Help with shot
I could really use some help with a shot. I seem to always serve up a plum to my opponent when I'm hitting from certain areas on the court. Let me try to explain an example: My op...

Instructors in Massachusettes
I am new to racquetball and my poor swing mechanics are already starting to cause elbow pain. I have recently started reading and trying to understand the proper mechanics. I will be filming...

San Diego Open
Does anybody know the results from the Open in San Diego. You know I live in San Diego and there was not one mention in any San Diego paper about the tournament. I can find everything from...

Grant for Racquetball in phys. ed.
I was wondering if anyone had any idea how i could going about getting a grant to start racquetball at my high school. If you have any ideas please help me. Thank you

Juniors Racquets?
I am involved with a group trying to grow this sport in our area. We would like to teach Juniors but we need access to good equipment. We have some sponsors but money is a major concern. Wil...

And the truth shall set ye free Uncle Normie

What's your best weapon?
Rball discussions often talk about how to be the best and who's got the best game and why ... but let's get personal ... what is YOUR best weapon? What sets you apart from the other playe...

Just say NO to Bin Ladin!!!!
Hi all I am helping a friend promote a web site. You see a childhood friend of hers lost her husband at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. She has run into some hard times and my frei...

got the new head 170!!!!! omg
listen, im not a sales person for head, just a big player..and I have never been this excited about a racquet! it rules... Now, granted, im coming off a very old model of eforce, with s...

Joe's interview with Kane
From Joe's Interview with Kane: | | [J.C.] Kane, what do you do to stay sharp and improve your game ? | | [K.W.] "I'm a big film guy, I watch a lot of my matches, both...

racquet strings
I got a new recquet for Christmas. E-Force Anarchy 195g. They havn't started cutting groves in the strings, but the top strings are starting to get alittle soft. When should I replace the...

Thank you, peter mcmillin
I just wanted to offer a public "Thank you" to peter mcmillin for his kind and thoughtful treatment of my wife Arleen while I was undergoing surgery down in San Diego. I was in Th...

A Simple Screen Serve Question
Otto, Jordan, and all, Is it EVER possible to hit a drive serve that hits DIRECTLY into the back left corner, from in the center of the service box, to the far right, and have it ...

Money Maker
Im tellin yah it workx and its so worth it Turn $5.00 into $50, this to find out how!!! READING THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! I found this on a bulletin board like this...

NBA Basketball 2005, anyone played it yet?
Everyone's been talking about how you can download the NBA Basketball 2005 sim game from your cell phone. I think you have to send a text to NBA 69847. Has anyone tried it yet? I want to giv...

E-Force racquets
Great sticks, I love them. I currently use a 160g Judgement Stun and a Radium 170g. Here's my question. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE THE UGLIEST RACQUETS EVER CREATED?

Looking for a 4th in Coconut Creek, FL - LA Fitness
Hi All, We're looking for a 4th player at the LA Fitness in Coconut Creek, FL. Sundays 9am - 12pm Thanks, Drew

Happy Valentines day to all
Here is to taking your sweetie out on the court and the both of you having a great time......

Racquetball Video Test - Does this open... Testing a new 320 x 240 size video graphic (dial-up friendly) that is very small (28 KB). It should load automatically once,...

Any fun variations to play with 3 players?
Hi All, Myself + 2 buddies are handball players, but recently, we've gotten into Racquetball, and we're loving it. Now in Handball, when we're short a player, we just play e...

Knock my socks off...
I guess the rumors were true... E-force did update their web site. Matt

Rball T-shirt
Looking for something new to wear to that next tournament? mike

Rball T-shirt
Looking for something new to wear to that next tournament?

Video enhancement for Racquetball
I recall a while back Alexandre Francois posted to this newsgroup with regards to his video processing endeavors in racquetball... At the time, I think he was working as a resear...

Shoulder injuries in racquetball (?)
I recently ran across one of Aaron Katz's old columns on the web (, in which the bio mentioned his shoulder surgery in '94... I'm also aware of ...

More on Mary Low Acuff
FYI Respectfully, Otto

Mary Low Acuff Memorial Fund
In order to continue the legacy of Mary Low Acuff the NCRA has established the Mary Low Acuff Memorial Fund for Junior Development. Mary Low and Earl were regular contributors to the NCRA Ju...

can the server of a rball game call a screen?
i was playing this guy and he definitely screened the ball, but i had my shot, becasue he served dead center in the court, and it went ot his forehand side, so i had somewhat of a view, b...

USAR Racquetball Policy..........
If you haven't notice, the USAR, during it's USAR days, made the anouncement that they have nothing to do with local and or amatuer racquetball. Let me make this point clear.....they do not...

Maximum String pressure when stringing E-Force Radium 170?
What pressure is this racquet strung in when coming out of the factory? My strings broke recently and they restrung it pretty tight but they aren't as tight as it used to be when I bought ...

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