Closed for the summer
Even the sun is scrapping the bottom of the barrel with regard to snooker storys if it can only print a rant about some players not wearing a bow tie for a group past champions photo .

snooker cue parts
I wonder if somebody can help.I would like to make my own snooker cue but I can't find anywhere that sells the brass screw in joint to connect a 2 piece cue (preferably quick release).Do you...

Clip from re Previous World Championships
Hi Ken, Here is a clip from a post remarking about all the Canadians in the final 16 of a world ranking tourney. The responder also talks about why China, and what will hap...

snooker simulation
hello everybody i`m looking for the best snooker`s simulator on a pc!! can you advise me any???? i would be very grateful :) martin

Gerard Greene v Quinten Hann
Who would you bet on?

Who is willie talking about? watch the willie throne interview about match fixing - right at the end he says something but they blank it out... an...

Hann now accused of match fixing!
HANN DENIES MATCH-FIXING CLAIMS Quinten Hann has strenuously denied newspaper allegations that he agreed to throw a match for money. The 27-year-old Australian said th...

Quentin Hann cleared of sexual assault and not for the first time...

Ronnie O'Sullivan a winner at the end of the Season
He yesterday beat Mark Williams in the final of the Premier League 6 nil. It was shown live on Sky Sports.

pagin FreeAVman re in-offs
So to cut a long story short, if a player pots the cue ball, you think he should have the option of having the balls replaced and make him play the shot again. Makes sense to me... <...

Terry Griffiths didn't turn up???
In the parade of past "Embassy" World Champions at this years World Final, (the last one to be sponsored by Embassy), everybody apart from three players turned up. Even poor old John Spen...

Your favourite player(s)
Haven't seen a subject on this before, so.....I always feel I'm the only one who has a player I "always" support in every tournment, but in order, these are my favourite players I like to ...

The weirdos
Why do some people only appear on a snooker newsgroup - only after a tournament is finished .

World Championship-video
Does anyone have or know where I can get any video of the action at the Crucible? We can wait 6 months here in Oz to get a few snippets on cable at one in the morning.

Deliberate in-offs???
I have noticed that if a player misses a ball whilst attempting to get out of a snooker, and still leave a safe position: then a foul and a miss is called. But if a player "deli...

Weakest player?
I remember that for a long time, Matthew Stevens was considered the strongest player never to win a tournament (until he won the UK). What about the opposite? Who is/was the *weakest*...

Argos cue care kit + cue questsions
Hello guys, I am a newbie to snooker, I recently bought a =A330 cue and a snooker cue care kit from Argos, has anyone tried the cue care kit? What's the "cue trimmer" for? it seem...

All the champions gathered for the final session
But where was Ronnie?

Is Shaun's World Crown down to me???
Believe it or not, this is a TRUE story. About five or six years ago, I watched Shaun Murphy play a few rounds in the Pontin's Spring Open in Prestatyn. He had a beautiful ...

Its not the replay machines fault
Its the people who use it - much in the same way as guns dont kill people its people who kill people . A classic example of their lack of clue was near the start of the 2nd fram...

Hazels dress
A reasonable chassis on the wee minx - but that dress certainly didnt do her any favours did it . Not the curves - the awful pattern .

Next years title?
What the the final be called next year? Have they got a new sponsor?

Steady on Hazel......
Well, she DID crack ebdon and make him cry, did it show that live last time? they showed it today in the A-Z of snooker (S for Slow!)

I'm falling asleep here
Quite possibly the most slow and mind numbing final i've ever seen .

previous world champs
Anyone know any good links for full tournament results for previous world championships? has them going back to 94. Very interesting/nostalgic. It would be nice to see the resu...

Fast Cloth
Do you think the faster cloth used in the modern game has destroyed part of the skill? The surface seems to be like glass, there's just no nap, or very little. You tap a ball and ...

Ted Lowe commentating!
Great to hear Ted, if only for a couple of shots, I really believed we were about to get him for a whole frame. Then the dreaded words "Now it's over to John Virgo...."

Here's how to solve the 'heavy' cue ball problem.
I have always wondered why "matched sets" of snooker balls are not used at Professional Snooker Tournaments. Even the 2005 World Championship Final was affected by the cue-ball having...

Shaun's ranking if he wins?
Hiya, Does anyone out there know where Shaun Murphy will end up in the rankings if he wins the final this year? I think he's just secured a top 32 place but surely he'll go furthe...

Alex Higgins
I think in my humble opinion that I would love to see Alex Higgins playing snooker again on TV. What do you think? RS

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