Merseyside County Pool Team
Merseyside County Pool Team Play in Region 2 of the English Pool Association League. We are currently looking for players who live in the Merseyside Region who are interested in...
Had a quick surf to find out when the next tv tournament was on and could only find stuff that was mixed in with all the other non tv tournaments . Would it really be too hard f...

Welome to the 2004 UK Championship Prediction Contest
Hello! You're welcome to enter the 2004 UK Championship Prediction Contest at WWW Snooker: Entries must be ...

snooker tournaments
What is the difference between snooker tournaments? As I understand, some are invitational, some are played to best of 9, or more, some have more points then others. What types of tornaments...

Mark J Williams?
With the risk of being bullied by HTTP or the Toothe Faerie might I ask: What is happening to Mark Williams? One year ago he was the world number one, now his form seems to have disap...

A crackcode for the online game
Hi there , is a great snooker game that lets you have a 21day trial but after that if you want to go on playing free you can only register as a guest and are only abl...

Any Danish Snooker players in here
Is there any danish people that are using this newsgroup ???

148 break - official!! Scot Burnett compiles 148 break Jamie Burnett re-wrote the record books by compiling the highest break in <...

Baulk line
Hi - just a quick question about the baulk line - Apart from the D, does the line get used for anything ? I had a quick look and couldn't see anything in the rules specifically ...

snooker heaven
Ronnie O'bagoshyte against King Terry ... in THE final, at the crucible. 18 -18 ........ final frame. Black ball game ... in the deciding frame. Ronnie's shot. About to pot the...

Ideal combination.
Alex Higgins to take Quintin Haan *under his wing*. Could be the best thing that's ever happened to the world of snooker. ;-) Nil satis nisi optimum. ...

Favourite/best EVER player ? (group *survey*)
Just out of interest. Based on safety play ..... breaks .... character & attitude . My personal opinion ....... ( Big mouthed , cockney *girls* with pony-tails that think ...

ping HTTP
whats your highest break? Going on the tone of your posts youve obviously reached a level of snooker that would leave your mere ordinary man gasping in disbelief .

Rule query ..... any experts ?
During a frame against a mate, the other night ...... a red he tried to pot ended up over the pocket, a fraction of a milimetre from going in. I then took my turn, after a few minute...

Highest break
Just wanted to announce that i made my highest all time break last night ......7! I got a bit nervous cueing the pink but i managed to hold my bottle, would any other wankers here like to co...

test - please ignore

Quinten Hann
I see Mr Hann is back in trouble with the police... has anyone on here ever had any dealings with him? The reason why I ask is that, from my position as a fan and an avid follower of Quinte...

What has Reardon done to The Rocket?
He seems to have dismantled his game. Fair enough, Ronnie could do with tightening up the safety a bit, but Reardon should keep well away from his break building - how many 147s did Reardon...

Lowest possible total clearance?
I've just been thinking - the lowest possible total clearance in snooker would be 72 ((15 * red+yellow)+27). Has this ever happened? Just wondering - obviously it's not the sort of thing p...

Snooker star on sex attack charge Last Updated: Thursday, 7 October, 2004, 13:54 GMT 14:54 UK Snooker star on sex attack charge Sn...

Dont you just love the bbc
Was watching the start of the semi final on bbc1 and about 2:20pm the red dot popup on the screen saying interactive . 5 minutes later when the terrestrial coverage was about to end -...

The silver table legs
Having now seen these - I can only wonder if somebodys 3 year old son or daughter done a pre school drawing of a snooker table with silver legs and daddy thought it was so cute and a great...

Matthews Stevens kicked out of his local snooker club!
Apparently its members are embarrassed about all the first round matches he has lost recently and wish to be no longer associated with him!

In search of golfers
Hello folks. This is my first post in your group and I'm looking for people who play golf on snooker tables. I live in the Washington, D.C. area and am looking for some folks to play with....

live scoreboard for grand prix
don't pay the 1.50 from for the livescoreboard go to

Shocking tv coverage
Bits of coverage here and there scattered around the tv schedule sends little willy to sleep & its looking like the final on sunday will be the only real part of the tournament I will watc...

On his way to a 147 wee john was being criticesed for being out of position. If the idjits behind the camera could play that well they would not be commentating. imvho ...

Hunter vs Morgan
Darren Morgan once asked his interviewer something like: "Why do people like Jimmy White, Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O'Sullivan have more fans than I do?" The best fitting ni...

something strange...
2 days into a TV tournament and PK hasn't posted yet about either the 'replay machine' or the on screen scoreboard..... very odd indeed I wonder if he's seen the silver legs on the ta...

Andy Hicks
What a way to defeat (my favourite) Matthew Stevens. Obviously the best frames so far. Good luck Andy!

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