What is going on with Kane Waselenchuk?
What is the latest with Kane? He has not played a tournament since winning the US Open.

On this day
Happy Leap Year. The last Feb 29th was in 1996. Let's Google. ... Hmm, not much, just 3 posts listed on the 29th. (1996 - alt.sport.racquetball) --------------------------...

Pro Kennex Kinectic Diamond 15g Reach
I am looking for a Pro Kennex Kinectic Diamond 15g Reach. I like this racquet and have 1 left. I would like to purchase 1 in decent condition.Any Pro Kennex Players out there that Had one or...

2004 San Diego Open draw...
http://www.meetandplay.com/draws/view_draw.aspx?drawID=178 (thanks Tilton's)

Newbie on the court
Long time poster ... first time player. Well, I did play once back about 10 years but it didn't compare to this evening when I played with my mate from down-under. I have to admit this spo...

Schultz Pictures
Here in the middle right we have been blanketed with a layer of the white stuff. And when we get 3 inches of snow, everything shuts down. And it's not because we don't know how to drive in i...

New Austin Racquetball Yahoo group
There is an Austin racquetball yahoo group. If you are interested in joining, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/austin_rball

New USRA Ranking System Appears Viable!
The Jan/Feb '04 Racquetball magazine has info regarding the new USRA ranking system, as does the USRA web site. Conceptually the system is excellent. My original recommendation was

Racquet Inventory Reduction Sale
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San Diego Open
Had a chance to watch Derek put on his travelling show tonite at Sorrento Valley Racquet and Fitness. He did a fantastic job. As usual. Afterwards, had dinner with D and Tim Doyle. What ...

Critique of state racquetball sites: New York
what happened to the ny site? last I saw it was being updated. now its gone

LPRA Nationals and Legends
Just want to let everyone know that Crew West & RAA Sports of Wyoming will be hosting the 2004 Wilson LPRA Nationals in conjunction with the Legends Tour and Paddle Ball Nationals April 29 -...

A task for Opus.
Ok. Notice how many people have posted here similar to the one just on about his backhand, on how they are just getting back into the game? Can we do a poll on how many old timer/newb...

What's Your Backhand Contact Angle?
I'm trying to revamp my backhand as I return to the game after a 12-year hiatus (having once been a low A player). This seems like a good time to try and make some changes. Among other thing...

Zen moment (aka Dave pulled his head out)
So I'm playing a new opponent (leftie) and he is kind enough to hit most balls hard enough they come off the back wall as nice setups. It's *AMAZING* how much better you play when you ...

Worthless post about the Olympics
Here you go Self, you can repost this in a few days and reply back to it: http://www.infonegocio.com/xeron/bruno/olympics.swf

USRA Racquetball site - update?
Hi Anyone know if there are plans to update the web site anytime soon? Looks like it has not been updated for 4-6 weeks based on info on home page..Current mag is not posted yet o...

Tennis VS Raquetball VS Badminton
Of the following three sports, which is the most masculine: Tennis (my vote) Raquetball (unisex, corporate) Badminton (sissy) ...

E-Force Strings
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tidbits from Jan/Feb 2004 RB Magazine
Just got the issue... a few tidbits: - cracked up at the Ashaway/Huczek ad (page 3) Not sure that *I* would have chosen to advertise: "I'm all over the court wit...

Las Vegas Racquetball Camp
Okay people. We need more sign ups for the Las Vegas camp with Fran Davis and Jason. Vegas is an awesome place to visit, and what better way to visit than by spending a weekend learning ho...

Thank you Marty- that's what I've been saying all along!
In the current RacqMag issue, Marty Hogan writes in Reader Forum; "The real factor that I see, (that could help explain any decline in our great sport), is a lack of women playing the game.....

The doctor is in ... Dr.K that is
Videoediting drives me crazy sometimes so I was just surfing around ... checked out ASR - nothing going on (maybe Mbunatank is right ;-) ... checked out MeetandPlay and theres a rampant rash...

low back pain anyone?
I've been having this low back pain for the past few months when I sit in a slouched position and I move my head down (eg. to look at the front of my shirt). It wasn't really bothering me (a...

Looking for a match in San Antonio...
I am planning on going down to see the final four this year in San Antonio, first weekend in April (2nd - 5th). I would like to play some RB if there is a club close by. I'm an Open Player...

Sports build character
"Several big lies float around sports culture like debris around the rotten hull of a sunken ship...." http://www.pressdemocrat.com/sports/news/21cohn_c1empirec.html --

Watch the comapny you keep
For those of you that (like me) were ever STUPID enough to bequest, pledge, promise, will, donate, gift or otherwise contribute to USRA, please check your records to be sure your current ...

board dead
so whats going on this board isnt as active as last year. Jasons board hasnt had a new topic in a week. IRT isnt as active as it used to be. where is everyone?

Schultz Classic 04
We have a great draw for the Schultz Classic this weekend. We have a draw of 16 in the Men's Open, 28 in Men's A, 26 in Men's B, 23 in Men's C, and 18 in Men's D. The Women's Open draw did n...

Who put racquetball where it is today?
Q: "Who put racquetball where it is today?" A: http://www.racqmag.com/racqmag/2002/221/221luke.htm#photos <snips> St. Onge was named Director of the... IRA [Inter...

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