Head 175G grommets?
I am a tennis guy infiltrating your racquetball world, so I hope you folks are nice to me. :) I string for a few local players, and one has a Head 175G that needs new grommets bef...

2003 IRT Halloween Classic
I pick Kane for the win.

Who Wantsa Pizza, eh?
Special Offer*! Free** slice*** of pizza**** with every newsgroup post*****! * Offer not good anywhere at anytime. ** Actual cost $1000, will be automatically deducted from ...

Picking on Tournament Director's wife is not ok....but
Ya know, I was just reading some posts that attacked Kathy Geels, for speaking her mind. How is that different from what happend at the tournament in Philly? Sean, Pete, Rob, and Dave j...

Drugs and sport
I was recently chastised for being 'off-topic' because I was posting articles and links that related to drugs & sport. Specifically, I was chronicling the recent revelations regarding synt...

RB shoes
I live and work overseas in a country where I can't drop by a good store, try on shoes and walk out with just the right pair. I have to shop on the internet, with occasionally interesting r...

Hi, I heard that 'Carry' is no longer a fault is that correct? Clif (Mr. Swain to me) told me that they don't call that in the pros. I heard that this year '03' is the first time that i...

Looking for players
I am looking for players in the Atlanta, GA area. Atlanta/Marietta players can contact me over email if interested. I have a RB court. Email to [email protected]

backup racket for Bedlam Stun 170
I'm just getting back into the game after a 10 year hiatus. My last racket was a Toron, actually Torons plural since I have 2. I bought a Bedlam Stun 170 and am pretty happy with it. B...

Racquetball in the news
Racquetball in the news: (Clippings relating to racquetball, from the mainstream press) Thompson waits for a major call By Adam Mertz October 24, 2003 Ear...

Myrtle Beach Tournament
I was interested in playing the Myrtle Beach Tournament in December at Kingston Plantation, but I can't find any information online about it. Any help?-Thanks

Tournament Etiquette...
Tournament Etiquette is definitely a topic that can cover many areas of the game. But this time I have a specific incident that occurred today that was nothing less then PATHETIC. Many peo...

Does the US Open Cost Too Much?
I was thinking about returning to the US Open this year but after going over a few things I realized that the costs have increased and wondered if anyone else noticed. The ticket prices...

Magic City Classic
The 9th Annual Magic City Classic will be held at SportPlex East in Birmingham, Al. Oct 31-Nov 2. This event has always had a great draw and it should again this year. Open, Open Doub...

Should I play with contact lenses?
Is it better to play with contact lenses, regular glasses or no glasses at all? Since I have trouble seeing things that are far (eg. I work as a software developer and my screen resolut...

Arthritis in wrist
I have developed arthritis in my playing wrist. Extremely painful when playing. The doc said I might be able to keep at it if I can learn to hit the ball without any wrist snap. I still...

SUPPORTER --- Hard cup or soft cup?
What type of supporter should a guy use for Racquetball? I've been invited to play... but don't have the first clue as to what I'm doing! I just don't want to get "beaned" while playi...

My elbow is killing me and I think it is early stages of tendonitis. Any tips on how to deal with it (ie excercises or possibly swing modifications). ANy advice will help. Thanks, ...

Legends in St Louis
Hi, does anyone here have knowledge of the draw times for the Legends in St Louis Sat and Sun? My son and I are planning to go tomorrow but I can't find any info on what time the legends ma...

The Tennis Channel
OK, I fianally got digital cable and the Tennis Channel. What's the deal? Table Tennis, Badmitton?? No racquetball, who owns this channel ESPN? th

Pro or Amateur?
The definition of what makes someone a Pro or an amateur can be very different depending on who you are talking to. Some people say anyone that takes money for playing is a Pro. Which makes ...

racquet ratings
Anyone have any opinion on these ratings: http://www.racquetworld.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=RW&Category_Code=Age24- It seems a little fishy, as 9 of the t...

Drugs in sport - craze of the day is synthetic steroid THG
[various snips and links follow] "We can no longer allow athletes to cheat and get away with it," said USATF chief executive officer Craig Masbeck, acknowledging his organization has ...

three fingered grip
Anyone out there use a 3-fingered grip when swinging? I've noticed my forehand gets more powerful and accurate, but the backhand is harder to control :( Jim

18 gauge string
Anyone have any reccomendations on 18 gauge string they like? I just bought 10 sets of Wilson Hammertec. I tried Prince Synthetic Duraflex, but it seemed kind of flat after the first two g...

"How to avoid being detected as a complete net-dweeb", Lesson #1
hit, a.k.a. hits The request for and delivery of a file (such as a Web page) on a server. Each element of a requested page (including graphics, multimedia, and the HTML file its...

PK Shadow Light, Slow swing, Racquet weight, etc.
Hey, Thanks to T and J I just got a slightly used PK Shadow light. It was pretty loosely strung which I wasn't thrilled about when doing the old whack it into your palm test...

Need a good B/W Dive image for league shirt
Gang: We need a good shadow type dive image for the back of your league shirt. Anyone got a good one? We have 26 players in 3 divisions in this fall league here in Tallahas...

Cheryl question...
Sorry all I was guilty of taking a different tack in a thread. Here's a new one so I can keep on-topic. LPRA 2003-2004 Scorecard Event/Draw Final Match Result Albuq...

Funny post from IRT forum..............
The following is a from Jason on the IRT Forum. I don't really have any opinion or care about the Virginia incident. I just think this post is funny since it seems like any bad or negative p...

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