Just browsing the net and found a new snooker site. Stunning site for die hard snooker fans!!

hitting white with other end off the cue?
is this allowed? professional / amateur just for a laugh.. Tom

Fred Davis autograph
Hello,I'm looking for a autograph of Fred Davis or Ray Reardon. Can someone help me? greetings Sebastiaan.

Earn money by completing serveys, not points!!!
Dear Everyone For those people who are signed up with servey sites that give you points for completing serveys and you redeam them for cash, LEAVE THEM! I recently regist...

time is running out!
You have just two days left to enter our superb competition: Go to Http:// Good Luck

a newbie's stupid question.
hello! recently brought a BCE 20 snooker cue and some spare elkwood tips (push in). however, the tip that came with the cue seems unmovable, is it permeanant or is t...

All Too True Pure class!!! Bob

why bevel on snooker cue?
What is the reason for the bevel cut on the butt of a snooker cue?

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas snooker fans. The way things are going in Britain it could be the last we're allowed to celebrate!!! Mat Wilson

touching red after sinking a red
hi all i put down a red last night and got too close to a red near the line of the black ball. so near, in fact, it ended up touching. so what's the ruling - do i automatically ge...

Sam's Snooker table and Pool room.....
....may be seen at . Thanks Sheldon. :o) Sincerely, Sam

Mosconi Cup
I didn't even know this was being played this weekend. There's no coverage anywhere. Usually ceefax has up to the minute reports but nowt this year. Must be cos it's bollocks-easy 9-ball the...

Neil Robertson qualifies!
A brilliant win for the young Aussie tonight, 6-5 over Dominic Dale puts him through to the Masters proper. That means that for the first time in years there'll be two Australian players in ...

Its here.....
......its huge........its beautiful. My BCE Westbury 12 footer was put together in my garage all day yesterday. We finished at 10pm last night. I have some very special thanks to give her...

Add your link to my friend's site!
hi folks, would you all add your links to snooker , pool , billiards , 9 ball and any other cue sports.. thanks for your time.. ...

Hi all
Hi all, travelling to UK from Australia in April May '04 and would like to visit all of snookers sacred sights while im there. any suggestions welcome. would also be grateful for any info on...

Great snooker competition
Visit our web site and enter our free snooker competition. Http:// Cheers. john.

Latest Court Case
I see the WPBSA have extended their incredible run of never winning a court case. In the Telegraph, it reports that they have to pay 412,602 plus 30,000 in interim costs, equivalent to 1 ...

I wanna buy a cue....
Which one.... I have seen many different cues recently.. from Cuecraft, Craftsmen cues, Adam cues , Mastercues in Thailand... Are any of these any good.. I dont have enough c...

Steve Davis' name
After all those years that Steve is playing in the top of snooker the WSA still can't spell his name: :-))

Merry christmas snooker fans
Nobody has said it - so what the hell .

new site!
have a look at snookerloopy! i think the person running the site has just updated it! really good! and it is going to get better !

Welsh Open
What happened to Robidoux and Johnson in pontins? Did they not turn up? -- Daniel [email protected]"remove"

Vote BNP
England, Scotland and Wales are dying. Immigration will see us in the minority inside 50 years. Vote BNP and STOP immigration and the open door policy. BAdams

snooker clubs in sheffield
I'm looking for a snooker club in sheffield to join as a complete newbie with a couple of friends. Can anyone suggest somewhere with a friendly attitude towards beginners and hopefully flat ...

my new cue
Well, I ordered my Peradon cue from a company called Thurston, who are based in Liverpool, last Tuesday Evening. It should have arrived Thursday but Securicor Omega Express or whatever they'...

Embassy Championship contact
I've had no luck getting in touch with anyone regarding attending the Embassy Snooker Championships at the Crucible in Sheffield from April 17 to May 3. I've tried phoning and emailing with ...

Hi people, just a quick post to introduce myself. My name is Daniel, and live in the Lake District UK, I have a great love of snooker and look forward to joining your discussions here. ...

An Insight Into ..AIMING
Hello, Here I am giving my answers to some of the questions raised by the plyers from time to time. All the answeres are based on what my Sure Shot Aiming System has been say...

Snooker players in Penge?
Hiya, Is there anyone in the Penge area that wants a playing partner at Penge Snooker club? I work shifts so can either do mornings until 2pm or evenings after 4pm. I'm not v...

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