Head Liquidmetal
Alright, I'm askin' for it. Anybody swing with the new Head sticks yet? Anybody and everybody got pros and cons between the 170 and the 180? All opinions and proclamations greatly appreciat...

For Sale...
(2) E-Force Bedlam Stun 170. Email for info.

New Ranking System.................
IRT Pro Division Amatuer Open Division Elite Division "AAA" Division "AA" Division "A" Division "B" Division "C" Divsion "D" Division Lets quit...

Clamp Help
I am using a Klippermate to restring my E-Force racquets. The spread on the flying clamps are either too wide or too narrow, depending on part of the racquet I am stringing. Has anyone us...

Proposed rule change - second serve replay
Proposed rule change. http://members.aol.com/Jordanisra/z2.html A second serve shall be replayed as second serve, not first serve, whenever the receiver holds-up on the serv...

Defending the wide-angle pass...?
OK - right now, the wide-angle pass is probably my biggest weakness. How do you pick this shot up early? I'm pretty quick and very good at cutting off all other pass shots - and getting ba...

GNC Sucks dot com GNCSucks.com --> find out why !!
Find out what thousands have already: GNC SUCKS !! They sell redated products endangering YOUR health all for the sake of lining their pockets with YOUR money. Commission based...

Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch
Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch - a humourous take.... or is it ?? Photo is UN-DOCTORED: http://www.ackthpt.com/bertuzzi_punch.htm

Saving courts, salvaging our sport
(My thoughts to Joel on the subject) Hi Joel, Thanx for the kind words. I really don't put much blame for the mess we're in on the USRA. My problem with them is they have trouble...

Passing of Pat Colombo
Pat passed on Friday, June 18, 2004 in Westchester County NY where he lived for most of his life. He was a nationally ranked singles and doubles player dating back to the 70's, and competed ...

????????? Jr Nationals ?????????
Why is there no mention of Jr. Nationals on the USRA web site? When are the starting times? Where is the club? Who is reigning champs? Who are tomorrow's Cliff, Sudsy, Hogan ...

where can I find "not too noticeable" ankle weights ?
I've been looking for some ankle weights that kinda blend in with the shoe and are not that visible (so whoever I'm playing with does not know I'm wearing them). The ones I've seen are too b...

How do I get prepared for the US Open?
I'm thinking of playing at the US Open this year and I'm planning on playing Pro Qualifying, Open, and A. I have pretty good shot selection (I purchased the US Open DVD's to get more on that...

Pro Kennex Infinity 165
Has anyone had a chance to play with the new PK sticks? If so can you post the findings / results here... Thanks in advance!

Racquetball Drones on the wane................
The once mighty USRA Drones, just like their predecessors, The Nazi SS, have come to realize that their "Furher" has left them twisting in the wind. Only the most "pointy headed" still stand...

2004 USRA Regional Results?
Where can you find the Regional Results for 2004. On the USRA website I see thier up to 2003 for Regional Results. Where can you find all Regional Results.

USRA Bashing?
I am new to this list but have been an avid racquetball player for sometime now. I am appalled that some people need to come here to attack and bash the USRA. Can things be done better? Sure...

Linda Mojer
USA what have you done with Linda Mojer? Linda I know where you are but what about the rest of your friends and the USA Membership? Well guys, it is much too late to acknowledge her MIA st...

USRA and Grants
I just talked to an old friend the other day. He was in the Club business for some time when he was younger. His son just got out of the service and started walking in his father's foo...

Otto speaks for Jim Hiser and Luke St.Onge?
I keep reading posts where Otto anwers questions for Jim Hiser and Luke St. Onge. Does anyone know if Otto has been given the authority to run interference for these two? Dropshot99

Sorrrento Valley Tournament this weekend
Paul, Ryan and others. Turns out I will be able to play this weekend. Can you guys make it? If so, then see you there. Peter Peter CSRA BOD USRA BOD Candidate Pr...

USRA Drones get no "back up"
I have noticed how the USRA Drones have slowly but surely dropped off the NG. It's because they are defending a system that won't defend them. The USRA has used up more players than Elizabet...

Outdoor Rball - New Marketing Angle?
Background: We've been having a lot of discussion on the MNP forums about outdoor rball. Why it's better than indoor ... blah blah blah. Also, I haven't gotten my new Rball Mag issue but ...

Videostreams beginning to be restored
Please check out ProRacquetball.Net ... click on Channel 3 and he videostream link and let me know if it's working ok. If so, we'll be able to put up quite a few more rball videostreams in ...

Outdoor Rball - New Marketing Angle?
Background: We've been having a lot of discussion on the MNP forums about outdoor rball. Why it's better than indoor ... blah blah blah. Also, I haven't gotten my new Rball Mag issue but ...

New Jersey Racquetball Instructional Camp
Hello Racquetball World..... The Fran Davis/Jason Mannino racquetball camp is coming to New Jersey from July 23rd - 25th. The camps are set up for all ages, sexes and skill levels...

The NEW E-Force - OOPS, I mean Wilson sticks
I went to Wilson.com and took a look at all the new E-Force knock-offs, which includes the ENTIRE line of Wilson sticks. Seems as if the TRAMPOLINE EFFECT which Mr. Ed so much despises (no ...

Otto, your comments please on serve carries.
Hi Otto and all. This has been commented on before but not for awhile. There is someone at the club who tries to put a spin on a high slow lob serve. I say it is a 'carry'- the ball ...

rball in fresno?
i'm looking for help getting in some rball while visiting fresno end of june/start of july. tried MNP, no luck finding a valid link there. (i'm a M-A/Open player in ND - maybe A in Fresno?)....

Finishing a game that I'm winning!
I've always had this problem (yet another problem) that when I'm winning a game, I don't have the excitement and emotion of finishing the game. I can be winning 12-5 but I never get that "Ro...

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