Hinder calls during pick-up doubles match
I had an interesting interpretation of a hinder call today made by an oponent. As it was just a pick-up game, I didn't question his call, but I found it curious for him to make the call. A...

#'s ? Legends National Championships in St. Louis
Does anyone know the total number of people who entered the Legends National Championships in St. Louis last year (all divisions)? 2nd Annual Legends National Championships Missou...

Prescription eyewear
What do you consider the best prescription eyewear for racquetball? Thanks for your input. Glenn

Help with new website sections
I am getting ready to add two new sections to my website, one on footwork (suggested by Kathy) and one on the touch game (drop shots). These are currently available, but not yet listed on th...

More Tennis Channel Airdates
Airdates have been released for the IRF World Championships held in Korea last summer, and for the IRF Junior World Championships held in Mexico last December. The series begins May 18, and ...

Racquetball Pain Rating Scale
Sooner or later every racquetball player gets hit by the ball. I offer the following scale as a convenient shorthand to judge the degree of seriousness of the hit. I call this the Moody Racq...

Chicago IRT Pro Stop / USA Regional behind the scene pictures
Chicago IRT/ USA Regional Behind the Scene http://members.aol.com/webracquet/chicagoirt2005.html See behind the scene pictures of the Chicago IRT Pro Racquetball and USA Reg...

Hurry home Frank.....
We miss you!!! http://members.cox.net/lyerton/Frank1.jpg http://members.cox.net/lyerton/Frank2.jpg

Updated website
I have recently updated my racquetball instruction website http://cemood.people.wm.edu/racquetball/ I have added new sections on shots of the game, doubles, the Khan game (t...

You & Opponent Can Return Every Shot
You and your opponent CAN return EVERY shot. BE READY! Today's (April 18) Daily Racquetball Tip Explains... http://members.aol.com/webracquet/jordanstips.html Previous...

Racquetball in Kamloops
Anyone in Kamloops, BC have an idea which club would be best to find to join a racquetball leaguea? I;m moving up from Abbotsford, where I play in a C league at VRC Fitness. I'm looking...

Club suggestions Detroit - Novi area
Looking for a place to play ball on business trips to Detroit - staying in the Novi area - any place I could get a competitive pickup game, A or Open level? Andrew

California Junior Championships...Entry available
Hi For those interested the Entry form is available for the California State Junior Racquetball Championships. A little short notice as tournament is to be held May 21/22. Tourn...

short rules for play w/o ref?
I seem to remember that the USRA website used to have a page suggesting rules for informal matches without a ref. (ie, how to self-ref a game) Does anyone have a link to it, or ...

Fitness Equipment, Health Club Quality!!
Health Club Sturdy Treadmills, Ellipticals, Upright and Recumbent Bikes,Multi-Gyms, And MORE!!Buy new at used prices With lifetime warranties. Large Selection! View Our website for more Info...

indoor soccer shoes good for RB?
I found some indoor soccer shoes on sale and I was wondering if they're good enough to play RB with. Are they more prone to ankle injuries or is it more or less the same? I realize they're...

Racquetball Rules and Zones
As requested, the basic racquetball rules and court zones at the web pages below. http://members.aol.com/webracquet/basicrules.html http://members.aol.com/webracquet/basicru...

Pro Kennex Pure 1 Momentum Pro Racquet
If anyone is interested in a Pro Kennex Pure 1 Momentum Pro Racquet with a small 3 5/8 grip. Take a look at the following Ebay Auction. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&...

Equipment reviews
Does anyone have a good web site that gives some honest reviews on eqiupment? I am looking at some of he new racquets, but am having a hard time deciding which way to go. Could use some ...

Atlanta Regional Championships
Hello Racquetball Players The 2005 Regional Singles Championships "Road to the Finals" will be played at the Southern Athletic Club in the Atlanta area (Lilburn, GA, to be more ...

NEW daily racquetball tips website.
By popular request... NEW daily racquetball tips website. http://members.aol.com/webracquet/jordanstips.html Already have about 50 tips in mind. ATTENTION I...

re: Grant for Racquetball in phys. ed.
>>I was wondering if anyone had any idea how i could going about getting a grant to start racquetball at my high school. If you have any ideas please help me. Thank you <...

Racquetball Photos - Ben Croft, 2004 JR National and JR World Champ
PHOTOS! Ben Croft, 2-Time Junior World Racquetball Champion and #16 IRT Men's Pro Tour Player. Ben's Official Web Site (hosted by WEB Racquetball) now has pictures at.....

Drills to practice keeping my eye on the ball?
What drills can I do that'll help me keep the eye on the ball? I have this problem that I'm frequently hitting the ball with the frame instead of the strings. I know that the solution is to ...

hi thao. you changed your email address. i wanted to see if you were going to be up here for any tournaments. send me an email and let me know your new address. peter

Head MegaBlasts for Sale.
Hi Everyone. I've got two Head MegaBlast175 (the orange one)racquets for sale. Grip size is the smaller 3 5/8. Body of racquet is like new, grommets are good, strings are near new...

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