19 Sep 2003 19:37:58
Alex Glaros
racquetball court components question

Anyone have any answers to this email I received? Thanks, Alex Glaros

alex, i am building a new home with a racquetball court. starting in
the basement (poured concrete) and continuing to the 1st floor (block
walls) to be finished with plaster over diamond mesh. Where can i get
an inexpensive entry door (glass unnecessary), where can i get a view
window to over look the court from the 1st floor, wally ball net
anchors, basketball hoop anchors (if they exist) etc.,. your expertise
would be greatly appreciated.


20 Sep 2003 16:12:55
Re: racquetball court components question

I am not at the computer with the info available. I believe you can put in a
search for Racquetball Court Company and it will find that company. They do
everything when it comes to a court, racquetball or squash. They are very
helpful in everyway. If you do not come up with the info email me and I will
send the website info to you.

TomKat Racquetball & Golf
[email protected]

20 Sep 2003 17:41:27
Re: racquetball court components question

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Email Erika. Ask any thing related to a racquetball court. She has been most
helpful on many occasions. Please tell her TomKat says HI !!!

TomKat Racquetball & Golf
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