Warning: I Brake (Hinder) for Hallucinations
1) My opponent hits a shot that goes to the back left corner. 2) She huddles up against the left wall to avoid the ball. 3) I get into position facing backward (with my back to my opponent) ...

The Squeak
I recently played a game of cut throat. The two guys I play with believe that when the ball hits the floor just ahead of the wall it is going to squeak. I to believe that and am not ques...

Thank You Everyone!
Thank You Everyone! Within the last few minutes, over 100,000 visits were registered at the WEB Racquetball website (about 50,000 in the last 5 months). The Racquetball Rule...

Any recommendations on eyeguard brands/styles? Normally, I don't wear eyeguards, because my experience with them have been lousy....slippage, fogging, etc. I have a tournament this Friday,...

Frame Breakage???
Has anyone here ever managed to break a frame? I am amazed at the durability of some of these racquets, i have literally swung for the fences at a drive serve and hit nothing but the top par...

my vacation post
It's been a while since my last visit to asr. I'm on vacation this week so I decided, just for today, I'd look into what's new in rb land. Should have gone to the beach. ha. I guess I have...

Best Participation Growth: Badminton, Racquetball, Squash or Tennis?
Best Participation Growth: Badminton, Racquetball, Squash or Tennis? The statistics re now available at: http://members.aol.com/webracquet/participation.html Jordan Ka...

How many people play racquetball?
How many people play racquetball? The statistics are now available at: http://members.aol.com/webracquet/participation.html Jordan Kahn 97,973 visitors to WEB Ra...

Ektelon O3
Anyone out there had the opportunity to try the O3 Red or O3 Silver yet? Currently using an Ektelon Attitude and am curious how it compares. -woof- Blue Dog

How to Play Racquetball | New website explains what racquetball is.
How to Play Racquetball http://members.aol.com/webracquet/howtoplay.html The first page, of several introductory explanations, is now done. This completed first page w...

Sooo. I just got my new Head Liquidmetal 180 racquet
I just receieved my racquet and i had a couple of thoughts i waned to share. Comparing this to my old Ektelon Rebel it seems like the Head's grip is smaller even though they are both 3 5/8. ...

Tennis Channel dates for Racquetball
The "fall lineup" of airdates for five televised racquetball events has been released on www.racquetball.com. As always, you'll need to confirm those dates and times locally, but the first e...

Rules Clarification - Serves
Just an item for clarification. Illegal Drive Serve (Zone) and Screens - Am I correct that rule 3.10.g and 3.10.h are not mutually exclusive? In other words; just because the server

Racquetball Pop Quiz #2 / How Many Out Serves are There? Link to Answers
Pop Quiz #2. How many Out Serves do you know? 1) 5 2) 7 3) 9 4) 11 5) 13 Post what you think before you check the answers! ...

How Many Fault Serves Do You Know? Take the Test!
How Many Fault Serves Do You Know? Racquetball Test. How many racquetball fault serves are there? a) 3 b) 5 c) 7 d) 9 e) 11...

Racquetball Fault Serves - How Many Do You Know? Take Test (or cheat)
How Many Fault Serves Do You Know? Racquetball Test. How many racquetball fault serves are there? a) 3 b) 5 c) 7 d) 9 e) 11...

Racquetball Websites - Jorden
Congrats Jorden on your upcoming 100,000th visitor to your website. I know you work hard on updating information. Used to do the same on my racquetball site but I'm sad to say I haven't tou...

Side Wall Screen Serve Examples (graphics and rules)
Recently requested SIDE WALL screen serves, when the serve rebounds off a side wall, then in front, or behind the server. http://members.aol.com/webracquet/screenserveside1.html ...

USAR High Performance Camp- Starts July 17
Heads-Up! I just learned that due to a last-minute cancellation there may be one (maybe two) opening(s) for the High Performance Camp in Colorado Springs. If anyone is interested...

demo advice
good advice: demo several different brands/models and ask around. i'd add that Lawler Sports (www.lawlersports.com) are a class act - i don't have anything at stake with them, either, just o...

Bedlam-X stringing pattern
anyone have the E-force Bedlam-X stringing pattern? i would appreciate it if a scan of the pattern itself could be sent. also, i'm using two strings for my racquet, and the mains tie ...

Where will these tournaments be held?
Where and when are the Panamericans, Worlds, and the "Centroamericanos" going to be held? Thanks.

Newbie question
I haven't played in a while (15 years) and would like to get back in to a sport that I enjoyed so much... There seem to be hundreds of different racquets available now and I've seen more i...

Racquetball Site - Nearing 100,000 visitors!
Lots of racquetball information at: http://members.aol.com/webracquet/instructional.html Instructional, Rules, Rules Explanation and dozens of graphics and pictures. <...

Ball Question
How long is a can of unopened racquetballs good for? I am looking at buying a case, but cannot find the answer to this question anywhere. Thanks! Joe and Jackie Muha <...

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