Exciting LPRA Happenings
Hello everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that the LPRA has just unveiled our new website. We are excited about the opportunity of moving toward our goal of being one of the most p...

Exciting LPRA Happenings
Hello everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that the LPRA has just unveiled our new website. We are excited about the opportunity of moving toward our goal of being one of the most p...

Players and Courts in Destin, FL
Read somewhere there was a club in Destin, FL. Will be down there for 10 days Aug 14 and was wondering if anyone on this board has a contact for players down there. Thanx.. ...

Megablast 185 Verses Liquidmetal 180
Any opinions?

Status: racquetball in Olympics
As of today, what's the status on adding racquetball as an Olympic sport? I read somewhere (I think the international RB site) that it would be added but it didn't go into much detail. ...

any clubs near cumming GA
Can anyone recommend a club near Cumming GA? Any leagues?

Players in Irving, TX.?
Hi folks, Are there any B-level players in Irving, TX.? To be exact, around MacArthur and the 114 highway. Also, I can't, for the life of me, seem to find a court around here. ...

Masters Championship
After 25 yrs. I thought I had seen it all but...... I just came back from attending the Masters Championships in West Allis, Wisconsin - it was the most unbelievable weekend in tournament hi...

ESPN Dream Job winner plays?
The ESPN dream job winner was Mike Hall. I think I heard he was a very good racquetball player in the Oakland California area. Is this true?

Aggieland Summer Shootout
Anyone in the Houston, Texas area on August 7th, there is going to be a nice tournament going on at the Texas A&M Rec Center. For moe info go here: http://recsports.tamu.edu/racball/tou...

Just got into the sport and while there are courts in the area there doesn't seem to be any organization or a means to find players. So, should I get some instructional videos or what abo...

Technical at 11-10
Here's a question for anyone who knows the answer (Jordan or Otto prolly). Player "A" is about to serve at 11-10, and Player "B" gets a technical which (by rule) drops the score t...

half-lob heaven
I'm a southpaw looking to add a half-lob serve to my aresnal. I've read (and seen) various types: Mannino-style lobs, nick-lobs, etc. -- there seem to be as many half-lobs as there are half...

I live in MS and have had no luck in finding a magazine on racquetball in any of the local book stores? Thanks. Ron

Looking for help with racquetball
Hi, I am just starting to learn about racquetball and am trying to find someone willing to help me learn how to play, male or female, at the Palatine YMCA. I played squash in college b...

Anyone have contact info for Bobby Haab in CT?
Looking for email/contact info for Bobby. Or if you see him I could email my info to you to pass on to him. thanks cr

tennis channel
FYI, The 2004 Lynmar Classic Pro Am Racquetball tournament will be aired on the Tennis Channel on the following dates (Please not the times listed are EST) 7/18/2004 12:00 p...

Attn.: Ray Davis
Hi Ray - I saw your post on the other thread about emailing me. Nope, I never got an emai from you. And it's really weird, on that thread my posts are being censored or something. I ...

New Pro Kennex Racquets
Yes, it's that time already. The 2004/2005 Pro Kennex racquets are all available at http://www.racquetballrevolution.com/ And just as the NFL pre-season is starting soon, the next Rac...

Used Attack $79.95, Megablast 175 $89.95
http://www.racquetoutlet.com/shop/index.php?shop=1&cat=103 -- Thanks, Bob Coslow www.RacquetOutlet.com

Rules Question
I have a racquetball rules question that I was looking for some help in answering: In a singles game during a rally, Player "A" hits the racquetball which then hits the front wall...

California Junior championships...
Hi A reminder.... Entry deadline is coming up July 23rd for the Junior State Championships in Daly City (San Francisco)...Entries can be found at the CSRA site www.cali...

Jason Mannino on Racquetball Roundtable - Tuesday 7/20/04
Hey Racquetball Fans !! Enjoy your weekend, but make plans this coming Tuesday, 7/20 to tune in for a live interview with Jason Mannino from the IRT. He'll be on the air with us...

playing with an insulin pump
I don't suppose there are any other diabetics reading this group that play with an insulin pump. I've not played in a couple years, over the course of which I have started insulin pump ther...

out of bounds
Once in a while I encounter a situation that I can't find covered in the official rules. A player makes a legal return - the ball hits the front wall, then hits the floor. Before ...

Need some advice for a juniors program
We (the Georgia Racquetball Assoc.) were approached by the head of one of the county school systems about trying to implement a racquetball program for the all of the county middle schools. ...

New videostream
summer has been deafly slow here so I thought I'd pump it up a bit ... check out the greatest single game in modern day racquetball ... check out channel 6 on PRB ... doesn't work off ...

Rules question
I'm playing singles this morning, and my opponent is in front of me off to the side waiting for my return. I hit the shot (that would have made it to the front wall) but it hits my opponent'...

Racquetball and the Single Parent
You hear a lot about single parents these days ... (perhaps unfortunately but each case is different). I just wanted to relate the last couple weeks to everyone and ask a question.

High School Team??
Hi All I have been teaching Juniors for several years now. Now a good number of my players are in their second or first year of High School..Thinking of forming a High School team...

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