Junior Worlds - just some thoughts...
Hi Crew - hope you all had a great holiday and I wish you all happy and healthy New Year.... may your killshots be many and your skips be few... may your lobe serve hit just right and your p...

Serve question
Last night my serve was very short, hit the floor before the line, then hit me in the foot. My partner thought this was an out serve. I had read the rules and said that it was not -- ...

IRF World Championships broadcast times
Shortly after the US Open broadcasts on the Tennis Channel, the IRF World Championships in Anyang, Korea are to be aired as well. Here is the schedule: Episode 1: March 6, 10 and ...

US OPEN Broadcast Times
Also featured on www.Racquetball.com is the full list of US OPEN broadcast times and dates (beginning in February). We'll leave that list front-and-center throughout the broadcast series, fo...

Women's Senior Master National on deck
The 16th Annual Women's Senior Master National event in Indianapolis, January 14-16, 2005 is now featured at www.Racquetball.com -- with links to the entry form, added info and the WSMRA web...

Hogbreath threatens Dropshot99
I have just recieved a threatening post from one Hogbreath. Just like a red headed step child who just got spanked, he cries and moans about how mean the grown ups are to him. Well Ho...

Good Rball Article
This came in on my Google New Alerts. Pretty good article. Check it out. http://www.fortwayne.com/mld/newssentinel/living/10484119.htm Fort Wayne News Sentinel - Fort Wayne,IN,USA ...

World Championship.......Which World?
Since most of the countries that enter the Racquetball World Championships are only Post Office Boxes listed at the USAR, the Racquetball World Championships are suspect. Based on the ...

Holiday Racquetball Cheers
Did anyone get out and do some shopping this weekend? The malls were packed and I was even browsing some racquetball gear at the local sporting goods store. Didn't see too much of a selectio...

Lynn Stephens Interview on Racquetball Roundtable Tuesday 12/21/04
Hey Racquetball Fans, Join us for our last on-air interview of 2004. Lynn Stephens, President of the North Carolina Racquetball Association will be with us from 9pm EST to ...

e-force bumperguard swap?
My timing being what it is, my best customer who uses the judgement has decided to go to a newer eforce stick at the very same time I have overbought on bumperguard/grommet sets. ...

Holy Cow he is still playing at a high level
What do you think about a 51 year old man who is playing all out racquetball after total knee replacement only 11 months ago? His operation was preformed on Dec. 23 2003. You would never...

World Racquetball Champ and the cost of a cup of coffee............
I have been recieving numerous E-mails from racquetball players asking me for advice. The reason for this sudden flurry of E-Mails is from the fact that I actually post "World Racquetba...

Jr Worlds
will the draw sheets be posted anywhere? chris wilson

The new E-force Radium and Tyranny
Are any those two racquets any good? Im planning on buying one of the raquets for my dad which is an open "A" player on tournaments. He likes E-force. I was wondering if any of those racquet...

The Return of "The Night Before Nationals"
Thanks to an outpouring of players writing me via E-Mail, I will be rereleasing my 2001 Ode to Nationally Organize Racquetball, on Christmas Eve, December 24th. Be on the look out for "...

What is the ruling?
It is my turn to hit the ball, my opponent who is positioned very close to the front wall has just hit a shot right in front of himself and therefore is blocking my path to the ball. I think...

Northwest Florida Tournament
Well, last Saturday we were finally able to hold the Emerald Coast Racquetball Fall Classic (isn't that a great name?) at Hurlburt Field. Hurricane Ivan delayed us, but not for long. ...

Holiday Gift Giving
PRB will be shutting down at the end of this week ... please plan accordingly. -- ProRacquetball.Net http://www.ProRacquetball.Net Racquetball Central http:...

Racquetball turns men into eunuchs !!!!
A ball into the balls means bye bye to your testicles! OUCH!

Braces, neoprene and the art of geriatric racquetball
I play at the "Y" here in Jersey. We only have 4 courts and we have about 40 dedicated players. The average age is about 45 and the "kids" of the sport are all over 30. It's funny to see ...

Traction problems
Aside from complaining to the gym staff, can anyone offer suggestions for how to improve traction on a dusty court? Is there something I can do to the soles of my racquetball shoes to make t...

Collegiate Racquetball
Hi All Are there any states that have really gotten their act together regarding play at colleges and universities w/ racquetball courts- similar to the way Oregon has mastered th...

need help picking out a racquet
Hi All, My brother has asked for a new racquet for Christmas but knowing nothing about the sport, I'm asking you all for help. I'd like to get him a good racquet, but don't reall...

2004 US Open Pictures
Just got all of the pictures posted this week. Check out www.doubledonut.com to see them .. - Geoff

2004 US Open Pictures
Just got all of the pictures posted this week. Check out www.doubledonut.com to see them .. - Geoff

Leg cramps
Anybody ever get leg cramps in the calf after playing? I played last night. About 4 in the morning, I woke up to the most painfully cramped up calf muscle. Muscle was as hard as a rock. I...

How to Play with People Who Won't Move
There's no "right" answer to this question. I'm just looking for some feedback as to how people deal with this... The defensive player has an obligation to give the offensive player a...

Rules question
I can't seem to find the answer to this question in the USRA rule book, so I thought I would pose it here. If, during doubles play a player attempts a return, but swings and misse...

radio help
how do i get it so that the broadcast doesn't need to 'buffer' every 10 seconds? is my 'puter too slow or is there a better program to use?

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