19 Aug 2003 11:15:17
Manny Rodriguez
Thank you Kane!

Fantasy Racquetball is incredible. The 2nd mock Fantasy Racquetball
tournament is done. With the luck of the toss and my good picks I
have earned me a FREE upgrage. (That is the only 4 letter F word you
will ever see me write:)) I was beat out by both Willie and Jackie
Tilton :( But since they find it to be unfair that they would get the
FREE upgrades they have bumped me up 2 spots. YEAH!!!!

But seriously though, if you haven't signed up for Fantasy Racquetball
@ meetandplay.com, you are missing out. Without it being real it has
created a lot of entertainment. Imagine when the real draw starts on
Thursday. You have till midnight on Wednesday to subscribe. This is
looking to be a lot of fun. The more people involved the more
competitive this will be for someone to win.

Thank you Tilton's...for bringing more excitement into our beloved

Manny Rodriguez

P.S. Tell all your friends about meetandplay.com...Definitely the
place to be.