Tonights Final
Is it the weather or the table or just nerves. I don't remember a final when two very good players were as bad. -- A T (Sandy) Morton on the Bicycle Island In the...

the split screen effect
BBC snooker coverage has sank to new depths . Would it be a silly question to enquire if they actually asked any viewers if they thought the split screen effect was a good or bad idea...

may be a re-post, but i can't see the first one
Hi, I'm a new poster to this group and am based in South London, England. I've been playing snooker for years, and about two years ago I began playing snooker for about 15hours a week a...

jimmy white
Why do the audience always want JW to win ? . Does JW do anything to help them - or even know who they are ? . (just a question)

Wanting to improve
Hi, I'm a new poster to this group and am based in South London, England. I've been playing snooker for years, and about two years ago I began playing snooker for about 15hours a week a...

Any Recommendations for a good three-piece cue?
Looking to buy a good three-piece cue preferably over the internet. Anyone got any recommendations of sites or makes of cue?

Odd snooker rules.
I found a web page detailing what appears to be an American club's house rules for snooker. I don't think I'll be visiting them for a game! Coloured balls must be sunk cleanly. If a c...

What means MBE/OBE/..?
Hi, I'm watchen snooker, if it's available on Eurosport. But what does "MBE" and "OBE" mean? Soe players have that as an additional to their names? Are there any other addit...

Management of Tony Drago?
Hi, Asking this for somebody else: Anybody here who happens to know who's the manager of Tony Drago, and how to contact him/her for bookings? Best regards, Hans ...

Snooker Cue
Hi all, Can anyone tell me where I can get a 21oz cue for a decent price, or if anyone can offer one for a upcoming player, I will be very grateful. Cheers ...

Snooker Table has 54 year old rails????
I have a National Billiards 9' snooker table I am restoring. It was the 196th table made in 1949 in Cincinatti,Ohio; hence the frame components are all stamped 19649. As a novice ...

Best player never to win a ranking event...
... is often reckoned to be Matthew Stevens. So if he does win one, who would it be then?

I'm looking for a Snooker software, suitable for training, not only for playing. Thank you for tips ands help! [email protected]

Snooker to be followed online?
Hi every1! Sorry if i'm asking a dumb question, but las year the BBC offered the fantastic service of broadcasting snooker live thought mediaplayer online. It is THE solution for ...

What do you think of this new(?) rules? ve=&cnshow=headlines&start_from=&ucat=1& paste the link into your browser and ad the & I personally think we...

Some help
Please can somebody help me in find video or dvd with the best snooker. Championships, Tournaments, etc. Thanks in advance

Apply security update for MS Internet Explorer
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POLL: would you like a romantic dinner with hazel ?
(I say romantic dinner as i'm a gentleman - but I think you all know what I mean) answer - yes or no .

Ray Edmonds is back doing BBC commentary
BBC Sport has Ray Edmonds back doing commentary for the UK Championship. Good news as he is the best after Clive Everton.

Has he visited the refs hairdresser perhaps? -- A T (Sandy) Morton on the Bicycle Island In the Global Village

No hairband and dyed hair by the look of it - and it's on terrestrial TV this time! -- A T (Sandy) Morton on the Bicycle Island In the Global Village

All Snooker Links Can anybody deny ASL is the best snooker website of all time ? .

friendly/web site
Hi all If you want to play a friendly against an average snooker team who enjoys a good night out, please go to our web site: Http:// Cheers. <...

mind control expert 4 snooker , consistency & get better quicker
Mind Control Expert 4 All Sports Professionals call/sms/txt 0798 622 4283 answerphone/fax 0709 212 3548 programmes 4 human bio computer long, medium & short term me...

Hunt / Osbourne Cue Reference
Hi All I have been looking for a quality snooker cue for some time. According to the limited information that I could find from the internet, the infamous cue m...

UK TV Schedule
Loads of coverage all over Europe - even Italy! -- Janie E Watkins www.globalsnookercentre...

Welsh Open
The draw and schedule for the qualifiers for the Welsh Open are now available on GSC I understand that tickets for the final stages are due to go on sale around 9 December As soon ...

snooker/pool for adult ADHD
hi all I like pool/snooker very much I recently diagnosed with adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ) and recommended to be treated with Ritalin (Ritalin ...

British Open - Sky commentators
I was surprised to see Clive Everton, Willie Thorne and Phil Yates commentating for Sky Sports, given their connection with BBC's Snooker coverage. Particularly Clive Everton who is the BBC'...

Have scottish players potted more 147's on tv than any other country .

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