affiliate contact
I heard that there are super affiliates who partner with new affiliates to market their business/opportunity. I don't know how it works exactly so conatct me if you can fill me in.

im ready to buy the head liquid metal 170
but before i do, does anyone have strong advice why i should avoid it? $$$ is also a factor, and i can deal with getting it for $150 online... i dont want to spend $200+ t...

The Snots? Organized Racquetball"s equivalent to the Klu Klux Klan
Sorry, "The Snots", that I did not copy any of your weak attack on Dropshot99. But since you have decided to commit "stupidcide" along with Hogbreath and his side kick Jester, I'll accomida...

Thanks From the Snots
Just wanted to personally thank Hog and Jester and a few others for showing what a lying imbecile DorkSnot is, has been, and will continue to be on this racquetball ng.......As you know, lit...

PK racquets?
What is up with Pro Kennex - Anyone know any news? Having trouble getting racquets, gloves, etc.??

Jeffca writes to Linda Mojer........
>Speaking of "juniors." The US junior team had to successfully raise it's own funding to attend "the event" that these boxscores are just now coming out for. Are juniors bei...

Superbowl Open Radio Coverage by will be hosting the first ever LPRA exclusive radio coverage starting Friday at 5:00 PST. Featuring the "Bill and Bill Show", its sure to be a great time. You can also log ...

Greensboro Open
Hi Lynn (aka the prez :-)) Is the Greensboro Open confirmed? And still a prostop, right? I'm try to work around my schedule and see if I can decide on whether flying or driving s...

Hogbreath to ashamed to show himself
Hogbreath, who has become the poster boy for USAR Human Sacrifice to the Racquetball God of Truth and Justice, has gone the way of other suicide jugheads. Since he does not have a single leg...

Aol News Group Closing early 2005
I just received a note stating that the AOL NewsGroup will be closed down in the next couple months. Is there another venue similar to this Site. Joe Krall

Just Passing Along Some Very Sad News about a Dear Racquetball Friend
Hello Just wanted to let everyone know Mary Low Acuff is in intensive care with viral pneumonia and not doing well at all. Please say a prayer for her and Earl. Yicke...

court hinder revisted
It seems my city league has adopted the "No such thing as a court hinder" rule. I'd never heard of it before. 1. Is this movement happening elsewhere in amateur play?? The rulebook <...

How to Argue Like the USAR.........
1. Present wishful thinking as objective reality............ "We're going to be in the Olympics!" 2. Invoke the "founders" of the AARA whenever posible........... "The r...

Video Samples
Let me ask again....someone once posted a site where you could watch clips of videos of the pros...anyone want to share that site url?

Different name same old song
Has anybody asked why the USRA changed it's name to the USAR? Funny, no one ever got an answer when the AARA changed it's name to the USRA. I asked on numerous occassions and all I got was g...

Racquetball websites
I am a Physical Education major at Slippery Rock University and i am creating a Racquetball website for one of my classes. I was wondering if anyone knows of a website i could use for refer...

I am so Fond of Sports
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I lost my bookmark for the site that sells cds and allows you to watch a few clips of recent games...anyone have that? thanks.

haven't visited here in a while, one question, are there any planned televised matches coming up soon? and whatever happened to the tennis channel push to show some racquetball?? ...

Dropshot Severely Spanked
seems old drip can't keep up with all the whuppins he's had lately. first the hog comes along and takes him to the woodshed. then the jester shows up and makes him the laughing stock. then t...

Racquetball in Dallas?
Hi! If anyone knows where to play Racquetball in Dallas please do let me know. I am new to this place and dont know many people and places involved in this sport. Thanks and waiting for a re...

In one word, what gives Kane the edge?
In one word, what gives Kane Waselenchuk the edge? He has power, anticipation, etc... but other players also have similar strengths.

More news
See for a note about Sudsy Monchik competing at the Legends stop at the Cleveland Open, with a link to details. -- Linda Mojer [email protected]

Maverick Tournament & Legends Tour
WHAT: Maverick Metroplex Championships with the Legends Tour. Come out and see former greats such as Marty Hogan, Cliff Swain, Dave Peck, Greg Peck, Ruben Gonzalez, Derek Robinson, Mike Ra...

Thomsen Wallpaper on
Geoff Thompsen's wallpaper downloads of top pros are currently the featured items on I think he may be looking for some feedback as well. Enjoy ... -- Linda ...

Junior World Championship or Taking candy from babies......
This is a particularly sensitive point I wish to discuss. When I went to the Junior Nationals, I admit that as an adolescent ,I was no angel. Some of the other kids set up poker games (...

Paging Joe Argentina
Hey Joe - any possibility you could lend me your brain for a minute? If possible, I'd like to send you an email. [email protected]

least vibrating racquet
someone emailed me a question regarding which is the least vibrating racquet anyone know? thanks, Alex Glaros - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...

Cliff Swain?
How do you get Swains new DVD'S?

The New Radium 170
If you like e-force you should try playing with the radium 170. It plays like a Bedlam if not better. When I was using the e-force judgement, the last tournament, I played terrible, I was sk...

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