here's my fault, what's the fix?
I've been beating the ball into the floor and not just near the front wall, sometime around or even before the service line! Does anyone know the cause(s) of this and the remedy/fix? <...

what's the weight of the Head Defiant?
Does anyone know the weight of the old Head Defiant? Even approx would be a help, for example, over 190, etc.? Thanks, Paul

Washing Crusty Old Gloves?
Like many people, I have about 100 gloves, 20 of which are hanging on my bag at any time. When they get crusty and stiff with dried sweat, is there a "best way" to wash them and restore th...

New Year's Luck
I was listening to something on the radio yesterday and found it interesting. All the superstitions out there to bring luck in the new year. I was interested to see what types of thin...

racquetball equipment purchasing survey
just some questions to satisfy my own curious mind. i divide racquetball gear purchases into 2 groups. group 1. one time player perhaps, racquet, eye guards,...

"New" Ektelon Balls
What's the deal with the blue Ektelon balls this year? Ektelon has been the main sponsor of the Oregon Racquetall Association for a number of years now, and therefore their blue balls have ...

I miss Ed
Where is Ed Arias? I have not seen him posting, and am hoping he is well. If you know of his well-being, please post. Kathy Kathy Geels Rogue Repor...

Organized Racquetball "Worst" Top Ten list
Ok! Since it is the end of another year, we as racquetball enthusiasts should take stock in their investment in organized racquetball, whether it be financial , emotional, or otherwise. ...

Earn money by completing serveys, not points!!!
Dear Everyone For those people who are signed up with servey sites that give you points for completing serveys and you redeam them for cash, LEAVE THEM! I recently regist...

Illinois and Michigan Racquetball Camps
Hello Racquetball World..... The Fran Davis/Jason Mannino racquetball camp is coming to Chicago Illinois and Grand Rapids Michigan in January. Chicago is January 23 - 25, and Gra...

State Website Solution
Hello all- Several months ago, Greg Stoner posted some reviews of the various state association websites. This also spawned a great deal of discussion about branding, perception,...

10% off after Christmas sale As our way of saying thank you Global Racquetball is having a 10% off sale on all merchandise currently in stock. Everything from racquets to bags. Sho...

Where to buy racquet cover for Triad 150?
I want to purchase a Triad 150 but don't want the backpack. I do want a full cover. Any ideas on where to purchase one. Preferably Wilson Triad brand.

Shoes question
Question about shoes. How long should a pair of shoes last or be used. I know that basketball shoes break down in the sole way before you ever see the wear on the outside of the shoe. Are...

E-Force Open?
Is E-Force closed for the holidays? I tried calling them on the 24th & 26th and received no answer, just an answering machine recording. I left a message for them to call me, but I haven't r...

Thanks Florida
Had a nice time in your state once again... this time it was Christmas week. Awesome Racquetball...Thanks again! Until next time, -K- -- -Kevin Young- ...

Ektelon Dominant Gloves
Anyone else using these gloves and getting black fingers as a result. First two I had not trouble with. So far I've returned 2 boxes of six and the third box of six does the same thing - ...

Northeastern Pennsylvania Tournament
Our club is having its once a year sanctioned event January 9-11. It is always a good time. The club owner spares no expense for this one. It is ski season here in the Pocono Northeast and...

Did you get a new racquet for Christmas?
Some of you may wake up to find that under the tree, Santa has left you one of the shiny new racquets. Here's how you can tell what Santa was really thinkin'. If you get one of t...

Ted C. Not this way please read.
Hey Ted, Can you email me at my [email protected] address quick question for you.

Racquetball camp in Pittsburgh?
Does anyone know if there are racquetball clinics/camps in Pittsburgh? I'm hoping to find a Pro or an Open/A player who lives in or around Pittsburgh that's willing to come to my college (CM...

2nd Annual Greater Sacramento Open Racquetball Tournament - January 23,
2nd Annual Greater Sacramento Open Racquetball Tournament. The tournament will benefit the Sacramento Junior Racquetball Program. Tournament dates: January 23, 24 and 25. Entry deadli...

Help deciding on racquet
I played racquetball about 10 years ago and just now getting back into it. I would be considered an advanced beginner level. I tend to take care of things and keep them for a long time. I am...

Any Racquetball clubs or players in the Philippines
Any RB players on this group from the Philippines, or have played in the PI, know any good clubs with some good players in metro Manila or even Subic. Thanks Marco San F...

Help with new racquetball courts
I have read this newsgroup a little over the years but never posted. Like many of you I have been playing racquetball (on and off) since the late 70s and now my 12 year old son plays. We hav...

2004 Head Racquets
Anybody heard about the new 2004 Head Rackets? Particually the Megablasts? Deron

Pro Kennex Diamond 20G
I read somewhere here that there was a difference between earlier models of this racquet and later ones, with regards to where the beads were located (frame or handle). Can anyone tell me w...

Help with choosing a racquet
I'm returning after a long absence. I've never been really good, just average. I have no idea how fast my swing speed is (I doubt if it's very fast). My current racquet is a Head Defi...

Happy Holidays and best wishes for the new year
I hope everyone has a very merry and happy holiday of your choice. Merry Christmas, Happy Chunakkah, Happy Kuanzaa, Felice Navidad, Mele Kalikimaka, ...

Racquetball Rhetorical progress
Ok Jim Hiser and Luke St.Onge win ( if you don't mind lossing ). I give them both credit for rhetorically advancing organized racquetball way beyond what even I thought was possible. Wh...

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