Reffing Question. What would you do?
Here's the situation. I'm reffing from the balcony. Mens' Doubles; all pretty good players. Very competitive and the match is getting a little heated. Player- just left of midcou...

how to increase edurance?
I'm an A/Open player but the biggest problem I have is that I don't play will full strength after the first game. If I could play my 2nd, 3rd, etc... game with as much strength/endurance as ...

[email protected]
hello, i need a three prices if you can get them 1 last years head lm170 2 ektelon over the glasses (maybe quantum is the name?) goggles 3 two head tackimac black grips (or any col...

Face protection
Last Thursday I had my opponent 14-8 serving, he returned the ball and somehow we collided. My face hit the back of his head and I broke my cheekbone. I ended up winning the game but at a ...

Any vintage racquet collectors?
Also found some vintage racquets circa the first Christmas :) Leach Charlie Brumfield- fair condition Head Radial- great condition Pro Kennex Blaster 60 OS- great condition A...

Need a New Liquidmetal Bag?
OK so it's Christmas Day and for us Jewish guys lets just say there's nothing really to do. Yeh I could watch football all day but...... So I'm cleaning out the spare room and voila!, a bra...

Pennsylvania and the USAR Plan to Certify Refs
1. I'm curious about how many people from this newsgroup are in PA. If you are please drop me a line. 2. I waited (and waited) to see the minutes of the latest PRA board meeting ...

looking for someone to play with in Charlotte,NC
I consider my self C player(male -28).I am looking for someone(same level or better) to play with in the charlotte/concord area.There is a decent court in our apt complex(zip - 28269).Please...

Texas Racquetball
Can anyone playing in the San Marcos area give me any feedback on the Racquetball scene there? Will be moving to the area in Feb and play 2-3 times per week, singles and doubles ( we...

Randy Stafford Interview on Racquetball Roundtable - Tuesday 12/20/05
Hey Racquetball Fans, We're going to end 2005 on a high note, with an interview with USAR President Randy Stafford. Oh wait .... you've heard vicious rumors that we're not o...

Another Penalty Hinder Question
Given the following situation, would your call be "Replay Hinder" or "Penalty Hinder" and why? Player A has been dominating Player B with their serve. Player A serves and Player B...

Another court bites the dust.
Some background: The Richmond Hilltop YMCA just outside of San Francisco was originally, when it was built 15 years ago, not going to have any racquetball courts at all. Some local busin...

gotta vent
I am a compassionate and generous individual who constantly gives to the needy: MDA, American Red Cross, Shriner's Hospital, St. Judes, etc. Also, I have dedicated the past 27 yrs. of my l...

Need help looking for discontinued Ektelon eyeguard model.
Aproximately 5 years ago Ektelon made a uniquie style of eyeguard which apparently is no longer made. It's similar to the current Ektelon Quantum Over-the-Glasses Racquetball Eyewear b...

Another hinder question
I know this topic has been reviewed at length recently, but one element has not been discussed. The rules state: a) Failure to Move. A player does not move sufficiently to a...

Pro Kennex Momentum Pro
I can't seem to find this racquet anywhere. I know it's been discontinued, but does anyone know where I might find one on clearance, closeout, old stock NIB, or whatever? TIA

Seems to be a gap of defining the Hinder Rules.
Seems to be a gap of defining the Hinder Rules. One problem is deciding how much room is needed? See the website above and post your thoughts here.

NEW! Hinder Definition Question
Situation: For a Straight I n Pass Shot. Hitter Information: Hitter plays shot off back wall. Hitter has skill ability, time and court position to hit an easy offensive setup.

NEW! You Make the Call - Hinder Rule Picture Test 1
You Make the Call - Hinder Picture Test 1 Just one simple question, is the picture a Hinder, No Hinder or Penalty Hinder? *There is also a Bonus Follow-Up Question!

Finding friend in Colorado Denver area
I'm looking for someone to play with in Denver/Denver Tech Center/ Greenwood Village/ Englewood area. If there is one, please reply or call at 303-539-6325 for further detail Than...

Leagues at a small club
Any advice on running leagues at a small club? (3 courts total)? I think it would be great to get some leagues going for new and intermediate players -- help them break meet some othe...

Racquetball - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Racquetball - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly How is racquetball promoted to the 5 million recreational participants and at your local club? Between the racquetball companies...

Tennis Strings On A Racquetball Racquet.
Is there a diffrence?

ref. use of "local intrepretation" ?
There is a well attended regional tourney in town at the local club. After watching three games of a doubles match it became apparent the ref. was using some 'local interpretation' for avo...

Swing Weight?
What does swing weight mean? My Bedlam X150 says swing-weight = 125. Does that mean it feels like a racquet that weighs 125g? How is swing weight calculated? Do all racquets have a numeric...

Back Wall
I see that the back wall must be at least 12 feet high according to the official specifications. Some places I've played have a solid wall all the way to the 20 foot ceiling, and some hav...

Any pay and play racquetball clubs in San Fernando Valley ?
Does anyone know of any pay and play racquetball clubs located in the San Fernando Valley, (Southern California) or within a 15 mile range... Thanks Ed O.

3 Return Ball Paths Required (Pictures & Details)
New Penalty Hinder Graphics - 3 Ball Paths required to Hitter Typically, the hitter is always allowed two ball return paths to the front wall, Straight In and Cross Court. <...

discontinued eyeguards
HELP! I am looking for a pair of Ektelon ODDESSY eyeguards. These are discontinued but somebody must have a pair laying around.

Challenge pyramid rules
We're trying to start a challenge pyramid at our club and we'd like to know how other clubs set it up and run it. Here are a few questions: 1. Does the person/group in charge of racqu...

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