Any Leagues?
Is anyone playing leagues? if so, how is it going? Tennis seems to be pushing leagues.

Top Ten reasons to attend the Nationals in Houston
10. Leo Vasquez will carry your bags from the Hotel Room to the YMCA. 9. Peter McMillin will take your bags to another club and tell you they never existed. 8. Luke St. Onge w...

Founder Dies
Larry Lederman - Noted amateur athlete who is credited with developing racquetball as a sport in the U.S. (he's called the "founding father of racquetball"), who patented the sport in 1968 a...

Houston Downtown YMCA Information
The Houston Racquetball Association has updated their web site for the 2004 USRA National Singles Championships. It is an information web site so don't except glitter. It provides informat...

Rules Question: Screen
I understand the screen rule as it relates to the serve. But what about in a rally? Can one call a screen in the middle of a rally? I'm not talking about a hinder where both players ...

HEAD Liquidmetal racquets
Hello, Has anyone hit with the new HEAD Liquidmetal racquets? Do you have any comments on them? I noticed from the pictures on Sudsy's site that the head shape is somewhat tear shaped. Is th...

Can the last tournament determine the #1 player of the season?
Or is Jack Huczek pretty sure to finish first no matter what, based on the way this ranking system works?

juniors racqiuetball, jennifer
Jennifer Johnson emailed me for information on juniros programs. I tried to respond but the address she sent me the email on, came back. Jennifer, if you read this, email me again. Pe...

Maloof brothers and racquetball injury
Hi all, When I went to either home page or my AOL account last night, I stumbled across an article regarding the fact that one of the Maloof brothers (Joe or Gavin) (owner...

court hinders
Our court has a viewing area high on the back wall, it's a viewing window about 6 x 4, would a shot above this opening be in play as long as it doesn't hit the window molding. thanks for any...

Nate Porter
Does anybody up in Washington know - or know of - Nate Porter? He used to live in Portland, but I heard he moved up to the Seattle area, and I need to get a hold of him. If you do, please ...

Has the carry rule been eliminated or modified in the USRA rules yet
Hi, I did a search here on the newsgroup a while back on the subject of carries, since I heard on the US Open telecast that the pros don't have a carry rule. Among the ...

A Reminder....California State Junior Racquetball Championships
Hi All A reminder that the California State Junior Championships are coming up May 15th. As there was a delay getting the printed applications out, it is important to ...

Tournament Notice: St Clair (Pittsburgh) PA. May 7-9
Heads up sports fans.... especially MD and VA who have no event scheduled for that weekend. (You guys are actually closer to Pittsburgh than me). 2004 St Clair Racquetball Champio...

Who's in charge of the Marketing?.....Regionals fail the test
I am sitting here saying to myself, wouldn't you want the membership to know who won and who played in your regional tournaments? Simply putting the results on some obscure "Tennis" site, do...

Head Megablast stringing
Could someone please e-mail me the instructions on stringing the megablast. I went to the klipper sight and it doesn't give how much string (shortside). I don't think it says what order to d...

how to best approach a university for hosting rball tourneys on campus
University of California Davis has eight new glass racquetball courts. The racquetball team there wants to host sanctioned racquetball tournaments at the new facility Any ideas on how to be...

DPH Pro Nationals in Vegas
The DPH Pro Nationals are going on ... tonight Kane Waselenchul beat Jason Mannino (Kane must be self-combustible ... on fire :) in Semi #1 and Alvaro Beltran beat Mike Green in Semi #2 (Alv...

So what are the results?
I am still waiting for the results from Georgia. How many, who won? All you guys could do was waste the NG's time, beating up Garry Carter, so nothing possitive has been reported other than ...

where can I demo a Harrow racquet?
anyone know? I checked and, neither had the racquet. thanks in advance.

Going out with da'boyz
Well ... ok, it may not be a big thing but after 6 weeks in this Ann Arbor, Michigan league I'm in, I finally got invited to go out for a few brewskis with da'boyz ... which lead to a "chal...

Hi, I'm having a hard time figuring out if certain types of returns would inherently cause a hinder. My first guess, after looking at the rules, would be, "Yes." However, not havi...

Looking For The Competitive Edge
Since you demand that your body perform at its utmost best it should only be natural that you would demand the best nutrition to feed it. Check out an...

Great pics of the NW regionals...
For those that haven't been to the Cascade Athletic club, the main glass court has a 8 inch by 18 inch (roughly) glass port on the front wall. Hence the great angle on these pics. Hats off...

Pro Kennex Kinetic
Today I played I played with a Pro Kennex Kinetic balanced II and it was the best I ever played. I usually play with a Megablast 175 but I felt like I had so much control. What is the scoop...

NW Regionals - PICS!
I got some pretty pictures from the Men's Open matches at the Northwest Regionals this weekend. Just follow this link to the Oregon Racquetball Assoc. Forums, and look for the thr...

Colorado Springs Regional
2004 USA Racquetball REGIONAL QUALIFIER Lynmar Racquet & Health Club April 16-18, 2004: Colorado Springs, Colo. FINAL RESULTS The Lynmar Racquet & Health Club hosted over 100...

Stretching Technivigre?
I am about to put in my first set of Technifibre and I seem to remember some folks here recommending that you prestretch the string. What is the general consensus on if and how to do this? ...

No response........Anybody want to vote for a BOD candidate?
A fellow by the name of Ross, put out a questionaire for all and any BOD candidate to answer. So far, only Peter McMillin has danced around the specific issues presented. Are there any ...

Do eyeglasses affect the way you play RB?
Hi, I've always played without glasses without any problems but I've realized that I need them because being a software developer, my face is always (at least 10 hrs./day) just a few in...

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