Getting Burned Out
Lately I haven't had the "fire" in my belly to play racquetball. It's kind of been "ho hum, I'm playing racquetball..." I'm really not sure why, I love the sport as much as anyone. I...

Please double check the headers in your posts!
The forgeries in your group are the product of an entity collectively known as "Dippy" to us NANAE users. His latest attack consists of posting Forgeries to random groups, with the *Follo...

LPRA, mending its ways?
Note to Kathy Geels: Right on. (It's too much trouble creating anonymous identities, to bother with this one response to a LPRA discussion that you are involved with. I know you read ...

Sybervision Racquetball Video w/ Dave Peck
This is a great instructional video- imo, one of the best and there is one available on Ebay. Here's the link.

2004 Holiday Classic in Atlanta, Georgia
Hi Players The 2004 Holiday Classic Tournament, featuring both singles and doubles events, will be played at the Southern Athletic Club in the Atlanta area this coming weekend D...

front wall twice - no bounce
Hi, I see messages about hitting the front wall a second time when the ball has only bounced once. What about hitting the front wall a second time when the ball has not bounced a...

drawsheet software
can anyone remind me if the new/upcoming USAR player database/ranking system will have on-line drawsheet creation capabilities? will tournament directors be able to plug in the player ...

racquetball clipart
Does anyone have any racquetball clipart they can send me? I lost some files on my computer and am trying to gather some racquetball clipart for flyers, etc.. I know sometime back, ei...

the future of
Well, it seems the ebay distribution of racquetball DVDs is thriving... Maybe will live on in that form... (if not for the need to offset some of the equipment costs, off...

Overview of the "Olympic Format"?
Is there an official summary of the "Olympic Format" used at a number of the national-level racquetball tournaments (Juniors, Intercollegiates, etc.)? This is the one with color coded,...

squash/racquetball convertible courts
Jordan's site has some info on courts with a moveable back wall so that the court can be configured for either squash and racquetball:

Dust management?
What is the recommended treatment for dealing with dust on wooden court floors? Obviously the first is to "keep it off." Now that it is there, what are the "do's" and "dont's" of dry...

Had an awesome experience at the US Open!!!
I just wanted to tell you guys that I had an awesome experience this past week. I thought I was a good player but when I saw Open and Pro players' games up-close, the way they play is unbe...

Richmond VA looking for game this Holiday (Thanksgiving)
Will be in Richmond VA Wednesday through Saturday for the holidays. Anyone interested in a game (close by) email me before Wednesday. Jordan

Women Pros from past 20 yrs.
"Gathering of the GreatestIII" proved to be even more successful than the past two. Over $13,000 was raised for the American Red Cross in Erie County thanks to the Pros of the 70's,80's & 9...

Head MegaBlast for sale
Head MegaBlast 175 (the orange one) BRAND NEW- but out of the wrapper- used only a few times. Grip is 3 5/8 (smaller size). $100 or make an offer. Shipping paid on this...

US Open Live Radio of match play

Rule question in doubles. My partner is left handed im right handed is it a rule that we have to change sides each time after are chance at serving.Seems to me it would be to are advantage t...

NorCal Junior Tournament.
Junior tournament in Northern California (Pleasanton) Dec 12. cr

schultz again???
Lynn, prepared to defend your crown? ed, dave, anyone else? step right this way and lets have round 2...... Peter CSRA BOD USRA BOD Candidate ProKennex Elite Staff AMPr...

2 Used E-Force 175 Stuns for Sale
I have two 175 Stuns in good to excellent condition for sale. Will sell one for $80 or both for $150 plus $15 to ship. Includes covers and some spare grommet sets. E-mail if interested....

Racquetball in West Palm Beach/Lake Worth
Does anyone out there play at the LA Fitness in Wellington, near West Palm Beach and Lake Worth? If so, when is the challenge courts hours/days for non members? Thanks and hope to see you ...

Need advice re racquet selection
need recommendation re racquet selection. I am an intermediate level player. Play once-twice a week. Prefer control over power budget $200 what should I buy? brand? powe...

Christmas Classic in SoCal
The 3rd Annual Christmas Classic Racquetball tournament @ Los Cab Orange County California (Southern California) Best Players in the nation December 3rd-5th. Entry Deadline:...

fake oakley. not as described
Hi, I'm cross-posting this problem to let people know what they can get into by buying on ebay. Don't get me wrong, I've been an Ebay customer and seller for 4 years now and never had t...

Saw Jason Maninno in McDonald's Yesterday...
He was ordering a Jack Huzcek Beatdown Burger with a side of Waslenchuck Humiliation Fries. I shit you not.

Help! I'm hitting the ball with frame!
Since we're close to the Open, I began watching last year's Open final with Kane, and as expected, I tried to change my swing so I can hit it like he does. Obviously, it didn't work. Now, ...

Wife's night out
well, I got on the court with my wife tonight to see how she's coming along ... and I've got to admit on a scale of 1to10 she gets an 8 for looks and a 1 for coordination.... :( I've been...

another contributor to the sport...
I recall first reading about the effort by Todd Boss to collect and enter pro match results into an online database. I've been pleasantly surprised to see that not only is it bei... - best video of textbook play?
I'm looking for a tape of a pro match that would be a rich illustration for sound, fundamental racquetball technique. (good positioning, percentage shots, etc.) (don't answe...

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