Racquetball On Tennis Channel.
Does anyone have a clue when they're showing it? I ordered it over 1 month ago and not one thing about racquetball is shown. Is there a season for racquetball? Or there is a major thing on t...

Doubles hinder
For Otto; I play doubles mostly and play the right side and have developed a good pinch shot to the left front corner, side wall to front wall, from back at the rear right corner just t...

Dead-beat E-bay seller
Had very bad experience with ebayer "tenniskingdom", formerly "tennistrump". Ordered two DPR 2500 racquets using buy-it-now feature and payed immediately with Paypal. All of this seller's...

2005 IRT Pro Doubles
What a great event ... the best players in the world exclusively playing doubles. 12 of the top 14 IRT pros were in attendance ... the main teams included the 2-time reigning National Cha...

Nude Monica Bellucci Quiz
200 nude quizzes online! Monica Bellucci! http://quizgame.mydynip.net/female Try it and have fun with the nude pics.

The Duck and Bump
so we're playing doubles again ... my pard and I are getting ready for our first dbles tourney of the season (hahaha). Anyway, we had a couple of interesting situations tonight.

Blog update...
BTW - any other r-ball blogs out there? Someone must have a tournament blog or something... http://racquetballs.blogspot.com/ You can comment from the blog, or here....

Canadian Open Videostreams
just posted a short videostream of some highlights from Game 1 of the Canadian Classic Fianl between Kane Waselenchuk and Jack Huczek. To see it, go to http://www.proracquetball.net and c...

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whos spot is it
so during some doubles play today ... I'm in the left box and my partner serves. Soon as the ball crosses, I drift out toward left center court position but usually keep going behind my p...

Need racquetball stringers, clubs and instructor info
Hello, On the website http://www.racquetballplayers.com (it's all free) you can list your club, stringer information and instructor information. It's free advertising. No strings...

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Rules Question: 3.15(c)
I'm shaded towards the right side. My opponent is behind me and to my left. He just hit a drive down the right side. I'm getting ready to return the ball. I see my opponen...

Good Shoes
Right now Im using an ektelon black pair of shoes. I slide around way to many times. The court floor is cleaned every 3 days. I was wondering if there are comfortable shoes that don't slide?...

rules question
This is a rules question. Over the last several years it seems that there has been an increase, particularly in doubles, in shots to cut of overhead shots in front of the service box. This...

New Travel Racquet
I travel a bit, and really miss racquetball when on the road. I would like to take a durable, cheap racquet of reasonable quality on the road, but don't have a clue what to buy. I currentl...

E-force and racquetball skirts for women??
Well, since I can't actually find a racquetball "skirt" I am forced to buy tennis skirts. Picture this. A black racquetball skort with E-FORCE written across the back. I'd buy o...

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Anyone have a Megablast 175 for sale
Interested in a HEAD Megablast 175. Anyone have one in good condition for sale? -- albert chin (china @[email protected] thewrittenword .dot. com)

Gentleman's Rules; what's it good for?
What is the point of 'gentleman's rules'- where the guy-server serves only to the guys and cannot serve to the gal-player? If the gal can't handle the serve, well- that should be tough...

Canadian Open
WOW ... that has got to be the best set of matches (semis/finals) I have ever seen ... and the play was incredible. Cliff!!! can anyone believe what Cliff is about ... man ... he was blo...

Funny racquetball sign..
Got this from a squash newsgroup. Thought it was funny.. " You suck at Tennis? Can't see a Squash Ball? JOIN THE RACQUETBALL CLUB ...

What do you think of the Wilson Dominator Shoes?
What do you guys think of the Wilson Dominator shoes? I have to choose one of the Wilson shoes (it can only be Wilson) but I don't know which. The only reason I'm leaning towards the Dominat...

rehash an old subject - out of bounds on back wall
If the back wall goes all the way to the ceiling, is there an out of bounds area if the is in play (rather than a serve, of course). Thanks for clearing this up. I looked under the ru...

Pro Kennex Pure 1 Infinity?????
Last season I had a Pro Kennex Pure 1 Infinity 175 and now I see they are sporting a racquet called the New Pure 1 Infinity 175. They still have the older model of the Pure 1 Infinity 165-...

demo a racquet
Do places like sports authority let you demo a racquet? What does that mean exactly? If they have the facilities they'll let you hit a couple or they'll let you borrow the racquet? <...

Make Grip Smaller?
Im sorry if I sound like an idiot but one of my old e-froce bedlam x170 and has either a 15/16 or 7/8. I bought it a long time ago by mistake (grip size). It feels terrible! I know for sure ...

Canadian Open Racquetball Classic
Canadian Open Racquetball Classic The excitement surrounding the Canadian Open Racquetball Classic that will be October 13-16 is building with almost all the tickets for the eve...

Head light racquet???
What is the best way to add weight to the end of my racquet to make it a little more head heavy?

E-Force Tryanny 175
anyone try this racquet? my friend has one for $150. I have only use the Head LM 180, which I love, but was thinking about getting a 2nd racquet.

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