Milwaulkee - Kane head to head stats
Milwaulkee is a Kane Swain final. Out of curiousity I went to the Boss database ( to pull out the win-loss record. The complete list was pretty interesting to me...

Sevice rule question
I understand the rule that if the ball leaves the court it results in either side out or point depending on who hit it out. My question is in doubles, if the first server serves a first serv...
Excellent website for Racket Sports!

Do Pro's take it easy with "not so good" players?
When a pro plays against a regular RB player, do they take it easy? I'm not a Pro (obviously) but when I play with someone that's not at my level, I usually never play my hardest (ie. don't ...

When going for a pinch, when should I make contact w/ ball?
Let's say I have an easy forehand shot coming off the back wall (the ball already bounced) and I have enough time to setup, think what shot to make, etc... If I decide to go for a pinch (tha...

racquetball: 4 Millions Domains data with Category
Successfull Internet and Direct Marketing products on * NEW * DOMUS Domains Toolkit Fall 2004 - Unique on the Net 4 Millions "...

Looking for equipment? I endorse "Vincent Fitness."
Hi all, I am so very pleased by the service I have received from this business that I want to give an enthusiastic, unsolicited "thumbs up!" If you're looking for a new racq...

Give unto the USRA what belongs to the USRA, etc, etc, etc.......
Dear fund raisers. Here is an excellent way to double the income of the State Organization. Keep all the membership dues instead of just keeping a third. Out of all the membership dues colle...

Earth to Chicago: come in Chicago
Jordan, Ed? Must be pretty busy guys, haven't heard from you in a while. Post when you get a chance. We heard Kane took down Jack again, in 4. Would love to hear notes and details when you ...

Fundraising for Racquetball
Anyone have any unique fund raising ideas for a brand new college team? The kids are selling stuff now; but the problem w/ that is that there are 100 other college clubs, ie. span...

Chi Semis - notes from Ed
The semifinals found Jack Huczek vs Jason Mannino in the first matchup and Kane Waselenchuk vs Cliff Swain in the second. This will be brief cause it's late and I'm typing by the light of m...

Chicago - notes from Ed
Refreshed this morning. Made some mistakes yesterday. Jack Huczek actually won game 1 vs Shane Vanderson 11-8. Shane won games 2 and 3 and Jack won games 4 and 5. Game 1. I wa...

Chi, Fri Night Live - PRB
Ed asked for some help posting to the different forums. He is posting direct on the forum. (go to "enjoy", select "forum". Posted: Saturday, October 23, 2004 8:10:24 AM...

Kevin Young???
Hey. call me. what are you up to this weekend? want to play? Peter CSRA BOD USRA BOD Candidate ProKennex Elite Staff AMPro Instructor Pro

Chicago Open Pro-Am
This weekend brings the best players in the world to Chicago. The play has already started tonight ... I'm not sure if anyone else will be updating the Internet Rball Community but I will t...

Sudsy's record
The most recent issue of Racquetball magazine had an article on Sudsy's retirement. They mentioned that the only player who had a winning record against him was Kane. That ...

Broken racquet question
I have been playing racquetball off and on for almost 14 years. Have always used Ektelon racquets. Bought an Ektelon Attitude on Ebay (new in packaging)less than a year ago. Lov...

Juniors are the future of racquetball?
How many times have Luke and Jim been heard telling everyone that, "the Juniors are the future of racquetball"? Well boy and girls, who are amoung the first to be financially cut off by the ...

[Fwd: Reading Bar Code Scanner]
Oops, sorry. Wrong ng. I read this one last and forgot to change newsgroups before I posted. However, if any fellow computer geeks has an idea for this, feel free to let me kn...

Reading Bar Code Scanner
I will be starting to work on an e-commerce web site pretty soon, and one thing the user would like to do is to have a part of the site that he could use in the store for recording the tra...

A Challenge benefit Juniors
Hi All I have read the posts about the Juniors needing funds for the World Championships...It's too bad that is how things are, but it is what it is.. I am the Junior Racqu...

Mike Yellen
What ever happend to Mike Yellen? In my eyes, the greatest to ever play this game of knew every inch of the court when you played him. I started up with Ektelon and follo...

Mike Yellen
What ever happend to Mike Yellen? In my eyes, the greatest to ever play this game of knew every inch of the court when you played him. I started up with Ektelon and follo...

Will jogging help mei in the US Open?
I'm in pretty good physical condition but lately, to improve my condition, I've been jogging 4 miles about 3 times/week. I assume it'll help me with something, but with what? I know it won'...

LPRA Tournament in Gaithersburg, MD
Following the LPRA's tournament at Sport & Health - Gaithersburg, the Rockville Edition of The Gazette had the following article in their sports section: Tournament creates a lit...

Legal block
Yes here is the scenario . I'm in the back corner kitting the ball, my opponent is set up in the front middle waiting. I hit a bad passing shot which isn't any good he returns it with alittl...

How can I reduce/eliminate carries?
Every now and then I carry the ball and I wanted to know what I'm doing wrong. I've seen a few pro games and they never carry the ball. What do they do that I don't? Thanks. ...

Offer to buy USAR
I was once confused with someone who would like to be the Executive Director of the USRA. That would be tatamount to entering a "one legged ass kicking contest". I once saw a Monty Pyth...

USAR for Sale
Elitist Racquetball Organization for Sale. The United States of America Racquetball Association is looking for investors or a buyer. Organization includes perminent Executive Directors,...

Casper Tourney
Anyone know where we can get the latest on the Pro tournie/Casper?? Thanks

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