Peter, Still think Sudsy is a questionable top 10 if healthy?
Peter, After beating Kane and jack the same day, do you still wonder if Sudsy can make it back into the top 10 "if he remains healthy"? (sorry, couldn't resist) ...

Who is Gene Pare?
I have read that Gene Pare has won the 45+ National Doubles at least 5 of the last seven years. Does anyone know anything about him? FW

"small ball" rules
A racquetball teacher put me onto something called "small ball". You use the side wall as the front and play only on half the court. It's good for footwork, for getting comfortable playing c...

make lots O money fast an easy
Follow the directions below and in two weeks you'll have up to $20000.00 in your PayPal account. There is a very high rate of participation in the program because of its low investment and h...

Racquetball on King of Queens
Anyone see King of Queens on Wednesday nite? Doug played Deke and killed him, but he was cheating on the serve, half-way to the front wall on his drive serve followthru. It was pretty goo...

prescription goggles
I have pretty bad eyes ( - 6.50 ) and wear glasses but not contacts. I have tried high index lens several times but wasn't able to wear them. I have to go with the standard plastic lens.

Racquetball, Branding and "Googleshare"
Racquetball, Branding and "Googleshare" It probably comes as no surprise to the workers and players of racquetball that the content found on the web through the Google search engine re...

"Building Your Racquetball Dream House"
Has anyone else purchased this yet? Is the DVD worth $60? I'm sure it could help me. But if I'm gonna lay out $60 for an instructional DVD, I'd like to know what it's got to offer.

RB News Thursday
No, I'm not going to be Greg's newsperson now that he lost his #1 in Jeff. But I like this Google thing Jeff turned us on to, and sometimes there's interesting articles that come across. At ...

Video taping your swing
I am considering taping myself to critique my forhand and backhand shots. Does anyone have advise on how to best do this? Tri-pod or have someone tape me? Best place to tape from (close o...

Moved to Richmond VA, how to get started?
I started playing RB in college and just absolutely fell in love with it, but since leaving school with "free" use of courts there. Moved to Richmond Virginia and started working full time....

year end #1s
looking for a record of season end #1 rankings

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First game jitters
Can anybody give me advice on how to relax during your first game. I tend to be to anxious and leave many balls up or skip. It takes me till the second game to calm down and starting hittin...

Pass like Gas
I'm making a tape for someone tonight ... and Dan Llacera makes ones of the best "off the cuff" comments I've ever heard. Simple, the player has a set up and makes a good pass with it ... b...

I've never seen this treatment!!!
I played in a RB tourney a few weeks ago and I saw the strangest thing in the world: a girl walking up and down some player's back. I could hear the guy moaning and he was clearly in pain. T...

WebMD Recommends Eyeware
From Google News: PROTECTIVE Eyewear Urged for Young Athletes WebMD - USA ... and activities that use projectiles or involve intentional injury, such as paintball, basketball...

York, PA rball tourney
Go Joel!!

NH Rball
What clubs in NH have the mosy active A/Open level competition? Thanks

25th Annual Dr Pepper results
The 25th Annual Dr Pepper Classic lived up to it's name this year again this year. The Open draw featured Mitch Williams, Jason Thoerner, Agustin Tristan, Javier Moreno and several top playe...

Head i165 racquet for sale. Brand New!
Its out of the wrapper but very obviously brand new- not a smudge on it. One of the guys up the club bought it but likes a different racquet better. Grip is the smaller 3 5/8. $85. We'... -- --
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