Anybody here know something that we can taste, touch or feel?
We have had this continuous diatribe on the USRA "Summit" meeting ( better known as ("Free trip to Colorado, Springs for all my friends",......Jim Hiser) Besides all the free trips to Colora...

Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED
Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this in a news group and decided to try it. A little while back, I was browsing through newsgroups, just like you ar...

Fran Davis Camp date change for Portland, OR
Due to a schedule conflict, the date for the Fran Davis/Jason Mannino Camp has been changed to October 17th - 19th. For anyone who was unable to make the other date...there is still room to ...

Follow up on Best Shoe for Support
Gang: I went with the New Balance 648 court shoe and WOW what a difference! I was having foot pain with the HEAD 701's even with a $40 insert. I put the NB 648 on and immediately felt comfor...

International Racquetball Website
For those who haven't checked it out yet: Get into the worldwide development of racquetball at Any questions, feel free to send an eMail to the IR...

Hey folks I was just browsing a website for a proshop in GA. They had a great everyday price of $59.95 for the Head Ti.175 XL. If you live outside GA they ship racquets at a very reasonable ...

Could We Learn From the USTA?
The following was extracted from an article that Tennis Week posted to their website Jan 12, 03. It deals with a Blue Ribbon Commission established by the USTA. I find it interesting that ...

Re: If you don't agree, then quit pointing out our errors!
Jeffca writes.. > It's a dichotomy, because they are responsible to both. That's why an > organized boycott of public forums is so despicable, because they can > do it an...

Re: If you don't agree, then quit pointing out our errors!
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_003F_01C38403.C4BB1870 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

doubles rules question - again
All, This rules question relates to the obligation of the partner of the offensive player to yield. I will site several examples along with what I suspect are the answers - for cl...

any comments about ektelon more attack
I'm using Head i175 and it is really great. I restrung it very tight after use of a year with factory string, and now its hurting my elbow. So now I'm looking for a new racket. Af...

Burning Knee
Seems to be my month for physical problems ... suddenly my right knee burns when I kneel on it??? It's been getting worse over the past couple weeks ... think its related to my eye surgery ...

Lasik and racquetball
About 3 weeks ago I underwent the laser correction surgery known as Lasik ... pretty damn incredible. I've been wearing glasses for 36 years and in 30 mins I went from 20/400 in each eye to ...

Grip size
How do you determine correct grip size? Should there be a gap between the fingers? Fingers touching? I have seen some say use as small a grip as you are comfortable with, and others say t...

Dan Obremski!
[email protected] (Dano 1 fit) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > look up Randy Stafford in memphis TN... > his company builds many courts ...

National Doubles - Looking for a roomy - partners
I just found out I'll be playing in Minnesota next week (the director found someone needing a partner) so I'm looking for anyone looking to split a room. I'm also looking to play ...

State website reviews -- redesign
Hello all; Well, we took to heart the comments made during the state-website critique movement earlier this year. for a new and improved design and look. ...

Calling Otto...ref catch phrases
Otto In case you are looking for some material for a rules article, here are a couple of phrases that I heard refs use in a tournament this weekend. The phrase in itself i...

PK Shadow 165 strings/breakage?
Hi - just broke a main about 12 shots into my first game with it! :( Any issues with string breakage on PK 165's? On another note, it has their kinetic technology and on my pure one, ...

A room at the US Open
Looking to head down to Memphis for the US Open. Just wondering if anyone was looking to split a room. -Stewart Philadelphia, PA

I'm new
New to newsgroups, but is this Australian or anything? I'm an "A" grader in Australia.

World's Fastest Racquet Sport
I rechecked the 2003 Guinness World Record Book. Here are the facts. * Fastest speed a projectile moves in a ball game: 188 mph, jai alai * Fastest badminton shuttlecock: 162 mp...

racquetball court components question
Anyone have any answers to this email I received? Thanks, Alex Glaros alex, i am building a new home with a racquetball court. starting in the basement (poured concrete) and continui...

Great price on a E-Force Bedlam racquet! $99
rumor has it that E-Force will be having an exclusive one-day sale with the retailer Sports Authority tomorrow on the Bedlam X-150 for $99. That is a pretty sweet deal!

Best Shoe for support
Gang: I am in need of more support for my aging feet. Which shoe offers the best support? I know Sudsy went to an And 1 Backetball shoe after his foot injury. Any suggestions?

swing speed and Racquet choice/weight
I recently broke the strings on my fav racquet, (Eforce Bedlam 170) during a match and had to switch to my backup(Ektelon power ring something something 185) , the extra weight/swingweig...

Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED
Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED Postal lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this in a news group and decided to try it. A little while ba...

Rules question, hand part of handle?
Last week in a doubles match I hit a return shot off the side glass wall. It was an awkward angle and the ball hit off my fingers wrapped around the handle. No one knew it hit off my finger...

forget about it
Ok, so we have our state doubles tournament coming up this weekend. Be prepared to play Friday evening it says. Now, I'm from Virginia and the state doubles action will be held in Chesapea...

Head items for sale.
Hi All I have a few items here. Good deals. E me. Head adp_704 Men's size 8.5 (low, white/blue) r'ball shoe. NEVER worn. $40 shipping included. Online sells for about $47~ ...

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