Racquetball Roundtable Interviews Jason Fingerman Tuesday 2/28/06
Hey Racquetball Fans, Who's Jason Fingerman ??? Good question. And the answer is ....... He's one of my former co-hosts. After being on the air with me for several years, ...

Need Help on Meet and Play Registration
I can not seem to get my old password working on the MNP site since they redid the site. I tried to reregister, but keep getting warnings email already registered. Plea...

San Diego Open
Watched the first round of the San Diego Open. I believe all of the Top players won their first games. I personally watched Jack, Cliff and Alvaro. At the same time Kane, and Jason played bu...

Grommets for Wilson Air Hammer Titanium with Power Holes Technology
I have two of these racquets--the purple and yellow ones. Both 175 gms. I need grommet+bumper sets for them. Anyone out there who can help?? Email privately to: [email protected]

Rules Question (Otto)
I recently played in a tournament were we had to ref our own matches. My opponent served a drive serve to my forehand that passed right next to his body and I called a screen serve. He...

Iowa State Ballbuster/Oakmoor Tournament
Hi all, new to this group. Just wanted everybody in the Iowa area to know that the Iowa State Racquetball Club is hosting a tournament this weekend (Saturday, February 25th only). Sorry on t...

Landmark Tourney Peoria, Illinois
Landmark Racquet & Health Club, Annual Racquetball Tournament, March 3 - 5, 2006 Draw limited to the first 230 entries and every year it's a full draw. Entry deadline, February 25th, 20...

Vandenberg, CA Area
Anyone up for a game in the Vandenberg area? I'm a strong B or lower A level player. Looking to get back into playing...have been out for 6 months. Drop me an e-mail at [email protected]

Contact Information
Hello, I'm trying to track down David Guentert in Colorado. If anyone has his contact info please forward it along or ask him to e-mail me at baudin01(at)comcast (dot) net -...

California State Singles...
Hi All Quick Note... The California State Singles championships are scheduled for March 24-26 at Fitness West in Daly City..Entry form is on website at www.californiara...

Reno News Release - Positive stuff
Sent from Mike Nesser and John Ellis ============= Because of the impact and excitement the Reno Court Sports Connection will generate for the sport of racquetball, we want ...

Announcing, NEW software for Squash Players and Coaches
A new coaching tool has been released today by sports software developers Bellinger Sports. Mark Bellinger, a qualified England Squash Coach and the author of the software announc...

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DeIq I love the games here DeIq
There are plenty of great games for everyone at this site ! Check out http://www.2spendless.net and passthe word on ! [uN

eforce super mains tether installation tips?
I'm doing an overhaul on one of the new ef super mains racquets whose tether is trashed, and besides being a pain in the keister to string, it appears the tether hole design is not large eno...

Great spot to play !
--_NextPart_00009763-000009D2-0D1B7D7F-8790 Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Check out the casino at http://www.playtime4adults.com ! They had some really ...

Ektelons' Scott Winters Interview on Racquetball Roundtable Tuesday 2/7/06
Hey Racquetball Fans, Tune in from 9pm EST to 10pm EST for our latest interview. Joining us live in the studio is Scott Winters from Ektelon. First we'll be at LA Fitness i...

New E-Force DC 170 F/S

Head IGS 165 (the red one) For Sale
Belongs to one of the newer players at our club. He decided he likes the heavier 190 instead. The racquet is barely used- maybe just a week or two. Has the (smaller) 3 5/8 grip. ...

Super Bowl Prediction
Here's the way its goin' down, sports fans. You always gotta be wary when everyone is picking one side; there's something ominous about that. To date I've heard just one pundit (...

New Eforce Racquets - need bedlam vs. DC opinions
Hoping someone can offer their experience here. I have recently broken one of my aging eforce bedlam racquets, so now I'm down to one, and that one could go any day. The racquet is no ...

Friend refuses to acknowledge this as a hinder
Use this image as an example: http://img310.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hinder2rl.jpg My friend will serve along the grey line and move into position 2. While I can hit a passing s...

How long to get used to a new racquet?
I know everyone is different, but how long should i give a new racquet before I decide if it's for me or not? I was using a EForce Tyranny 175g (211g strung) and I recently got the Su...

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