higgins v white tour
Did anyone go to the York Barbican to catch the opening night of the Alex v Jimmy tour last night ? I have tickets for the Preston date, but I was curious what the evening involves; i.e...

test - please ignore!
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Ruling on miss from ball in hand
I was watching a video in which a couple of champions had gotten all the reds behind/beside the black, and one player went in-off. The incoming player played the shot from the D, trying for ...

newbie -> spinning
i have been playing for a while and can easily put topspin and backspin on the cueball although when i try spinning to go left or right i always seem to mis-cue and the ball never follows t...

I had a game the other day against a mate which left us with only pink and black on the table. I needed two snookers as well as both balls to be able to win the frame. I somehow managed...

OT: alcohol
Would you lot buy alcohol if it could be delivered to your door at any time of day/night? I'm thinking of starting a business which sells booze delivered to your door 24hrs a day. What ...

Found Somewhere To Play In Aus!!
Not ideal but I found a place here in Aus that has a 3/4 size table (seemed smaller than 3/4 size to me though??!) at least had my first game of snooker since leaving UK last June, did not d...

FA: World Snooker Final Tickets (Sunday and Monday)
All 1 no reserve: Sunday 2nd May: (pair of tickets for both sessions) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2227068893 Monday 3rd May: ...

Dutch Snooker

Snooker in Holland

New SnookerSite
What u guys think of my site? www.snookerdevils.tk

Paul Hunters girlfriend
Anyone got pics of her? www.snookerdevils.tk

Cue Towles
Hi, I wondered if anyone here could tell me if cue towels are anything different from normal towels? Are they something like very, very fine sand paper to get the cue clean and sl...

Competition ladder sheets - URGENT
Hi, I have recently taken over organising the competitions for our local club and have just realised that we dont have any ladder sheets for the forthcoming competition! Does anyo...

Applying spin (cue action)
Hi To anyone who considers themselve a good player, I was just wondering about cue action - here's my situation: I've got no problem with side/top spin, but when applying ba...

Your best breaks
Hi all, I was just wondering what the best breaks are people on alt.sports.snooker (wait, that's ASS, isn't it?) ever had? What's your record? Sadly, mine's at 17... but I only ju...

Best online pool for CA$H
Want true realism in online pool?... Want a chance to play for a little money?... Then check out www.cashpoolcomps.com It's endorsed by the World Pool-Billiard Association and the World...

topless snooker
Its about 10 weeks to the next tournament and as theres no chance of the bbc bringing back pot black - how about one of the satellite lads channels do a version of topless snooker with top...

Think yourself lucky i'm not always a complete bastard and theres something you should check as soon as possible if you still want it :-)

good final
I aint a PH fan - but last night he showed some amount of bottle and played some of the best snooker i've seen for ages .

Masters commentary comment
Is it just me or is anyone else of the opinion that Clive Everton does not know when to shut up ? Last night he walked himself into a number of situations where he spoke too soon ...

Ronnie's last shot
I don't have a screenshot or recording of it at all, but when Ronnie went back to the table for the last time to try and put down that red, I felt an easier shot would have been to cut the r...

Doubts about buying snooker table
Hi guys, I'm new to the group, thanks in advance for any help I may receive. Marcos, from Spain ;-) I have decided to get a snooker table. Now. I want to be able to play ...

Haw janie
If you happen to bump into that idiot of a director - can you tell him I have ZERO interest in seeing shots of the audience when the players are at the table . Hes probably unde...

virgo and ronnie
Giz a fecking break . Somebody should tell virgo to lay off the spew worthy gushing hero worship and stick to doing his commentating job properly . If virgo likes the guy a...

Where to buy snooker cues online?
Hi, Has anyone bought a snooker cue from online store? Can you tell me if you know some good (=low prices and reliable) store from Europe (UK?) preferably? I live in Finland...

the table light - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
If only bbc comedy was this good :-) I hope somebody is keeping track of all these screw ups - I have the feeling this tournament is jinxed somehow and the best is yet to come .

SD the change
The more SD sits on the couch the more professional he seems to become at the job - I reckon hes been working on it with the intention of becoming the main presenter . Being rig...

Dennis (peabrain) Taylor must be the worst commentator I have ever heard if you except the other idjit who is with him on the TV at the moment. They haven't got a b----y clue! --...

Converting American Snooker Table to International....
I want to convert my American snooker table to the International setup. Correct cloth (napped wool), L-shaped cushions, 2 1/16 balls, etc. I will need to recut my rails to accomodate th...

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