of table is there and sometimes it isnt .

no interactive choice = lack of interest
What happened to the choice of tables ? . I'm kinda losing interest in the tournament as a lot of the time i'm more interested in the match on the other table . Cant stand ...

Question about the Foul And A Miss rule
Hi everyone, I have the official rule book, and have searched on web sites for an answer to this, but I can't find one. Player 1 is on a break and runs out of position afte...

DT still going on about ronnie playing with left hand
Isnt it about time these old duffers got shown the door and get some real commentators in who are more interested in the actual frame . Its well know and accepted that ronnie can play...

cue tips
Does anyone know if the cue tip manufacturers of the world have websites. I cannot find any, can you help please? If there are no website do you know the contact details? T...

Best Expired domain finder
Find expired domains with the best software: http://www.antssoft.com The best domain names are already taken. But with expired domain software you can find the best d...

In the past the idiots have introduced crap like silver table legs in order to try and justify their wage . Add to that the hideous colour schemes they usually come up with and ...

Welcome to the 2005 Grand Prix Prediction Contest
Hello! You're welcome to enter the 2005 Grand Prix Prediction Contest: http://ep.laboremus.ws/registration.asp?comp=301 Entries must be submitted ...

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