Alex Higgins on dvd
Hi, Noticed that some of you were interested in getting clips of alex higgins on dvd. I have recently had a copy made up for me with various footage on it, if anyone is interest...

Question re Foul shot
I am playing in a small league and have discovered an interpretation of the Foul rule I have not seen before. The specific example is this: I play and miss very ball on the table. My...

just found a new discussion forum
hi all! do you know that the Snookerloopy website has a discussion forum now.. I am planning to do all my snooker talking there.. come on guys and gals and join me .. the add...

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Make Money Fast $$$
BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER CHECK OUT THE PROFILE FOR : [email protected] and see what he has made and bought from his profits. Follow the directions below and in two weeks y...

SH - the red behind the green
Scorching . I know the other balls can be used as a guide and the camera angles may have made it look harder than what it was - but it just looked great given it was almost full...

Who else forgot about the welsh open
I know its only sky viewers who can see it outside wales - but somebody could have mentioned it was on tv . PS: way to go alan - hope you whupped him good :-)

Snooker in North wales
I'm looking to join a league or anything around north wales! I can't really seem to find anything around where I live ATM (Colwyn Bay) having moved from Aberystwyth. Does anyone k...

What is the meaning of 'Check-Side'
Hi, I always hear from snooker players or commentators to use the term 'check side' from time to describe a particular kind of shot played in a game. But what exactly is the...

Alex Higgins v Jimmy White
Hi! Was wondering if anyone had any information on the Alex Higgins v Jimmy White exhibition matches scheduled for March? I know there is on at the Barbican in York and anot...

How about a snooker chatroom on IRC?
What do you think of this?

Welsh Open Prediction Contest
Hello! You're welcome to join the 2004 Welsh Open Prediction Contest at WWW Snooker: Entries must be sub...

Competition Draw Sheets
Help is at hand! Do you spend hours sorting out all those competition draw sheets? Do you spend hours recording scores and round by round listings? . Would you like a ...

Replacing tip with a smaller tip
Hi, Recently I received a new cue as a gift, I love it and all but the tip is a lil' bigger than what I'm acustomed to. I've never replaced a tip so I'm wondering if I can replace...

Table construction question
Hi- This may be a dumb question, but how can you tell if a table is slate backed or not? Thanks in advance! [FWIW, the reason I ask is that my parents bought a 1...

Couple of suggestions
Hi all I`m not sure if this has been mentioned before, so apologies in advance if it`s already been dealt with, but wouldn`t it be a help to the referee if there were a line d...

Scottish Snooker Website
Scottish Snooker now has its own website. It's very light on content at the moment with just a few recent tournament reports and the current ranking lists, but there's lots more to come ove...

Touching ball
I had situation last night where I was left with the cue ball touching red. There was a red over the middle pocket in such a position that I needed a "ball hair" touch, otherwise it would ha...

Win a superb snooker prize!
Win a superb hand held electronic snooker game in our free competition at: HTTP://WWW.ARRINGTON-SNOOKER.COM John.

Group stats for 2003
They must be wrong, eh Janey?

Snooker cloth and Pool cloth
Hi to all, I'm a pool player and am just curious to know about the cloth speed bused between snooker and pool. In pool most use Simonis 860, how about in snooker? Does it co...

Improvement so far...
Hiya again all, happy new year :-) Since Paul Sweeney's snooker lesson I've practiced on my own once, and played a few sessions with friends. The improvement is unreal, I've been ...

Anyone know of a snooker coach in Cumbria? -- Daniel [email protected]"remove"

New Year Snooker Resolutions
My resolution this year snooker-wise is to get another 100 break. Me last one was 3 years ago!! After last year and me knackered back I just want to enjoy playing pain free again. ...

Happy new year snookerfans
and a succesfull snookery 2004

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