New Pro Kennex Sticks????
Does anyone have info on the new Pro Kennex Infinity 165? Specs, playability and so forth would be great! Thanks in advance!

New Official USA Racquetball Rules Change!
Just read about the new rule changes on the USA Website. As a player and instructor, I already use "Replay" hinder when instructing new players. The word "Avoidable" is awkward to expl...

New Wilson Racquets
Wow, if I were a Wilson guy I would be excited about the new Wilson racquets coming out. Nanotechnology? But I am not sure about the red shoes. It looks like the strings are like E-Force. Tw...

USA Racquetball Coverage
Otto the Auto, Please explain to me the poor coverage of the USA Racquetball Nationals. Georgia State Tournament had better coverage and does a better job. Whats up.

Coverage of USA Racquetball
I go back on my apology on the coverage of The National Tournament.15-20 hour updates is terrible with todays technology. The USA Racquetbal Group has gone backwards, setting the tone for ou...

USA Racquetball National Coverage
I was wrong on results. I looked at the brackets for updates rather than Results.I apologize on results updates for this year.

USA Racquetball National Coverage
What a terrible job the USA Racquetball group does to update the results for a National Racquetball Tournament. With todays technology there is no way it should take this much time to get re...

Tired old Pro vs. Am definition
Cary - I just re-read your post and my post, and feel like my response was not constructive, except to elaborate on how *I* personally feel. Big deal. The main thing is, is there...

Is U.Colorado-Boulder a good place to play RB?
I'll be going to U. Colorado-Boulder on Jan. 2005 and I was wondering if there are any good RB players there. Since I'm an A/Open player, I usually don't find too much competition. I know th...

National Title
- - Kansas Teen Wins National Geographic Bee Thursday May 27, 2004 2:01 AM WASHINGTON (AP) - Fourteen-year-old Andrew Wojtanik had a thick study guide his competitors ...

Racquetball at the Local Level
I've seen an interesting trend at my local club (LA Fitness in Orange, CA)... There's a lot more "new players". In fact, they're reserving courts (even the glass courts). I have n...

Less Open players at Nationals
It annoyed me to have this in some silly ds thread. >Subject: Re: An Open Offer to Discuss/Debate Anything >From: [email protected] (Dave) >Date: 5/25/2004 10:10 AM ...

Leo Vasquez is all talk and no action.........
Leo Vasquez claims he knows my address, well then post it or shove it, you loser! I will even give you a shove, you coward! I am going to post your address first if you don't. You ...

Re-stringing in DFW
I'm looking for some recommendations. I've been having my racquet re- strung at the Academy Sports in Lewisville, but last time it took several weeks and I thought the strings were too loo...

Attendance at Nationals continues to fall............................
The attendance at the Nationals in Houston has fallen every year for the past 5 years. Their are 70 less players this year than in 2000. The Open Division has contributed to the biggest lost...

E-Force Racquets
So what's the latest with the e-force sticks for next season... I heard that e-force is getting rid of the bedlam and judgement designs. Any pics or insights into the "radical" new design?...

B Players in Texas
Hello, I'm getting ready to move to the Plano, Texas area. Any recommendations from the group on places where I can find B level and above players? I'm playing with a prett...

National Starting Times Posted
Starting times have been posted on Select confirm entry then report then starting times.

Some Rule Questions..
These were probably asked before but... Wet Spot/Wet Ball.. What is the rule on a ball hitting a wet spot on the floor? I recall a rule change a while back, but dont remember the ...

PICS : 2004 Oregon State RB Champs
We had some EXCELLENT action in Oregon this year! Congrats to Jason Samora who won the Men's Open over Dan Sheppick. I got some pretty good action shots if anyone is interested: ...

Televised Racquetball on The Tennis Channel
Do you know of any racquetball events that will be televised on The Tennis Channel? Thanks! Kevin

Back wall roll out?
Last night I hit a serve and the ball flat rolled out from the back wall. Was it long or an ace serve? I have been playing since 1975 and this was the first time I can ever remember this ha...

I've looked and I've looked ...
but I can't seem to find any information anywhere as to what is going on at National Singles??? Where are the drawsheets ... they used to be on that tennis website but none this year. Almo...

shaq and rball???
interesting clip of an article from AP With championship in sight, Shaq Diesel picks up speed By GREG BEACHAM .c The Associated Press MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Sh...

Tantalizing tidbits...
So, let the user feedback begin (Greg, are you out there?): Matt

Terrorist Cell infiltrates the USRA...............
WARNING! WARNING! It recently has been discovered that the USRA has been undermined by an Al Quida terrorist cell for the past 24 years. The terrorist in mention have been hiding behind...

Racquetball in Berlin, NH
I'm going to be in Berlin, New Hampshire June 14th-16th and would like to do some playing. Does anyone know someone in that area to play or a good club to play at? Thanks. ...

Carry Rule - does it stay or go? Otto whasup??
I read a thread here a while back that mentioned the carry rule. Is it being changed or eliminated or what? Anyone know the details? Maybe Otto could chime in here. Thanks. - Mike

Looking for Head Big Bang racquet(s)
If anybody has an old Head 'Big Bang' racquet (circa late 90's) laying around, I would be interested in purchasing it. cheers, rick

Anybody coming over?
Hey Leo, when are you going to post my address on the NG? You are going to come over aren't you? Come on, you big Wuss, come on over and post my address. What's a matter not man enough?...

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