When will an American win a 2003 Pro Tour?
Kane Waselenchuk won the 2003 Cooler Pro Am. Alvaro Beltran will win the 2003 Stockton Pro Am...

Inane anti-USRA rantings.
You guys kill me. If Linda or Otto post on the ng- they are 'using' us. But if they chose to not come on- then you say they are distant or high and mighty. Well- which one is it? ...

Searching for players/clubs in Ft. Lauderdale
I will be in Ft. Lauderdale for 2 weeks and I'm looking for other A players or clubs with challenge courts. Help! can't go 2 weeks without playing!

YMCA, JCCA, Local Racquetball Clubs vs USRA
It is now official the USRA does not represent amatuer racquetball on the State and Local Leve.. The IOC has made sure that this is not an iniative for the USRA. So, are you still payin...

Gloves question.
Hi All A friend of ours developed an itchy rash on his arms; after extensive patch testing the only potential culprit they turned up was the tanning solution used in the leather of the ...

Proposed changes to the USOC (and thus USRA) mission - REPOST ALERT
Modifications that the USOC is proposing to the Federal Law and the [USOC] Mission Statement: "Help U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes achieve sustained competitive excellence...

doubles strategy and rules quesiton
All, This is a strategy-rules question. We have a "friendly" doubles group. Several members have learned to cut of shots from a front court offensive position and to hit sof...

New Racquetball Website
In the coming weeks, Team Elmwood Racquetball will be presenting a brand new website for all Elmwood members, as well as the whole racquetball community. Al Reagle and Troy Albert are worki...

I'm sure somebody has asked this before, but... I'd like some hard stats - if they exist. Which pro player wins the highest percentage of served points (maybe for a season, or ev...

States NOT using the USRA
What states are currently NOT using the USRA as their tournament governing body? I'm pretty sure there are a few. I think Iowa and Wisconsin are two of them...maybe one in the Ne...

Re: The USRA and who it represents
I can't believe you just said that, you have got to be kidding me... I hope you are being a smart ass - but I fear not. Marketing/Promotions just don't work on exposure alone. TH...

New E-Force Bedlam
Has anyone noticed a difference in this year's New Bedlams compared to last years? Be honest! Thanks in - Vic

Racquetball - The Movie
It started when I told my beloved spouse (who enthusiastically supports my 6 day per week racquetball / baseball jones) that I wanted to see Kevin Costner's new flick. (She caught the conn...

Megablast reviews?
anyone hit with the new HEAD racquets yet? Opinions?

Fantasy Racquetball - Scores Are Up (Friday)
The scores have been tallied for today's matches. Check your teams and make sure the points are correct. Been a fun first tournament so far, there are a lot of teams that are very close to...

Difference between Cheap vs. Expensive racquets
I've been playing racquetball off and on for awhile (3 years) and consider myself an average player. I have always used a relatively cheap racquet. I now have a Head Typhoon which cost abo...

The USRA and who it represents
I am always amazed how players will come up to me with the notion that the USRA is looking out after their interests in racquetball. Of course, most of these players are newbies and other am...

Focus People
Focus people focus! Give me some suggestions for a weekly workout routine. How do you balance practice and play, lifting and aerobics, with work, family and/or school. ...

Squash Video
I ran across the following website that had several video clips of a professional squash tournament. To see the video clips I had to save the clips first and then play them. They were play...

att: Calif. tourney players - The date for Cross Court racquetball
The date for the Cross Court racquetball tourney in Woodland California has changed to Nov 14-16, 2003 I just updated the calendar today at http://www.californiaracquetball.org/ <...

How to save the LPRA
Recruit new female amatuer players to the game. Dropshot99

Thank you Kane!
Fantasy Racquetball is incredible. The 2nd mock Fantasy Racquetball tournament is done. With the luck of the toss and my good picks I have earned me a FREE upgrage. (That is the only 4 le...

My new Klippermate
I purchased a new Klippermate, seeing as how I live out in the middle of nowhere (well central VA anyway). Not a bad deal, although it took me 2 hours to do the first racquet. And the tens...

New Orleans Pro Am WARNING
For those of you who will be traveling from the West that will take I-10 East & for those of you who will be coming down from the North on I-55 & take that 20 miles stretch on I-10 Eas...

Rules Question on Short Serve
Does the receiver have the option to play a short serve? The receiver may choose to return a serve that would obviously be long (before it hits the wall) ... and also a screen serve i...

Can we play in Legend's Tour tournament?
Hi, I live in Puerto Rico, where this year's Legend's Tour will take place, and I was wondering if it's possible for us (the local club players) to compete with them at their tournament...

Just piddling away some time...
I have been thinking about what Joel said about standards in website maintenance. And about what the disappointed person from California said about newsletter obsolescense. And about what A...

what about Tyrell?
It's time for a virtual yearbook, or an electronic reunion, or something like that. Hey! Lets do a "classmates thing" under Racquetball! I will be the class of 1832 or so, since I'm a dinos...

Python grip gets too slippery--any ideas?
Hi, Just bought a new racquet I love, an Ektelon More Thunder Lite, but I am frustrated by the grip I had installed, a Python. I've used Pythons in the past without trouble, so I'm not...

Elmwood IRT, ONLINE Registration??
Does anyone know if there is a site to register online for these IRT pro stops??? Also do they have the Collared shirt rule at these things like at the US Open?? I really need a quick helpi...

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