Screen on a Z-serve?
Was playing with a fellow certifed ref tonight. He says you can't have a screen serve on a Z. I say you can. His position is that the ball can be seen always on a z on its path to the wall. ...

Salt Lake City Racquetball
I was looking for good racquetball in the SLC area. I will be out there for work from 8/13-8/25 What's a good place to play? I'll be everywhere from SLC to Roy UT. La...

Legends Website
Could someone please repost the link? Kathy

Where To Play In Pasadena
A friend of mine who is an Open level player is working in the Pasadena, CA area for the next month and would like to find a place to play. Can anyone tell me some good places (or players) ...

Gloves for Sale.
I have 11 Ektelon Attitude gloves- all men's RIGHT- 7 are Med, 4 are Large. $7.50 each, I'll pay the shipping. These are the gloves that are online for about $12 each. Buy one, buy a f...

String Selection
who has the best selection for string? i checked the popular rball sites and they seem to have a limited selection. Thanks, ZOEY

here's a break from all the politics of the day ... the famous sparkman ... well, if you've been to the US Open, then you'd have seen him live ;-) Channel 10 on PRB Ed. ...

Sudsy's Awesome!
I just want to post a link to a write-up of Sudsy's visit to Junior Nationals in New Hampshire this year. Part of the event was a raffle on Sunday, and we asked Sudsy to donate a signed racq...

Maximum Court Capacity? Need Answer!
Last night I heard that a local racquetball club recently had a building inspection by the city. This is one of the few racquetball only clubs, 8 original courts, 1 court converte...

Why isn't Racquetball an Olympic Sport?
They've got badminton and ping pong, so why not racquetball? They've even got synchronized swimming. I don't even think that's a sport - it's just gay. So why not racquet...

Georgia Web Site
I think Jay has already created what we are looking for. I have emailed him to request access to the site so a real web site dummy can see just how easy it is to enter data. I wou...

Idea to promote racquetball
This was proposed to the Illinois State board in 1999. It was an idea to breach the gap between the state association and non-tournament players. Here is the actual 3-page p...

Southwest Houston?
Looking for racquetball partner(s) in southwest area of Houston, Tx. When I play I use the Wellness Center courts on Hwy 59 south, but willing to play about anywhere in the Houston area. ...

Has anyone used this site? I placed an order there about a week ago, and so far don't have the racquet, any communication besides the automated order confirmation, or even a charge on the c...

Earn $500 to $700 per Week Downloading FREE Software YCYA
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U.S. Open Racquetball Finals 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 on DVD.
If interested, e-mail me.

Legends Racquetball Tour
Just got a note from Peter ... he was at LosCabos this weekend filming the Legends Tours stop in Fountain Valley. We should have these videos up on the ProRacquetball.Net website soon. ...

Light or Heavy is the question?
I have been asking everyone this because I am thinking about going with a lighter racquet. I am sponsored by PK and they just came out with the in between sizes to their Shadow series. I am ...

Incentive Idea
Joel/Lynn - In the other posts I describe an ad campaign that might generate interest and revenue. After considering it more, it seems like this kind of device is really just a s...

Racquet Survey
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_000E_01C35454.EDBE3EC0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

If I was to brainstorm with a group, or even 1 other interested person on this rb promotional piece, this is how I would do it: 1. define a territory based on a goal for a number of co...

Incentive Idea: Now I Remember
I made up this elaborate plan a few years ago, but never developed a relationship of confidence with whom to share it. Joel, since you are sounding like you are warming up to the notion of ...

One Time Membership
To everyone that thinks people that only want to play in one or two tournaments a year should be able to do so by only paying a small fee to participate in a sanctioned tournament. How would...

Avoidable Hinder examples
Here is a simple Avoidable Hinder example. Not a video, but just 3 pictures along with explanations and the official rule. ...

Improving Concentration?
Hey ASR, I don't know what level I'm at D or C, but last night a friend that play with told me that I need to work on my concentration and my backhand. I can drill for the backhan...

Now my question is - where do I send examples of hinders for judgement
now that is a great example of the most obvious type of hinder where i am in front of the player as they are returning the shot. You might try sending your bill to the USRA, they are in need...

Just in from MTV ...
Settle Your Racquetball Rivalry On 'MTV Rivals' Are you or your team involved in an intense racquetball rivalry? MTV RIVALS is where you will put it all on the line on national television. <...

Thanks Spidey
Got home today to find a pleasant surprise in the mail. Ed paid up on the Schultz Belly Buster contest after conceding that I was the BIGGEST LOSER. Got his check for $25, which will go to t...

Racquetball Urban Legend
Thought it was merely a myth... Yes, it's true. I've heard rumors and stories but I never thought it was a reality. Just happened to run across the elusive and rare ...

Incentives Idea
Briefly- *This* is the real problem that needs to be tackled- IMO. How do states go about attracting people that will work to grow the sport? What incentives- peronal or monetary, are...

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