nsooker tv coverage
In your opinion - what could be done to improve snooker tv coverage . This question is for uk viewers who watch the live coverage . (quite frankly overseas viewers dont mat...

Alex Higgins Exhibition match last night.
Saw Alex at an exhibition match in Stoke on Trent last night against John Virgo. Alex was a stand in for Jimmy White following his operation. He was given an amazing reception when he ...

Snooker Club in Bath
Hi anybody out there I am wondering if anybody knows of anywhere in the cith of Bath that has snooker tables that one can use for not too exorbitant a cost. I can find absolutely ...

for cuemakers
I have some information of interest to cuemakers. If you are a cuemaker, please e-mail me for details. Thanks, Cueman

Jimmy White has had his appendix removed.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/snooker/3741047.stm -- G.C. Note ANTI, SPAM and invalid to be removed if you're e-mailing me.

Where to buy a snooker table in Belgium?
Hi everybody, Does anybody know where I can buy a new snooker table in Belgium? I've been looking around but I can't seem to find any place in the entire (well, not that it's so l...

Nap on Ref, not table!
I was watching a recording of Ronnie playing Anthony Hamilton and noticed Amazing haircut. There was a precise change in the direction of the 'nap' in the front-to-back centre-line of h...

OT: Childless couple told to try sex
http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_957945.html Childless couple told to try sex A German couple who went to a fertility clinic after eight years of marriage ...

Practice table at home
Hi everyone, I am planning to set up a practice table at home, seeing as I have a room to spare. It will be a rather tight fit (the room is 460cm x 760cm), so therefor I

New cue advice: length? buying oline? Craftsman? Master Cue?
Hi all, I have read already some postings on this forum about new cues, but I still have some questions. I have been playing snooker now for about 8 years (not always that ...

Ranking points discrepency
Looks to me like World Snooker & GSC have got their math wrong! Munraj Pal earned 3,650 points in the 2002/03 season (as reported in Snooker Scene and in the GSC website archives) yet ...

Alex Higgins /Contact
Hello, My 12 years old boy plays snooker in the Belgian competition, and- by my documents- became an Hurricane fan. He'd love to write him a few words. Does anyone knows an address ,or...

Jimmy White / Drugs Caution
I see on the BBC News site that Jimmy White has been given a police caution for the possession of cocaine - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/3715863.stm Doesn't accep...

King vs Hann grudge match ...
Hi, Does anyone know whether there are plans to televise this event? Joe. --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system (...

The next tournament on tv
When is it .

Ronnie on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, NOW!
Just thought I'd put a quick message up to mention this if anyone's reading it. His first TV interview since becoming the new World Champion. Probably repeated tomorrow night. T...

Double jointed cues
Hi all, I was wondering if a double jointed cue (1/2 and 3/4 joints) is worth getting? If it is worth it, anyone know anywhere around the Toronto, Ontario area that has them fo...

My Pooltable website
Because I have not posted it in a while and I see some new faces in here. For everything you ever wanted to know about maintaining, building, and covering a pooltable please visit my FREE we...

Snooker videos - session 3 ( take 2 )
you'll have to re-download since its new make after my computer crashed last week hope we'll get it right this time the torrent file is on : http://www.lokitorren...

Black Cue
Seen liz hurley using one last night in the film bedazzled . A special or can you actually buy them . PS: i'm ashamed to admit she tickled my fancy in that meter maid outfi...

exhibitions matches
I'm going to be visiting the UK in June and would love to go see some snooker played, where can I find a listing of exhibition matches? Thanks

ronnies 147 video
anybody know where I can download a video of Ronnies 147 5 minute something break? -- www.daveham.plus.com - links to PC bargains for UK users.

Sorry for the videos delay
unfortunaly my compy broke down till its fixed ... :-( I'm sorry

Increase the value of the colours
Anyone fancy increasing the value of the colours for added excitement? (a): Pink 7 pts and Black 9 pts (everything else the same) This would allow us to pinch some viewers from darts a...

Pot Black Cues
Are Pot Black Cues Any Good

Snooker Videos Next Update
Hi All today at midnight Israel Time, I'll upload the next part of the third session. the reason I'm giving you an advanced notice is that there few good hours between t...

Snooker WC 2004 session 3 free videos
Snooker WC session 3 part 1 out of 10 is on the net each file is in much better divx file and around 150MB since I only have home line with upload speed of 14KB I'm asking o...

I know its a longshot
But does anybody remember when www.allsnookerlinks.co.uk had a horror dripping blood theme - and more importantly - does anybody still have it on their hard disc . Genuine reque...

Hiya again, Anyone know if Snooker Scene and Pot Black magazines are still going strong? Is there any point in getting them now the season is over? Do either of them have a webby...

Too little snooker
I personally think there is far too little snooker on TV. I don't have Sky Sports so I imagine I'm missing a couple of tournaments there but the BBC's four a year really isn't enough. I thi...

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