World's Fastest Racquet Sport
[email protected] (Cary) wrote in message > I still think the Guinness Book record (i.e World's Fastest Sport) > would provide a significant, sustainable boost to the sport of &g...

In the news: Nov 30
- - : Naples Daily News: Sports : Naples, FL Tom Rife: How Conine 'courted' his wife-to-be By TOM RIFE, [email protected] November 30, 2003 <...

Rules Questions
Hi Everyone Haven't seen any postings here at all for at least a couple days so I thought that I'd post this to test whether there is something wrong with my server's access to th...

Save 10% on your first order at
RC Racquet Sports is now All first time customers get 10% off their first order. -- Thanks, Bob Co...

In the news: Nov 28
- - : Star Telegram | 11/28/2003 | Teen-age organ d... : Dallas, TX Teen-age organ donor leaves legacy of life By Mark Thompson Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Marty Hogan Challenge
There has been rumors flying around about Marty Hogan and the Legends Tour. I am curious to know why all of a sudden Marty Hogan (voted Player of the Century) is receiving all these awards, ...

O.T. Sport Psychology
Hi, I am Marina Gerin Birsa, an Italian sport psychologist: visit my site . If you know Italian language visit the site , there are...

In the news: Nov 26
- - : TCPalm: Local News : The Jupiter Courier, Jupiter, FL Jupiter cuts ribbon on newest park By Mike English staff writer November 26, 2003

racquetball CD?
anyone know where i can find educational and tips on racquetball??

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!
Have a wonderful thanksgiving! Let us never forget the more important parts of our lives besides racquetball. Wishing all a healthy and safe thanksgiving. Jordan ...

New Racquetball Website for Florida
Hello I wanted to welcome you to visit a new Racquetball website focusing on the Jacksonville, FL area. I am doing what I can to help promote the Sport of Racqu...

A friend of mine died on the court
I know probably no one knows myself or my friend but I thought I would post a message because he is a part of our community. Ralph Isabel had a heart attack Monday the 17th of November...

OT: funny one....
pulled from ESPN: Paul Tagliabue | By Patrick Hruby Oh, sure -- pick on the crippled Vick. The irritatingly God-fearing Warner. The simply irritating Shockey. Easy targets,...

In the news: Nov 25
- - : Edmonton Journal - Story - network Unknown champion, low-profile sport Kane Waselenchuk aims to raise racquetball's status   Dan...

IRT Rankings after US Open
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Used megablast 185 for sale
I have 2 lightly used Head Megablast 185's for sale, 3 5/8 grip. Both are in excellent condition, the grip is worn on one of them. I am selling them for a friend. He wants $100 each. ...

please ignore, just a test
-- Thanks, Bob Coslow RC Racquet Sports

Making The Grip Thicker?
I have huge hands (size XL in gloves), but I like the shorter 3 5/8's grips. As you might imagine, I occasionally have problems with the racquet spinning in my hand on off-center hits. Are...

Used megablast 185 for sale
I have 2 used Megablast 185's 3 5/8 grip for sale. Both in excellent condition. One has some wear on the grip. I'm selling for a friend. Will take $100 each --

-- Thanks, Robert Coslow

US Open divisions "strategy"
Random sampling of players and winners showed all played down a division at the US Open. This was strictly random and State website vs. US Open division entered were compared.

In the news: Nov 24
- - : - Memphis, TN: Other Sports Youth wins out at Open Third-year pro Waselenchuk downs veteran By Andy Vinson Special to...

Blog Update
r'ball blog update.....

RB newbie needs brand advice
Hi all... my wife has just taken up racquetball with her buddies at work and loves it... couple of drawbacks: she is barrowing a racquet from a friend and goggles as well.... I wan...

US Open Feedback
If you went to the US Open this year and would like to leave some feedback, please go to and you can rate the tournament. It will help make the event even bet...

Megablast 175 Strings
My Megablast 175 strings are starting to tear. Any advice such as string, tension, or anything I need to know when I take it the shop would be appreciated. Thanks Deron

In the news: Nov 22-23
- - : - Memphis, TN: Football A football day of days By Don Wade [...] Javier Moreno and Cesar Carrillo, who came from Mexico to play racquet...

So...Who Won???
Womens and mens at US Open. Tried to call leo but no answer Peter CSRA BOD USRA BOD Candidate ProKennex Elite Staff AMPro Instructor Pro

more attitude vs. more dominant
which is a better racquet?

In the news: Nov 21
[ Note: Last night's unofficial count was 350 listeners on the World-Wide Racquetball Network (WWRN). Today's live "radio" programme, direct from the U.S. Open, begins at approximately 11a...

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