Kung Pao outdoor invitational
Players, results and photos from the Kung Pao outdoor invitational www.geocities.com/calrball/tour.html www.geocities.com/calrball/photos.html cr

best RB grip ?
What's the best, tackiest grip on the market? I've tried so many of them but none of them work like I want. Thanks, VM

Pictures of New Wilson Sticks
Nothing fancy, just took pictures of them. I love them all, going to be hard to pick which to play with this season. Leaning towards the new Triad 170. The Triad technology has moved to t...

I Guess I Won
I guess I won the Schultz Belly Buster contest by forfeit. My picture and stats were in on time. You guys have had another month by now. Ed never even posted the picture and stats I gave him...

What is this stuff?
For those of you that are more internet astute than me and that includes all of you probably- what's with this recent batch of junk-postings- cable descramblers, body parts, free passwo...

a few pics...Junior Nationals
Just a very few.....We'll try to get more up as the days go on. Thanks to everyone working the event. And a special thanks to the parents, without their undying financial and emotional supp...

FS in DFW: Ektelon TT Vendetta
For sale: One Ektelon Triple Threat Vendetta. Barely used, original strings, frame under warranty until 2004. $30 OBO. If you want it outside the DFW area, you pay shipping. <...

Critique of state rball sites.....oh boy
I pray to God that my life never gets so boring that I critique racquetball websites. You have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time on your hands. Wow. A simple "nice" or "cra...

Live Chat Trivia Quiz Contest!!!!!
Jason and Sudsy's Trivia Chat Quiz or Who was really paying attention?? Okay Racquetball fans.. This is how it's going to work. During Jason & Sudsy's l...

Special Olympic World Games
The Special Olympic World Games are currently being held in Dublin, Ireland. After a super Opening Ceremony, competitions have begun in 26 sports for athletes with intellectual disabilities....

Thanks Kevin Young!
Hey Kevin, I just met up with Aaron tonight at our club here in vegas. He said he actually found you by typing in "racquetball in nevada" on a search engine. Lol. I love the in...

Critique of state racquetball sites, part #1, post#1: The "A"s
Critique of state racquetball sites, part #1, post#1: The "A"s Alaska http://www.alaska.net/~spdskatr/ BAD: 1. Do I really have to tell anyone that the 'aperture' ope...

Ektelon More Attack in Stock
For those of you looking for the new More Attack racquet. I got a partial order in today by surprise. http://www.rcracquetsports.com/shop/index.php?shop=1&cat=66 -- ...

The only real way to recruit new tournament players.....
Since nobody on the NG has come up with anything about how to recruit new tournament players, l will give you the answer.... If the USRA is serious about increasing amatuer tournament ...

Control Drills?
I have been using a PK Balanced II for about 3 months now. I had it restrung with 18g 505 Technifibre--recommended by Lawler Sports. I am still having problems getting control over my shots....

Junior National Update
Day one at the Juniors! Things are still going strong here at the Executive Health Club in Manchester, but I've got time for a couple of updates. The tourney is running very smoothly so far,...

Pic. of the new Shadow 165
For those of you that can't wait until next month... http://www.admirals.com/mv/blueshadow.html :P

Royster Report
Got this from Royster the other day ... looks like he made the "big time" ... well maybe not but it's pretty fun(ny) ;-) http://www.beyondcommon.com/New/ Ed. -- Ed...

orlando racquetball
OK 1 more time........Looking or an A/B game in orlando the first part of July. Tried the meet/play website and no prospects. Anybody know anybody who might know somebody who knows somebod...

Henderson, NV racquetball?
Anyone have any ideas about racquetball in and around Henderson, Nevada? For a friend... Thanks, -- -Kevin Young- Wilson Elite Staff Alt.Sport.Racquetball "Frequent...

Bravo Zulu
I agree with 99% of the things you write here on this forum. It's nice to hear from people with open minds who are not pimping for racquetball companies or the IRT.

Show Me State Games
Missouri's Show Me State Games Racquetball Tournament.June 20-21st 2003 At Vetta Sports, The Concord, in St Louis this year the draw was around 90 players. Two players from Jefferson ...

OK City
JHARD is Back....but this time in a new location. JHard has left OZ and moved to the Sooner state and is currently residing in NW OK City. Any Sooner Racquetballers out there want to...

Live Chat Event with Jason and Sudsy
Hello Racquetball World, I just wanted to inform you all once again that Sudsy and I will be hosting yet another live chat event on Sunday, June 29th at 5pm Pacific time. As alwa...

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