Ding and next year
I have heard a rumour that the original intention to have 64 players on the main circuit next season has been scrapped. Is it true that the current figure of 96 is to be retained?

BBC Snooker Theme
Does anyone know the name and artist of the BBC Snooker Theme? I have done numerous searches on Google etc. but I can't seem to find this out. Chris

pocket templates needed
Hi! Is there any idea where can I get official templates for snooker table's pockets? I didn't find any place where can help me. Thanx for your tip: Szabolcs

Irish Masters on British Eurosport
Does anyone know whether RTE will allow British Eurosport to show the Irish Masters this year?

Stefan Mazrocis maximum
Newsmessage from knbb www.knbb.nl http://www.knbb.nl/bericht.php?id=570 (dutch language) Dutch champion Stefan Mazrocis made a 147 during a semi final in a dutch snooker rank...

Snooker hype
Needless to say I couldnt say this last night or would just have been accused of being a bad loser etc etc . Ronnie played some cracking snooker last night and no question about...

3pm this afternoon
At the start of todays coverage where they played that jimmy cliff song and done the flashback thingy - did you notice how smart and presentable both players looked . Impeccably...

Historical State of Play Match Info
Hi, I hope you're all enjoying the Masters. This is probably a forlorn hope, but... I wonder if there is somewhere on the internet I can get historical game data?...

And the truth shall set ye free http://www.creditwrench-thetruth.blogspot.com/ Uncle Normie

60% of viewers have digital tv
When the ROS/JW match finished the last words was JV saying so and so=20 goes through to the final - and after that - nowt - apart from watching=20 the audience leave the arena in silence . ...

A auld enemy final on sunday
I might even get the mr sheen out to make sure the screen is sparkling and crystal clear if ronnie wins tonight . No offence to jimmy fans - but I dont think he consistent enough thes...

Just say NO to Bin Ladin!!!!
Hi all I am helping a friend promote a web site. You see a childhood friend of hers lost her husband at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. She has run into some hard times and my frei...

Snooker is sexist
In all the years i've watched snooker - never once have I seen a female snooker player on tv . As snooker isnt the sort of sport that physical strength makes any difference of a...

New Worls Snooker site
Just had a look at it for the first time. Hopefully the colours are only temporary but if not I can't see me spending much time trying to decipher the writing on it! Terry ...

Snooker yobs
The upcoming match between White and O`Sullivan should be worth watching, although it`s a shame that we`ll have to endure the mob of howling yobs who seem to turn up every time either of the...

Not sure you guys will remember me, but I started playing snooker a little over a year ago on my BCE. Not doing bad at the game (no barn burner, high break is 42). I discovered English Bil...

Cue extension
Would it not be better to have a suitable trouser pocket like the ones for the old fashioned police truncheons . Assuming it was the leg that was usually kept straight and rigid on th...

Isnt about time they changed that tweedle dee tune when they do those short stats clips while the balls are being racked . Its outworn its welcome .

Winning chances
Hi, I have made a small table of winning probabilities in snooker, based on how many frames both players still need. Perhaps some of you are interested to see this. I h...

The interactive service is great
But those moments of silence from the commentators if a player steps out to spend a penny is dull dull dull . Cant they even say a few words now and then .

What was that willie thorn comment about that he made today in that interview he done . Did WT say something to offend the guy or summit or was it some sort of in joke or whatev...

Rules question
Assuming a player had just potted a red and managed to do a snooker behind some coloured balls . The white ball would be just next to a corner pocket . The coloured balls w...

What happened to the female ref
Havent seen her on screen for ages - is she still on the ref circuit .

Hendry wants move from Crucible
I'm with SD on this one . I'm not a football fan - but what would football fans say if somebody suggested not using the 'years of history' wembley hallowed turf . SH needs ...

Speed Snooker
With only one table and some matches finishing early - it needs something more than reruns as anybody interested in the sport will already have seen it . Speed Snooker . <...

Money Maker
Im tellin yah it workx and its so worth it Turn $5.00 into $50,000...read this to find out how!!! READING THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! I found this on a bulletin board like this...

WT/DT banter :-)
- have you ever seen balls that big willie - I think they're made out of polystyrene dennis - yeah she was a good player Or words to that effect :-) Who would have thou...

Whats this weirdo system
Is this a snooker tournament or some exhibition matches .

The masters on BBC-i
According to the BBC snooker website the masters will be broadcasted on interactive. So we must watch out for getting a red finger from pressing the red button :-)) http://news.b...

FA: Aramith snooker balls
2 different auctions: Complete regulation 2 1/8" set: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7134480695&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

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