CSRA State Juniors tournament
Time again for the CSRA state juniors tournament. Brian Dixon and John Ellis are putting on a great one. Junior Racquetball players, parents, coaches etc... ..mark your cal...

Clyde Barker
This was just passed on to me. Rball lost a tremendous supporter, juniors coach, etc. Clyde was a fine man and will be missed tremendously. Just moments ago I received the news ...

Best Racquetball Rules Graphics.
Best Racquetball Rules Graphics. New web page on racquetball Screen Serves. This has the best graphics, so far, for official rules on screen serves, http://member...

Clubs in Las Vegas?
I'm going to be in Las Vegas in a few weeks. Are there any r-ball clubs downtown? Bob B

Sad News
Former president of the Virginia Racquetball Association, Curt Rettke, has passed away after a long illness. A brief note and photo appears on Racquetball.com and details about his memorial ...

Instructional Court Rules and Explanations
New Instructional page with court lines and zones, plus explanations of rules at: http://members.aol.com/webracquet/courtmarkings.html If you have any questions that you wou...

New Videostreams
There are a few new videostreams at ProRacquetball.Net: a sequence of high Z serves from Rocky Carson, an IRT Promo clip and some old school racquetball between Mike Yellen and Dave Peck....

Any racquetball tourneys in West Palm Beach?
Anyone know of any clubs down here that have any tourneys?

Racquetball Programs at our Club, how about yours?
For players that have little or no racquetball programs at their local facility, print out the following and bring it to your facility. This is our Spring 2005 Racquetball information ...

Instructional - Racquet Protecting Face
New instructional web page explaining (with graphics) how to help protect face by using the racquet as a shield when the opponent is making a return. http://members.aol.com/webrac...

2004 USA Jr Team Sponsor
Attention Racquetball Players; I just wanted to send out a small message about a company who has had a tremendous impact in the racquetball community recently. Babcock Power Inc. ...

US Open on Tennis Channel
What is up with the US Open on the Tennis Channel. Here it is 7:00 on Wednesday, my cable guide says Racquetball, The original Tennis Channel schedule said Racquetball, and they're showing t...

News & Updates at Racquetball.com
At www.Racquetball.com ... It looks like the LPRA will hold its Pro Nationals in Atlanta in May ... the IRT has signed Motorola as a title sponsor of its April Pro Nationals ... the USAR Reg...

LiquidMetal, DPR 2500, and Radium 190
I'm new (again) at this. My racquet, from the 80's is a Wilson Arrow with dynamic extrussion - Ooooo Just not gonna cut it Now, at 45, I'm getting into it again... ...

Head Liquidmetal vs Ektelon DPR 2500
Any ideas ? The winner is .....

Anyone Carry Two Different Weight Racquets?
Let me explain: I regularly use a Head Ti 175 XL that I bought at Fran Davis's seminar last year. I play quite well with the racquet--well, by my standards anyway--but I was wond...

New Player - Choosing a Racquet
I'm a new to racquetball and I have decided its time to buy my own equipment. I'm looking for a good racquet that's fairly forgiving. I'm willing to spend about $120.00. I'm not w...

USAR Opinion Poll
The USAR web site has been re-designed if you haven't been there lately. It's looking good. There's an opinion poll posted about 3/4 of the way down on the front page dealing with...

New Receiving Line Rules court pictures.
New Receiving Line court pictures. http://members.aol.com/webracquet/receivinglinepicture.html Two sets of pictures, one showing violation, one showing correct return. ...

Pick up games in San Diego
A friend of mine will be in SD from 3/16 thru the weekend, she's an A player and might be interested in picking up some games. She'll be close to downtown Please let me know if y...

Pick up games in San Diego
A friend of mine will be in SD from 3/16 thru the weekend, she's an A player and might be interested in picking up some games. She'll be close to downtown Please let me know if y...

Anyone Know The DPR2500?
I was wondering how is the DPR2500. Im planning On buying it.

Big racquets vs. Marty
Went to a local tournament this weekend and watched some average local "Open" players play. Naturally, as open players they kept the ball two to three inches off the floor hitting splat a...

rule question--receiving serve
I have a question on the rule for receiving a serve. We have a player at our club who has a great lob serve. He always places it between the short line and the dashed "receive" line. Up u...

Hitting the ball flat or with frame. What's wrong with me ?
Hi All, Novice player here. Hadn't played in a few days, went out for some recreational play and found myself hitting the ball "flat" .. what I mean was there seemed to ...

NorCal Tournament . Pleasanton
info available http://www.csracquetball.com cr

Racquetball Website Visitor Trends (visits)
I have posted a new website page that shows the frequency of visitor tracking per day. http://members.aol.com/webracquet/trackingchart.html Two table charts showing the dail...

"Carry" Rule
Otto, Please advise on the latest "carry" rule... I've played in recent tourney and was told that this rule no longer applies. But now I heard that it was reinstated again.

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