Anyway back for Hendry?
I almost cried when he missed a pot in that last frame he won (last of the 2nd session) The presenter did point out Doherty came back from 10-2 last year to win against Stevens (i...

How to be a BBC Snooker Commentator
1. Whenever the cue ball goes within 3 feet of a pocket, repeat the words "where's the cue ball going?" at an increasing volume at least 3 times. 2. Do not allow a period of silence to last ...

snokoer - the whrilygig score counter
Does anybody actually like this .

mobile phones terror
If your mobile phone rings in any tournament you should be immediately banned from the venue! You be warned of that before each session starts and it is very cruel to the players. ...

Question about the snooker presentation by BBC2
Not really related to snooker but I wouldn't know where to ask otherwise. I assume many of you are watching the Embassy World Snooker Championship on BBC2. I am too. Now, every ...

snooekr - the finger
I know the finger usually has another meaning for snooekr these days - but I think SH needs to get the finger out .

brainless sheep
Only one table - and they still have the blue menu displayed . Just curious , Last nights snooker was excellent and would like to ask the question if the thought of pressing the blue ...

good game on a 9ft table?
got enough room in my garage for a 9ft slate bed snooker table...can a good game be had on a 9ft table, or is it too small?? cheers Matt

foot on floor - exact wording
What is the official words used to describe the one foot on the floor requirement when playing a shot .

no such thing as "natural talented" players
those players played all their life its not that they picked up a cue for the first time and knock in tons. maybe there should be "talent chalenge" tournament about taking s...

the SL/PE grudge match from a few years ago
There was some bad blood between them and as luck would have it - they met up shortly afterwards in the next tournament - brilliant . Did you ..... - say its shocking and r...

what do u think of these? looking for a cue but not sure what is best value. any advice please ...

2 Questions
Hi, when did the often-referred-to "modern day era" of Snooker begin? And can someone please explain the difference between a "kiss" and a "cannon"? I've been wondering about that one f...

Archive Snooker Results
Hello, Where can a find a complete list of all snooker results from the world championships. I can find results for the last 10 years, and also for the first 5 or 6 years. So...

the old crocs
Do the old crocs know best . I only ask because arnt some of these old crocs the very same old crocs who sat back and allowed snooker to get into the state its in . Few peo...

does snooker .....
Need a official mascot like Ronald ? . Surely a cuddly little fellow like this would sell by the dozen . Why does it take a genius like me to point stuff like this out - isnt

test - please ignore

OT: trolling usenet - ronald the troll
I did some of these in psp v7 but most of then are done by other people and perhaps it might make a change from snooker overload . (nothing really adult - but some are a bit naughty) ...

peak too early ?
Dont the stats say if you peak too early - then the chances are you will get beat in the next round .

Snooker archive
Is their a snooker archive on the net, with past year match scores?

shot of the championship
That red to keep the 147 alive was out of this world . The jw banana shot from several years could have been beaten but wasnt - it really would take some doing to beat JH's shot .

Miss ???
hello together, greets from germany. What means the "MISS" after a Foul ??? Thanks in advance

Barry Pinches anxiety attacks
hi all from Turkey is Barry Pinches had anxiety attacks in the past ? i remmber reading about this. he looks so relaxed and in good form is he on seroxat or effexor ? ...

higgins 6 - 10 dott
I reckon theres 2 options for tonight . - dott will wipe the floor with him - the wee man will play some scorching snooker and win Cant really see a inbetween myself ....

snookre - bbc interactive service
On my 28" screen there is a sort of widescreen effect . As the black bar at the bottom tells viewers they can change tables by pressing the blue button when they first activate the in...

been playing a while now, highest break is 35, cleared up with 1red remaining. however, i've not played for a while and a couple of days ago went down to the local for a game. as ...

higgins 3 - 5 dott
What was wrong with the wee man today - weird city .

just an idea
I've noticed that the refferies do "extra milege" respoting colors after reds poted. sometimes getting in the way of the players and breaking the rythem of the frame. ...

snooker vote (the above link is for adults only) Assuming a more sensible thing for a snooker vote was done - what snooker topic w...

well I never
Thought I was clever obviously not

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