OT: Change President Bush's face
Build A Better Bush It's not often we'll run anything featuring George W. Bush. We're denying him the oxygen of publicity. But we very much enjoyed this page's ability to cust...

matches on the net?
G'day Can someone point me in the right direction where I can view/download snooker matches on line please?

Top 8 in 2009
WIth the early finish, BBC2 just had 5 pundits predicting the top 8 in 2009. All tipped either O'Sullivan or Maguire at 1, with Hunter not far behind. Most of them had Higgins and Will...

Is this legal
Pink and black left on the table player A is 14 in front and he plays the pink onto the pocket there is no way the pot can be avoided so player B deliberately goes in off to keep the game al...

105 Break for Reanne Evans
Century break for reanne Evans in the World snooker champoinships in Holland. This must be one of the only(if not the first) century break in women snooker history.Go on Girls ! We want more...

Newbie questions re snooker
The only Snooker I know is the games I play on the computer. I have a few questions. When you pocket, say, the black ball, and it is replaced on the table, is there a mark where y...

Snooker_British_Open final parts 3,4,5 are online
I sharing on bittorent the Snooker British Open Final last session high quality divx part 3,4,5(last one) the *torrent file can be found on http://www.lokitorrent.com/ ...

Snooker unpopular in the US?
I live in the United States and I assume that Snooker is played mostly in England and Europe. What I cannot understand (and I can just imagine the responses to this) is why it isn't popular ...

mcmanus v king - frame 11
That was without doubt the most enjoyable frame of snooker i've seen for a long time . Neither player giving a inch & both players so desperate to win the frame none would even ...

Snooker British Open Final Video part 2 is online
I sharing on bittorent the Snooker British Open Final last session high quality divx part 2 out of 4 the *torrent file can be found on http://www.lokitorrent.com/ ...

Snooker and Bow Ties
Hello, Sorry if this question has been asked before but why is Stephen Maguire the only player that doesn't seem to be wearing a bow tie at the current British Open? I thought they ha...

Advice requested (Cliff Thorburn)
Could anybody advise me of where I could write to so that I could get a signed picture of Cliff Thorburn? I have searched Google for Addresses but can't find a link. I would be much obl...

Snooker British Open Final Video
I sharing on bittorent the Snooker British Open Final last session high quality divx part 1 out of 4 the *torrent file can be found on http://www.lokitorrent.com/ ...

All the top 8 players out
Resume Tuesday: B Pinches Eng 5-3 J Perry Eng D Gray Eng 4-4 B Hawkins Eng For talking sake lets assume Pinches and Gray get though to the quarter finals and the...

World Championship S good?
I saw a game on the Internet for World Championship Snooker 2004. Has anyone tried this or earlier versions and if so, how is the game? Good points/bad points? Thanks in advance f...

DT - his set peice
'they know their snooker in [insert town or venue]' Or words to that effect . But he also often states the venue audience doesnt even notice when ronnie changes to hi...

Newbie question snooker
Can someone recommend a good snooker game for the computer, or possibly a gaming site that will allow you to play, say practice, or just playing against the computer? I am knew to snooker an...

BBC snooker interactive
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/snooker/4025755.stm On the above hendry story its says the following next to the caption . Live snooker on BBC TV Sat 20 - Sun 2...

quentin Hann
Has anyone heard anything about his recent court dramas, has he gotten off?

Interactive Coverage
Does anyone know whether the BBC will be doing Red Button coverage of the UK Championship? It's been a bit inconsistant so far - they did all of the World Championship, but a tiny amoun...

Heavy Whiteball?
Hallow, Anybody know where I can buy heavy cueballs on the net or otherwise? Ta, Mat Wilson

haw janie - bbc snooker interactive
I'm sure you and most others know that coverage starts on saturday . As usual the limited peak time terrestrial coverage is shockingly bad - can you find out for the 'whole group' if ...

VP3 used as training tool - effective?
If you take a look at http://news.bbc.co.uk/sportacademy/hi/sa/special_events/snooker/newsid_ 2949000/2949239.stm you'll find some tips on potting (or pocketing) by Mark Williams. He ...

John Higgins takes the British Open title
Well done JH . With any luck the wee man has got his heed together and might even take a few more titles this season .

Sunday result
John Higgins - Stephen Maguire 9-6

British Open , Brighton , Saturday , Results
British Open , Brighton , SEMI-FINALS (best of 11 frames) J HIGGINS Sco 6-0 S MURPHY Eng 64-10 86-0 (58) 114-0 (114) 69-50 (Higgins 57, Murphy 50) 89-12 (8...

Bristish Open Saturday's results
John Higgins (sco) vs. Shaun Murphy (eng) 6-0 Stephen Maguire (sco) vs. Ronnie O'Sullivan (eng) 6-1 !! What a tremendous performance by Maguire. It just proves that his win in the Eur...

British Open , Brighton , Friday Results
British Open, Brighton QUARTER-FINALS (best of nine frames) Results: S HENDRY Sco 2-5 J HIGGINS Sco 19-64 7-60 7-60 67-0 (66) 68-41 (58) 0-85 (85) 0-89 (...

NEW ipod color OFFER!!! Check it out!! free!
http://www.pvps4free.com/default.aspx?r=42103 I know this sounds too good to be true. But this is the real deal! They've even reported on it in wired magazine and CNN Headline News!

Snooker plus balls,Please help
Hi I've been looking for the purple and orange snooker balls that you use in 'snooker plus' but i can't seem to find them anywhere,Can anyone please let me know where i can buy them f...

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