The tournament is dead to me
The friday evening overuse of the replay machine made the match totally unbearable and unwatchable . Just about every shot or pot regardless if a ball was potted or missed got a...

The double replay
Inbred retards - nowt more to be said .

Crucible history made on Monday?
On Monday, players with a total of 15 world titles between them were knocked out on the same day (Hendry, Davis, Williams). I can't imagine this has ever been done before during the cr...

World champion in qualifyers?
Hello everyvody, I noticed that if Shaun Murphy becomes world champion, he would still only be ranked 21. Does that mean there's a possibility that the 2005 World Champion will ha...

Snooker query
Hello all snooker fans, could somebody help me with a snooker query here in Switzerland? If someone has potted all the reds and is now on the colours, what happens if for example he tries ...

Well balanced snooker players
Would anybody care to nominate any snooker players as being well balanced and quite normal ? .

Mark Williams Lookalike
I have often been told to my surprise and wonderment that I have a canny resemblence to Mark Williams, which after seeing him play 8 years ago at Wembley I sort of agreed with, as he stare...

Why didn't Ronnie....
also just walk around the table for 15 minutes? play fire with fire and give ebdon the message that he would be there all night if he didnt stop his delibrerate slowing down? perhaps he ju...

WOW. What a slagging off for Ronnie!!!
Did anybody read 'Snookerfan's' post about Ronnie O'Sullivan? If you didn't catch it, here it is again. I love watching Ronnie play, but I can't find fault with anything that 'Snooke...

The truth about Ronnie O'Sullivan.
I have heard it said that most of Ronnie O'Sullivan's 'problems' stem from the fact that his father is serving a life term in prison. This may be true: but it is also true that there are p...

From the 4 players
Cant say i'm rooting for any one of them and quite frankly dont care who wins or losses . I get the distinct feeling most of the remaining days snooker are going to be (dont tak...

McCulloch to win
Excellent long-potter, great all-round player, nice guy, good character - would like to see someone like him win.....

Ronnie & Pete (again)
Ok, I'm a big Ronnie fan and I totally agree that Ronnie should've won regardless of Pete's tactics, I don't think it was just that - I think generally he wasn't playing particularly well....

Steady on Hazel
Practically ripping into Ebdon for beating its his fault or something... twice she asked him really harsh questions that put him on the spot...he looked like he was gonna bre...

I'm not playing well
Why is it that snooker players keep saying they are not playing well? Ebdon won 11 frames out of 14 against the world no. 1 yet he wasn't playing well! Hendry demolished a couple of o...

Snooker fitness?
What is it with the current fitness fad among snooker players? Ebdon swims a mile a day, Ronnie goes running miles and miles. Sure a bit of fitness is good for everyone, but surely it's no...

The devils advocate , ros v pe
I figure some people are in the frame of mind that ronnie going out is like the end of the world and may well be thinking he was robbed by the so called time delay tactics by ebdon . ...

5 minutes
Not being a ronnie fan I tend not to watch any of his matches if I can help it , But whats this 5 minute shot ebdon took ? . Curious if the difficulty of the shot had any bearing on t...

very boring

snooker ball cleaner machine
Hi all! Do you know about any snooker ball cleaner machine? We would like to buy one but in Hungary didn't find it. Thanx for your ideas, Szabolcs

had a win
I played my nemisis tonight.....Ugly Snooker match but I had a win, It was the sort of grinding orrible match that gives the people watching pains in the stomach.

Davis v Murphy
Frame 15 has to be one of the worst frames of snooker I have ever seen at the Crucible!

Those first 4 frames in the 7pm session where scorching . If he can stay pissed off after his cup of tea and do a repeat performance then I think its safe to say its ta ta matthew . <...

Snoker Table
Thanks to the replies to my original thread about temperature requirements for a snooker table. I have now found a home with a room the relevant size but the problem I have is t...

Billard Management Software
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Ahh well - if theres a dent in the floor - at least he left his mark :-)

Crucible - where to park
Hello everybody, I have at long last managed to get a pair of tickets off of e-bay for the 2.30 session on Saturday. Am leaving from France on Friday ... wahey! Now a major questi...

Its good to see the wee man doing well and playing some good snooker . These days his matches tend to be the most enjoyable to watch and it wouldnt have mattered if there was a hendry...

Karl and mat
The world championship and you are both invisible . Either that or they have popped their clogs :-)

The female ref
Somebody mentioned her on a tv newsgroup this afternoon and snooker might get a few more viewers because of her . Although personally , In the same way as britney spears I dont know ...

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