What are visualizations?
I read in http://www.velocityracquetball.net/Strategy/Ten%20RB%20Technique%20myths.htm that the pros use visualization before, during, and after the matches to win. What are visualizati...

How can I improve my movement from front-middle court to backcourt?
Normally, during a long rally, when you're running all around the court, if I'm standing in the middle of the court and my opponent goes for a ceiling, the amount of energy I expend trying t...

Pro Kennex Friction racquetball shoes size 11, tried them on wrong fit $30.00... I'll ship Ektelong More Thunder 190 two months old $50.00... I'll ship Eforce Bedlam 195, one month ol...

Marty Hogan poster
Hey, anyone interested in a poster I just received in the mail yesterday? I am way too old to care about this sort of thing. It has a pic of Marty Hogan on it. It is back in the tube it came...

History of Racquetball and how to promote for future.
History of Racquetball and how to promote for future. A few players used racquets in handball courts. While this seemed like a good idea, most handball players hated players who took a...

rball in NJ/NY area.
I will be in the New Jersey/NYC area next week for several weeks. Anyone want to play???? Kevin, how far am I from you? Peter Peter CSRA BOD USRA BOD Candidate Pr...

I'm getting more serious about racquetball, and am starting to think about getting a pair of racquetball shoes. I've been using just regular athletic shoes, and I'm thinking it might be time...

"Gathering of the Greatests" Pro-Am
Still room for twenty more players before the cut off. Many, Many gifts, lots of free "stuff", pig roast, Mexican Fiesta, weekend of endless meals in our meal tent, play with the pros on Fr...

Tackiest, longest-lasting E-Force gloves?
What are the tackiest and longest-lasting E-Force is currently offering? I received an E-Force sponsorship and I want to pick their best glove. I'll be using the standard E-Force wrap grip. ...

Miami Courts - 10/1 - 10/4
I will be in Miami from 10/1 thru 10/4 and would like to pick up a game or two. I found many clubs with courts in Florida, but since I have no clue where they are with respect to where ...

US Jr Team needs help
from Adrienne Fisher, Captain of the US Jr Team, asking for donations for the US Jr Team trip to Jr Worlds in Dec. It costs $1500 for each Jr player to make the trip ... apparently, the USA...

who is going to national doubles?
are you? ASU is a great campus. if you are, I will see you there. Peter CSRA BOD USRA BOD Candidate ProKennex Elite Staff AMPro Instructor Pro Racquetball.net

What's going on with RacquetballCatalog.com?
All - What's going on with Racquetballcattalog.com. I placed an order the first of the month and it has not been received. I call on the phone and no-one is available to t...

Easy money with Paypal
Interested in making some extra free money along side of what you are already doing? After all, we could all use some extra income, no matter what we do. How does $10,000 in two weeks sound?...

custom screenprinted racquetball tournament t-shirts
Need some shirts for a racquetball tourney? Email me for quotes- [email protected]

Black Racquetball are BACK
When I first saw the black racquetballs in my order list I was elated. I placed an order for 4 cases to use at the first racquetball tournament the YMCA would be hosting in about 10+ - years...

1 Million Dollars
(now that I have a tv :) I just finished watching Mark Cuban's new TV show called the Benefactor. For those who haven't seen it ... he picked 15 or 16 people at random I think (not sure) an...

Racquetball Posters
I am moving from one corporate cubical to another... and my new one has alot of space for me to adorn. I want to put up some racquetball stuff. Where can I get some cool posters? I sa...

Pocket Rules & Club Poster
Few years ago the USRA had a RacMag insert which promoted the Official USRA Rules and promoted the USRA. There has been some talk about creating posters to put up at court clubs to promote ...

Green vs Blue Ball
Is there any difference besides color? cwo

Racquets - actual weight vs advertised weight
I was checking out some racquets at the local racquet place. They had just received the new E-force Radium racquets and took them out of the box for me to look at. They also had an Ektelon D...

rball house for rent in Colorado
here's a house for rent with a rball court in it; I think the photo will be on alpinelink.com in a few days I temporarily put the picture here: http://www.surfermall.com/rball/tes...

Is anyone else as sick of dropshot as me?
Can anyone get me a fix on this guy so I can send in my cousin Vinny?

Referee Question
In the court that I play on, the back wall is 12 ft high and then above that is a net to the ceiling. Is the netted area a dead ball hinder zone? Or is it out of bounds, and if it is hit...

Clinic/play the pro In Chicago/Milwaukee
Hello Racquetball World, I just wanted to let you guys/gals know that I may be staying in Chicago or Milwaukee in between the events. The Chicago event ends on Oct 24th, and the ...

Fran Davis Camps
Had hoped to attend one of these camps this weekend, but what with Ivan, etc. Anyone attend one of these camps and if so what are your thoughts? cwo

1st timer
I've never seen a Pro match before but I was able to sit in the front row at the Stockton Pro-Am to watch the Final between Cliff Swain and Alvaro Beltran. Those guys are freaks of nature....

Re: Tahoe CA Racquetball?
what the heck. turn left and go to tempe.

Paging Kathy Geels ......
Kathy, Please check your e-mail. It's an offline RB topic I think you may have an interest in. Let me know. Ray Davis Racquetball Roundtable WNJC 1360A...

eforce oxygen string
Anybody try Eforce Oxygen string? Opinions as to how it compares to Tecnifibre? I'm going to try it today for the first time. Also will be getting in a pair of the new PK shoes. I hope...

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