Alex Higgins poster
Hi,I'm writing this for my 12 years old boy who plays snooker in the Belgian competition. He's fond of Alex Higgins an would love to have a poster or an authentic photograph or signature of ...

The Making Of A Champion.
All of us,pool or snooker players,put in our efforts, by all means,to reach the most coveted top levels.We have the strongest desire,ever since we started playing,that we should defeat every...

Want to play a friendly?
Hi If you play for a snooker team and fancy a friendly against an average league side who like a beer and a good night out, please go to the web site below. Http://www.arrin...

snnoker rules for a newbie
anyone help............ On a break: 1)A player misses every ball on the table...... Is it a 4 point foul? 2) A player misses all the reds on a break but hits the black... is it a 7 ...

FW: Taste these patch
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OT: anybody on here live in sheffield ?
"threads" is on BBC4 next wednesday (29th) if you need cheering up :-)

Sale: 10'x5' table SW France
Going to empty my house in SW France next week. I have a solid mahogany, immaculate, 10'x5' (lge 3/4 size), 1" 3/4 slate (5 slates). Uses full size balls etc. Including cues & balls (pool...

Cue tips in London
Hi all, I dropped my cue onto a wooden floor and the tip has come off. Does anyone know somewhere in Central London I can get tips at? Cheers Michael

See correction patch for Microsoft Internet Explorer
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Check these update for Windows
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Challenge Tour Event 2
Hot off the presses, the draw and schedule for the Pontins Challenge Tour Event 2 is now available on GSC - and only on GSC! -- Janie E Watkins [email protected]

2003 European Open
The draw and schedule for the European Open Qualifiers is available on GSC -- Janie E Watkins [email protected] ...

OT but pure class
This has been doing the rounds on message boards. I wish I'd written it as I, and I'm sure some of you can sympathise with this bloke!!:-) Dear Cretins: I have been an...

Slowest player ever
I recently watched a video of the 1986 World Snooker final - Steve Davis Vs. Joe Johnson. As the match progressed Steve Davis got slower and slower and slower. I timed one shot a...

online sport betting is an international bookmaking group with business and betting licenses in Malta, UK and Austria. The company was founded in 1999 and has the overall goal to be the leading ...

New Sports Site!!
I wanted to take a few moments of your time to check out an exciting and NEW sports website. We are currently focusing on New England Prep Schools but will soon be expanding NATION WIDE. Che...

Hope the bbc do better next time
Their during the week peak time coverage sucked big time .

What a GREAT moment for a fluke! :)
..and what a great maximum by John Higgins!! The patch of lipstick above his lip when he returned from the players lounge was well deserved! ;) Regards, Hans

Cracking final
Well I don't think you could ask for a much better final than Williams - Higgins. I get the feeling we could see a few of these this season (depending on draws). Lets hope it lives up to e...

Apart from SL , JP seems to have had a relatively easy run so far - but I think JH may well be saying a well know scottish phrase today ..... 'yer tea's oot' Looking ...

The ones who are presently commentating on the Higgins/Murphy match on Eurosport are probably the worst I have ever heard - if they were/are as good as they talk they would be scoring consec...

Check It For Your Self...How You Actually Aim.
We discuss a lot about the question of aiming in pool though we never come to a conclusion!!!!! There are hundreds of aiming systems,tapes,books etc. yet the aiming question remains a S...

Shameful plug
Just to make the LG Cup matches a little more interesting why not have a little flutter on the event. To guide you in the right direction have a gander at where you can read...

TV Coverage
Cant watch it during the day - so i'm left with only 45 minutes snooker coverage a day . I've come to the conclusion that the bbc might as pull the plug on snooker as its imposs...

Snooker table characteristics
Hi, I'm about to get involved in some work at my University looking at ways of evaluating the performance of pool/snooker/billiard tables and although i've played, i've not played...

Tournament Prediction
I dont surf many snooker websites . But was wondering if any sites have a 'prediction' page where users can select players from a drop down menu at start of (last 32) and goes right ...

first days tv coverage
Only managed to watch about 10 minutes of it - but saw they where still using that same shitty colour scheme and stuff . Is it really asking too much for something thats pleasant on t...

Master 2004
Has a sponsor been found for the 2004 Masters? If not presumeably it will not be played.

LG Cup - tv coverage
While the daytime coverage from the bbc is excellent - the tea time/peak time slots leave a lot to be desired & thats putting it mildly . 6:45-7:30pm 45 minutes coverage just isn...

OT: Faith
I feel strongly drawn towards Islam and becoming a Muslim . I have now come to realise that a life of drink and drugs isnt as good as I once thought it was & I now want to preach to o...

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